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I apologise if I haven't been my brightest

By Tig2 ·
I had to have my latest mammogram re-done. This is pretty standard if someone sees something that they don't like.

I should hear something today or Monday about the results.

Some days are just NOT worth the make-up...

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Good luck

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

You'll be fine.

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Thanks Ed

by Tig2 In reply to Good luck

I need to be- I don't have the time for more of this silliness.

Next week is the 18 mile/15 mile walk test. Been working up to this for months. Focus, focus, focus.

When is the book available? Amazon said it was coming but not here yet.

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Cheer up TT

by rob mekel In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

don't need to apologise.

btw it can be that they messed up taking the mammogram in the first place. Or took the wrong angle. It is pretty serial to them, but the 1d1ots have to understand that it is not to you.

I'll keep my fingers-crossed for you.


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by gadgetgirl In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

I was just taking a bit of respite, and relieving the cramp from keeping all fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed, and the knees on the prayer mat for Bob, and you go an let THIS cat out of the bag.....

Oh, well, back to the crossing....

Good luck, T2, let us know any news.


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I will, promise

by Tig2 In reply to Bugger!

Scary times- first one I have had to have re-done. Rob's reminder that they screw up reading these helps.

Get some ice to those cramped muscles. I am hoping to hear something this afternoon.

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Oh TT, I am asking, no begging,

by j.lupo In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

the angels to come and stay with you and protect you. I hope only the best for you and they find nothing other than it was a smear on the original lens and all is well as it should be!

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by DMambo In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...


You get the idea.

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Best Wishes Tig

by thefrown In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

My thoughts are with you

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T2, you are a masochist..

by Jaqui In reply to I apologise if I haven't ...

if you aren't getting them to use the ultrasound method.


same device as they use to take pictures of unborn babys can be used for mamograms, but it's far less painfull .... well axctually, kind of ... arousing.. all them vibrations in the nipples you know. ]:)

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I discussed that with my OB and

by j.lupo In reply to T2, you are a masochist..

was told that 1. the ultrasound method isn't available everywhere, 2. it isn't covered by most health plans, and 3. It isn't as reliable.

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