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I find it hard to believe

By gbrownlee ·
That no one at TR knows or is willing to share their knowledge as to how to extract a file (notepad.exe) from the installation CD (XP Home).

See reinstall notepad.exe in PC Troublshooting.

Its true what they say, theres never a Chas around when you need one.


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No doubt

by Oz_Media In reply to I find it hard to believe

I am pretty sure Chas would have nailed it, or Colin for that matter.

I refuse to run XP myself, I have a client that just bought me an IBM powerhouse or a workstation and it came with XP Pro, but I haven't even begun to strip XP down and configure it for network acces yet, sorry.

It sounds like you found a solution though and thanks for posting the info to it!

Glad to hear you got things resolved even if it wasn't from TR.

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Sorry Greg

by TheChas In reply to I find it hard to believe

Sorry Greg,

I did see your question, but thought that someone else would be able to take care of it for you.

I've been working long hours.

I will take some time and see what i can come up with.

Could you post a link to your question in this thread so that I can review the answers you have so far?


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by TheChas In reply to I find it hard to believe

Well Greg,

My first best idea did not pan out.

On the older versions of Windows, notepad is listed on the accessories list of Windows components.

XP does not list as many optional components.

The next thing to try, is to run System File Checker.
SFC will search for missing or corrupt Windows system files and replace them from the CD.

I just browsed a XP CD, and could not figure out how to extract and install JUST Notepad.

The problem is that the notepad file on the CD is about 1/2 the size of the executable.

From my quick review, I would just switch to one of the more powerful free notepad programs posted at

Sorry I could not be of more help.

P.S. I am glad that I did not attempt to answer your question when I first saw it posted.
I was on a W98 box at the time, and my assumptions would have been wrong.


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Thought you had gone on holidays

by gbrownlee In reply to SFC

Hi Chas:

Thanks for the idea to run SFC. I never even thought of using it on an XP box. With system restore being so easy to use, I tend to associate SFC with Win 95/98 only. Will let you know how it works out.


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If SFC does not work

by TheChas In reply to Thought you had gone on h ...


If SFC does not correct your notepad problem, why not use an old DOS trick, and copy the files needed from another functioning XP system.

Notepad is small enough to fit on a floppy.

For that matter, you could set up a spare PC or hard drive and install XP temporarily and copy over any files you need.


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didn't work

by gbrownlee In reply to If SFC does not work

Hi Chas
I also tried one of the notepadexe's from no nags. I can open it from a desktop shortcut, but what I really want it for is to open files that you need notepad to open. When I try, I still get unable to find notepad and choose another program. Wordpad doesn't work. Thanks for the suggestion about the DOS trick, these are the types of things that I am intersested in learning about.


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