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I am leaving TR (thanks Oz)

By IT_Lobo ·
If I am unable to post my opinion without Oz feeling the need to tell me I am wrong then it is time for me to leave. He has constantly belittle me for having a different opinion then him. If I am unable to have freedom of speach on a forum then the forum admins are failing at there job. They allow Oz free reign on stepping on peoples opinions and thoughts. TR has failed!! One person should not dictate what should be posted and how it should be posted. TR has failed!!!

Oz you need to get of your "snarfing" high horse and realize other people have an opinion and you are just going to have to live with that. You need to stop reading in to post. You constantly put words in my mouth and the mouths of othere. TR has failed to ensure everyone on this forum has an equal right to have an opinion. TR has failed!!!

If you don't have the same opinion has Oz, he makes person attacks and reads into your post to try and make your opinion not worthy. TR has failed!!! We all have opinions, no ones is more important then someones else. TR has failed to ensure this!!! Oz, you have distroyed thes boards and the TR website has lost much respect because of your actions. TR at any point you could have stepped up and prevented this, but you decide to allow peoples rights to be squashed. TR failed.

I enjoyed the 1 year I was on the TR website, but thanks to one man, Oz, I am leaving. I will not have one person tell me my opinion is wrong and I should make post in a different way to please him. Oz, you have stepped on my rights for the last time. Thanks. Who needs freedom when people like you try to take it away.


Thanks TR for allowing this to happen. Who needs rights when people like you watch other people take it away.

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Better response to others' opinions

by stress junkie In reply to I am leaving TR (thanks O ...

There's no reason to blame one or even several people for dominating the forums. You don't have to pay attention to their posts. The regular readers of these forums know who they admire and who they don't listen to. Oz has his admirers. There's nothing wrong with that. There's no reason to ask TR staff to censor anyone just for being controversial or having strong opinions. If you're going to post your opinions then you need to be prepared to hear others comment on your opinions. It isn't reasonable to post your opinions in a public place and then get upset when other people disagree with you.

I've made plenty of posts that others thought were completely misguided. Sometimes their responses to my posts cause me to rethink my position. Sometimes I think that their criticism is wrong. That's what happens in a public discussion. An exchange of ideas creates an opportunity for us to learn from each other, even if some people don't reevaluate their own positions when they participate in the discussions.

There was/is another case where one TR member seems to look for the posts of another TR member just to criticize them. I think it's funny to watch this silliness. I don't think that the TR staff need to censor members who add character to the discussions.

I think that you are being too sensitive. I hope that you will change your mind about participating in the TR forums. The group of active posters is very small. TR would benefit from the diversity that your participation would provide.



I just looked at your discussion history. Naturally I didn't look at all of the posts that show up in that list but it appears that your only encounter with Oz_media was in the discussion about the Army recruiter. Anyone knows that if you are going to participate in what is basically a political/social debate you have to be prepared to receive some strong negative feedback. That just goes with the territory. Try to restrict yourself to technical discussions and you will have a better experience. That's what I do most of the time.

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I have to agree there on this remark

by mrwillybil In reply to Better response to others ...

One quick note to add here if I may. You learn to keep politics, religion OUT of public forums. It will only come back to (byte) in the end. But, if it's a case of someone attacking you, why leave or stoop to their level by attacking back or not participating on here. Try not to take things personal, but learn to laugh at them. Don't you think the legits here are laughing?

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You letting yourself down ?

by Oz_Media In reply to I am leaving TR (thanks O ...

First of all, YOU have told me flat out that you will speak your mind and no matter what I say or do, you are not scared to stand up for yourself, you won't "back-down like all the others." You told me how much tougher than the rest you were, you called me every name under the sun and then told me all about free speech.

I also explained that I have NEVER (please find a single post) told you you can't post here, I have never said you were NOT entitled to an opinion.

IN fact you have also had NO problem sharing your side and throwing the flames and personal attacks out while fanning your own fire.

NOW, you decide to make some triumphant exit post, a thread of it's own, and complain that I have stopped your free speech (seems you've had NO problem speaking out to me or airing your ideas while flaming me), as you have also demonstrated here.

When I explain that you can't just toss around opinion without fact to suport it, you complan that I am telling you how to speak.
Which is not treu at all, as I explained that is just how you offer credibility to your comments and make your point. Just throwing out wild theories with no supporting fact is going to get ripped apart, as I said before, I used to do that and got the exact same treatment, 'support your comments, or some one else will support thiers'.

So for this big tough army girl who tells me that she won't be scared away like 'all the others' (that are actually still here and able to offer thier opinions) you sure do turn tail and run whlie complaining on the way out.

If YOU feel you can't keep up, or just want people to agree with you, then it is YOUR right to not post here.

If YOU feel you don't want to share your opinions, if YOU feel you can't support your opinions, if YOU feel you don't have anything worth saying, then that is 100% your perogative.

