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I got spam!

By BFilmFan ·
I thought everyone might like to read this small missive I fired off after one of our members here used the TR member database to fire off a poorly written marketing letter for her organization.



Dear Kevin Hickey, President and CEO, of NetPro:

Perhaps you could explain to your employee that is not acceptable to use the membership of TechRepublic as an inexpensive form of marketing directory for your fine organization's products.

When I called the number listed below, the person failed to clearly identify herself and your organization.

In addition, the letter is poorly written and contains numerous grammatical errors.

While I have recommended your products to my past clients for their Active Directory environments, such as General Motors, The BlueCross BlueShield Association, the United States Army Reserve, etc.; I will be hesitant to do so in the future if this is the manner your sales department shall be using to contact future potential consultants.


Jerry A. Taylor
Taylor Computer Consulting

CC: Christine Forbes McDermott

--- "" <> wrote:

> One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you
> a private message:
> From: ppigeon@...
> Subject: Active Directory
> Message:
> Koca I hope this email finds you well.
> Koca, I know that you are extremely busy but I was
> wondering if I could schedule 5 minutes of your time
> to discuss Phibro's IT Security initiatives with
> Alison Shvets.
> As a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV, we offer
> solutions that help organizations identify security
> threats and vulnerabilities so they may close gaps,
> and track and audit important changes to the
> directory in real-time in order to detect
> questionable modifications. We enable companies to
> harden their network security, comply with corporate
> and external policies and regulations and even meet
> and exceed service levels by avoiding downtime
> associated with erroneous changes.
> We work with companies such as CIBC, JP Morgan &
> Chase, Cox Communications, US Army, HP and many more
> in helping them manage their Microsoft Active
> Directory environment. We help eliminate:
> Degraded network service
> Network downtime
> Business crippling security breaches
> Non-compliance with government regulations
> We help organizations to:
> Audit and track changes (in real-time) on AD
> configuration changes (who made the change, when it
> was made, why it was made, when it was made?)
> Tighten network security and improve network
> availability
> Ensure business continuity
> Prevent security breaches and network
> vulnerabilities
> Simply put, we help ensure the health, security and
> control of your crucial infrastructure services.
> I can truly appreciate that you are very busy so all
> I am asking for is 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you
> don't see the need to talk further, you can get rid
> of Alison and she will not be offended. Hope we
> hear from you soon.
> Take good care,
> Perry
> 1-866-484-9427

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by deepsand In reply to I got spam!

Despite its flaws, I don't see this as meeting the definition of spam.

First and foremost, it was not an e-mail blast to the entire TR membership; rather, it was sent to a selected subset.

Secondly, the use of directories as a source of targeted & [i/pre-qualified leads is an old & legitimate practice. The use of such here shows no signs of being either abusive or aggressive.

Lastly, as you yourself admit, the company in question is in fact a legitimate & reputable provider of a product/service appropriate to at least some TR members.

At worst, I would find such an e-mail to be a nusiance.

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It's an invasion...

by Jessie In reply to Spam?

This is a community forum, and as such, if we think our company has something to offer a selected group, we can post about it in the appropriate forum. I don't think however, that I should be getting impersonal ad emails from other TR members. No I didn't receive this one, but I personally find it a deplorable practice on the part of someone who's only been a member for less than 1 month.

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I agree,

by Jaqui In reply to It's an invasion...

it's not really an appropriate use of peer contact feature.

a personalised contact, for the same purpose, when it can be tied into a discussion.


to let someone know about a discussion they may find interesting.

to provide some information in response to a question, where the information should not be in an open archive


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I merely said that it did'nt qualify as spam.

by deepsand In reply to I agree,

I did not say that I considered in good taste.

Nonetheless, I must say that pigeons do make for very tasty eating.

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Spam simply defined

by Oz_Media In reply to Spam?

Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

Multiple mailing lists, INDIVIDUALS, or newsgroups;JUNK Email.

If this was sent to multiple peers (individuals) and it is UNSOLILCITED (which it is) then it is spam. Nobody signed up to receive the information, it is trying to promote or sell a product or service, it is SPAM.

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But Sandy what did it mean when it said

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spam?

Get rid of Alison she will not be offended. Does that mean hang up on her or kill her or something else?

Now if only they would send me something like that I could tie them up on an international call for hours while I'm working on site and make out that I'm interested.

Col ]:)

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Perhaps it would be ok if we sold her to the slave traders.

by deepsand In reply to But Sandy what did it mea ...

Problem solved for all concerned.

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That would work for me!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Perhaps it would be ok if ...
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by BFilmFan In reply to I got spam!

I reveived this update this evening, upon checking my Yahoo email again:

Mr. Taylor,

On behalf of NetPro, please accept my apology for the both the email
contact and your phone conversation with Perry Pigeon. NetPro is well
aware of listserv guidelines, and we do not promote our business
these methods.

Perry previously was told not to contact people through sites such as
TechRepublic, and she has been counseled to ensure this will not happen

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and again, I apologize
your inconvenience. If you have any additional questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me.

Stella DeJean
Marketing Communications Manager

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How many warnings does a pigeon deserve?

by Absolutely In reply to UPDATE!!!

"Perry previously was told not to contact people through sites such as TechRepublic, and she has been counseled to ensure this will not happen

In other words, Perry has done this before, so we have decided to slap Perry's wrist a second time? What ever happened to just firing people who sully the company's reputation?

PS omigod OZ, I'm billing you for muscle relaxers! You gave me stomach cramps laughing at all those bird jokes.

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