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    I dropped my external hard drive


    by hinterseher ·

    Hello, any suggestions of an honest data recovery company or person that will not steal my data if they are able to recover it? I would prefer bonded, etc. But if great word of mouth is important to that individual or company, I’d go with that. My drive won’t spin. It is not recognized by my OS (XP). Device manager says it ‘won’t start’. It was fat32. I thought I had backed it up but can’t find the backups. Please help!

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      Well it really depends on where you are

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to I dropped my external hard drive

      I could give you the names of several companies here in AU but if you are on the other side of the world they would be of little use to you. 😉

      However if you would like to post a general location I’m sure that someone here will supply you with a firm capable of recovering the data.

      Col ]:)

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      colins right

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to I dropped my external hard drive

      there is at least 2 companies where you are that can do this, but we don’t know where you are.

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      Before you Send Off

      by willcomp ·

      In reply to I dropped my external hard drive

      A more appropriate place for this question is Technical Q&A where the tech gurus hang out. Better chance of answers there.

      I did receive your private message. However I don’t respond to new members unless they have contact enabled in user profile.

      Most USB external drives are actually IDE drives in a case with a USB adapter.

      Disassemble your case and see if drive is IDE. If so, set jumpers (if needed) and connect to a PC on secondary IDE channel. Drive may be OK and USB interface damaged.

      If drive is notebook drive (2.5″), you’ll need an adapter. They are common and inexpensive.

      If that’s not feasible, post back with location and we’ll recommend data recovery specialists.


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        Reply To: I dropped my external hard drive

        by na583 ·

        In reply to Before you Send Off

        I dropped my external hard drive today and thought it was the end of the world. 80gigs of Back-up lost! But when I took off the cover it turned out the pins on the drive have pulled free from the female counterparts on the board (I suppose it must have fallen on its end) so I pushed them back in, screwed the drive tighter to the board, and all was well.

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