Don't try and spend three days calling me names, with nothing to support your claims, and in a very hyporcitical manner, then flame me one more time in your exit.

Sorry, but that just doesn't fly.

You want to be able to call people names, you flame those who you feel aren't tough enough to be in your military, you question anyone's comments by asking if THEY have any military experience or know more military personelle than you, you shoot down comments by asserting that THEY don't know anything because YOU hear it from the soldiers mouths first hand, you tell people how tough and sure footed you are.
Then you accuse someone else of supporting thier own points and not just accepting yours and claim THAT is stepping on your rights to freespeech?

You also complained and flamed MY sources of information, you flamed MY comments as not being up to par with your own knowledge. And the whole time I didn't call you any names but simply responded with a point/counterpoint format that you consider looking too deep into your post?

Then your even complaining that the site editors haven't done thier job, as if that job is to create a forum where you can say what you want uncontested and without debate or discussion. This isn't a blog, this is a discussion forum.

I suppose this is what you meant when you claim that the army had trained you to "keep your cool".

As for taking away your rights, does your submit button no longer work? Did I send the gremlins that disabled your keyboard?

You DO understand though that as for FREE SPEECH, which you seem to take a little too literally, IF and that's...IF Tech Republic wanted to edit or remove all of your posts they could do so completely within thier right.
THEREFORE, your freedom of speech and expression REALLY doesn't come into play here does it? You are barking up the wrong tree.

Now we have to take a look at your own comments to put this in perspective I suppose...

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Looking at your own comments

by Oz_Media In reply to You letting yourself down ...

YOUR FIRST COMMENT IN THE THREAD YOU ARE RUNNING FROM (not toward me but the original poster):

"This kind of post...Pisses me off. You are judging the Army as a whole by one dishonest recruiter.

Using the Army to push your Anti-bush rhetoric brings down all the brave men and woman serving in the Army.

If you can read this, Thank a teacher!

If you can read this in English, THANK A SERVICE MEMBER!!!"

So far it seems like you have begun by attacking the poster, who has made no such claims at all. Perhaps 'reading too much' into his post?
4 people NOT INCLUDING myself disagreed and commented on your post yet you didn't flame them or complain about your free speech, in fact you just didn't reply to them at all.


BOY did you read into it.
You went on to secribe how it is not the soldiers fault and we should be supporting the soldiers regardless of the war.

I have NEVER suggested otherwise and anyone here knows that I DO fully support the soldiers who are in Iraq. I'd say you read too much into my post, especially to reach conclusions that were never even hinted upon.
Now you go on to flame me to another peer whom you actually agree with.

" But since I am agreeing with you Oz will start to attack you more (don't ask me why, it must make him feel important)."

Now seeing as you and I have shared only perhaps two or three posts at this point, I find it hard to see that you reached such a conclusion based on any form of fact. Did I not wholly agree with you and that upset you? Did I not bow at your FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE?

I told you to grow up with the third party comments and if you have something to say to just sa it to me instead. I suppose I was stepping on your rights to free speech there by inviting your comments too, huh?

This is the real kicker! Right after a third party comment about my posts to show another peer you are smarter than me;
You go around trying to push your opinion on people and expect them not to push back. When someone pushes back and states a different opinion you call them childish and wrong. I have been reading your post in this thread and have seen alot of misleading or incorrect information that you are trying to pass of as the truth.

At that point I asked you to please show me all this incorrect information that I am trying to pass off as truth and support your claims with counter proof. You then said I was the one who needed to grow up.
My reply :
Speak to ME, defend your point, you are welcome to and I invite your PROOF that you say you have.

The problem is, when people don't want to face an issue, the easy way out is to make third party comments (not addressing the person themselves) in an attempt to build alliance and while doing so, invite attack.

You see where this is going yet?

YOU are pissed off because I am able to provide support for my statements, you are not. When you are ASKED to support your claims you say I am hindering your free speech and that my claims are wrong. Sorry, that just doesn't hold water. And on and on it went, more false claims toward me, often accusing me of exactly what you offer in your posts.

NOW you start running off on TR for not doing THIER job????

What IS TR's JOB or DUTY to you or I?

It is certainly got nothing to do with free speech, this is a private forum, if you say what THEY (TR) don't like it can be removed, edited, or you can have your registration revoked. SO much for free speech here I guess.

They are not obligated to create a place where you can speak your mind without rebuttal, that's called a web log, or more commonly a BLOG. NOT a discussion where facts are debated.

SO much for all of your comments:

-"Do you get some kind of thrill trying to brain wash people with your mumbo jumbo."
-"Small minded people may fall for that, but I will not."
-"Stop trying to take peoples freedom of speach away!!"
-"Still haven't figured it out yet have you. You must not be as smart as you think you are."


A post to someone else:

"I think you have been mistaken"

"The US Military is still in Afghanistan. I have friends over there hunting for "turds". I don't care if C-a-n-a-d-a supports us or not, they can't even decide who is in charge of there country."

