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I had an egg threed

By NZ_Justice ·
but becuase of inactivity I decided that I would change it. apranetly (as I was to learn) this is bad poster "etiquite". Where the **** did this "etiquite" come from, If the person who bitched about the "etiquite" desired I could/can restart the thread again, but what would be the point. but then maybe I will. Please do not take offence, said in jest. man people are sensitive in the TR

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by neilb@uk In reply to I had an egg threed

As I seem to be the only one who has posted (certainly not bitched) on etiquette recently and so I suspect that you may be having a pop at me, I'll explain it more simply - though I'm not sure that's possible.

As I said in my original post and note that this is entirely my own personal feeling, it's OK to edit except when someone has answered that post and your edit changes the point that they were answering and leaves their post looking silly. OK? Nice and simple? Even obvious, I would have thought.

If you find that no-one is reponding to your posts - <irony> and I wonder why that might be </irony> - then you can edit them as much as you like. I'd even recommend it.

It's also good etiquette to read someones posts properly before coming back with words like "bitching".

Just a suggestion, you might want to cut back on the sheep as it doesn't seem to be doing your comprehension and spelling any good.

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no. no pop at you. I have no i dea of what your talking about

by NZ_Justice In reply to Etiquette

thanks for reply to this post. You commented on one of my posts about Etiquette which one was that sorry I havn't read it. I was having a pop at the number 1 guy currently in TR on a post that I changed to something else. sorry if I offended you. I love sheep no way I'm cutting back. who needs comprehesion and spelling when there are clever people like you to keep me straight. I don't see your name on it either. Or are you the number 1 guy using a diffrent name.

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Aw, sorry mate

by neilb@uk In reply to no. no pop at you. I have ...

If you weren't aiming at me then my post was just a gratuitous insult and I'm trying to cut down on giving anything away free. I could go back and edit it and put in some compliments? I've read jdclyde's post, though, and he's saying exactly what I said about post edits.

My name is on the bottom of the post next to the 'From:' and, no, I'm not jdclyde. You can easily tell us apart:

He's younger.
I've got more hair.
He's from Michigan and I'm from London.
He's a right-wing, Bush-loving, God-fearing etc etc and I'm not. Trust me. I'm not. None of those. Not one.

Other than that, though, you couldn't tell us apart.


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no worries

by NZ_Justice In reply to Aw, sorry mate
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Exactly the same

by jdclyde In reply to Aw, sorry mate

just different!

Neil, your posts discussing the changing of posts was before chicken spawn here came into the water cooler so he would have missed it.

Oh yeah, you forgot, I am much funnier too! :^O

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Ok maybe I should of put I link to the thread I was talking about

by NZ_Justice In reply to Etiquette

and as stated by me some hwre I have nerer read an Etiquette thread or FAQ or what ever. chill

say bah sheep bah!. yeah you like that! whos your sheaperd!(dam typing out load again)

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This will help some

by jdclyde In reply to Ok maybe I should of put ...

Sort of a "read me" for people starting out.

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Never read your thread

by NZ_Justice In reply to Etiquette

So no dig at you.


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I'm aussie :)

by NZ_Justice In reply to Etiquette

and hating abbo's is our favourite past time.

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I get emails when anyone posts a comment to my threads.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Etiquette

never got an email from you. case of mistaken identity.

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