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I asked this a few years ago

By zlitocook ·
Why not have a page, link or site for people who are just getting into the IT field? The new people get curt answers or do not get any answers.
I would be glad to help people who are trying to get into the IT profession! I was a non-IT person once and I bet that the big IT posters do not remember thier first dumb question.
I say give the IT want a be a start and set up a section for new to the IT industry, and let the people who want to help them do so.
I would be happy to monitor and help with this problem.

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They have that

by Oz_Media In reply to I asked this a few years ...

It is called Tech Q&A, that is where pepole are SUPPOSED to post questions, even though many post in the discussion forums.

If you post a question in Tech Q&A, you will get simple yet concise answers, the inexperienced get help from the experienced. There is no way to turn a Tech Q&A post into a derogatory argument because it is a single thread.

SO all NEW IT staff have to do in order to resolve problems, get help and learn things, is post to the CORRECT forum, Tech Q&A, that's what it's for.

There is no moderation and very few guidlines in the Discussion Center,if pople get lambasted, well perhaps they have offered a firm opinion that is just wrong.

This is NOT the same as asking a straight forward question like, HOW do I configure a new domain on my server? or What does TCP/IP stand for? In which case, if the question is posted to the Technical QUESTIONS and answers forum, it will receive a logical and helpful response, most of the time.

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as Oz put it

by Jaqui In reply to I asked this a few years ...

asking questions that are simple problems in the Q&A will get answers.
asking same question as a discussion may get an answer, but will probably also get some ribbing.

discussing different methodology, different os benefits / drawbacks. those aren't a simple question, as it is opinion for the answer.

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Boot-up Picture

by pruit33 In reply to I asked this a few years ...

I saw your post and have a question: I downloaded a picture that I used as wallpaper, but it now appears after the splash screen on WinXP on boot-up and shut-down. How can I delete this picture and prevent it from appearing again? I am using WinXP Professional 2002, service pack 2.


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