So far you seem to be having no problem tellin gpeople how to post or stepping on THIER freedom of speech.

YOu then say I am so easy to **** off and are too predictable?

"The only thing you know about the war in Iraq is what you read in papers and hear on the news. I get to hear it from the soldiers on the ground. No editing, no sugar coating, the straight FACTS."


Am I not also entitled to offer my opinion now?

It just drones on and on, you are 100% hypocritical, you expect YOUR coments to be taken verbatim as YOU heard it in the military chat room coming right from the soldiers mouths. YOu also try to enforce that MY opinion doesn't count, that it is false and yet you haven't provided a SINGLE SHRED of support for ANY of you claims other than you heard it in the military chat room.

Oter people disagreed with you and you just stopped posting, I disagree with you and you flame me with no substantial proof of your claims and then complain that TR isn't doing thier DUTY TO YOU WHO MUST BE OBEYED?
Sorry Colin, I know that's your wife's title.

I won't go into all the times you have described YOUR information as being more correct and others such as myself hearingnothing but BS, because that would simply downplay all your attempts at saying that we squash your freedom of speech.

Have a nice day, just remember who walked away without any fight left in her. Perhaps you can share that with your military buddies in the chat room.

Funny how I debate the same issues with everyone else in the forum and they even have points I agree with. They also don't try to assume I am saying what I haven't though, and they reply with the sources of thier information and post links for my benefit.

If you didn't win an i-Pod, I'm sorry, just don't try taking it out on me.

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Oz_Media, that is totally unfair!

by Absolutely In reply to Looking at your own comme ...

You dare to bring FACTS into a discussion? That may have been tolerated in 1777, but nowadays we 'Merikans don't go for that sort a thing!

Vote Bush/Cheney for 1984!

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by Synthetic In reply to Oz_Media, that is totally ...

Nicely said, and your point very well made! Talking facts with ex-military is like talking human rights with Alberto Gonzales, or Fitness, Compassion, and Charcter with Vheny.

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You got your wish

by IT_Lobo In reply to You letting yourself down ...

You pushed me out of the site, congrats on that. You say you didn't call me names. I am a man and you know that but you feel the need to call me a "girl" you have also call me childish, I need to grow up, and other back handed comments. You must be a real man to attach people on an online forum. Just because I don't have the same point of view as you does not mean it is wrong.

BTW, last time I checked a person's opinion was neither right or wrong, it's just an opinion.

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Obviously I haven't though

by Oz_Media In reply to You got your wish

YOu still continue to post your little tirade against me though, so I suppose you didn't get hurt that bad after all.

As for calling you a girl, I honestly thought I read a comment between you and itgirli where you said something to that effect, as I said, my mistake but in this case and honest one.

We all know about opinions anyway, just like a$$holes, everyone's has one and they are all full of ****.

So why is your opinion MORE valid than mine and more importantly, you made claims that you can prove my information wrong, yet have made no attempt to do so or even defend your own comments, just a half baked attempt at your over dramatic exit post.

Reminds me of a bad cartoon murder when the person lays there kicking and saying how it's all going black, but they don't REALLY hand out Oscars for it.

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Oz, pay no attention to that scarecrow behind the curtain.

by deepsand In reply to Obviously I haven't thoug ...
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Ever hear of "formal debate"?

by Absolutely In reply to You got your wish

I take issue with your assertion: "BTW, last time I checked a person's opinion was neither right or wrong, it's just an opinion."

Debate is a very old form of intellectual contest wherein opposing points of view ("opinions") are argued by two different parties. Each party may be assigned either side of an issue by the referee, and it may be the case that both parties actually believe the point they are arguing, or that one or both believe the opposite view. The point of the exercise is to practice supporting a conclusion with fact, and to hone one's capacity for reason. Some people even hold the "opinion" that people who fail to support their opinions with logical arguments are likely to have ulterior motives which motivate them to hide certain implicit premises of their "opinions" from scrutiny. I am one such person. While some opinions on some subjects (favorite flavor of ice cream) may be considered purely subjective, on matters of public interest, especially where the State's power of COMPULSION is involved, failure to support any position with fact and logic is immediately suspect, and probably immoral. I do not consider that "just" a matter of opinion with which anybody may differ without basis.

Here is another questionable assertion you make: "You pushed me out of the site". Your opening post implies that you are choosing to leave. Is that not so? I believe Oz_Media's question about Gremlins was facetious. Is that not so? Has anybody anywhere taken any measures to prevent you from posting?

In general, your complaints seem to be about Oz_Media's manners. Is that correct? If so, a more productive response might be to identify his point of view and request that he present it differently in the interests of civility. If you cannot do so, such failure is likely to be interpreted as concession to the claim that it is really not his manners that are objectionable to you, but his eloquence coupled with the fact that he disagrees with you.

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