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I have found the source where id10ts come from.

By Old Guy ·
There are two countries in an undisclosed part of the world that breed and send forth the id10ts of the world.

Idiotesia and Moronovia

So, when these people rear their heads, and you know who they are, we will be able to ask them which country they hail from, Idiotesia or Moronovia. B-)

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Don't suppose there is any way

by Tig2 In reply to I have found the source w ...

To completely close the border?

Honestly though- while obviously capable of breeding, don't idiots mutate as well? I'm certain that I have run across some home grown idiots.

Is it genetic? We just don't know.

It does tend to be proof against Darwinism- by the theory, these folks would be killed off through natural selection.

Or is this just proof again that keeping them alive is deteriorating the gene pool?

I must ponder more...

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Obviously, there is some

by Old Guy In reply to Don't suppose there is an ...

diabolical maniac in control of the breeding and dispensing of the id10ts that has somehow found a way to keep the location of the two countries hidden and his/her intent is to deteriorate the gene pool. The key here is to find the countries and nuke them.

Edited to add: Do you think JD might be the one who could find them--maybe with the help of NeilB's searching abilities?

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The problem is enormous

by Tig2 In reply to Obviously, there is some

I don't think that JD alone is defense enough. Even considering aid from Neil's superior searching capabilities.

Mae on her own can spot them from miles away. And she derives a benefit from dressing them down. It cures headache for her.

We may be heading to a solution here. Ponder... ponder...

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Hoo boy!

by Old Guy In reply to The problem is enormous

I can't stop from laughing about your comment with Mae. In that case, we must make this a concerted TR community effort! Especially if it also has an added benefit of helping Mae's migraines.

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by maecuff In reply to The problem is enormous

I can't dress down people at work. We have to be NICE to the users. Well, actually, because I expect my staff to treat our users with respect, I guess I have to do the same. Not that we don't rip them up behind their backs, but that type of stress relief is absolutely necessary at times.

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Mae, an odd question

by Tig2 In reply to Unfortunately

Is there a difference between an idiot (common, domesticated idiot), a major idiot (one who seems to have taken several degrees in idiocy), and a d0uchbag (one who has professorial idiocy capabilities)?

I feel that there IS a difference that goes beyond levels of idiocy but cannot put the differences into words. Your thoughts?

I seem to recall that at least one type can cure headache!

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Tig2, I know this

by Old Guy In reply to Mae, an odd question

is cross threading but I don't want you to overlook my response to you in the other thread. I can't let go of a good harassment. :)

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Yep, I caught that one

by Tig2 In reply to Tig2, I know this

And I maintain that it is a valid point.

Localisms, however, should never be taken as idiocy, however. I know some very functional people- here even- that occaisionally use localisms.

They better not use "irregardless" around ME! I really hate that one...

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by maecuff In reply to Mae, an odd question

I've given the matter some thought, and yes, there are MANY different kinds of id10t. I think evil people are pretty much the same..although, even then, there is intentional evil and evil that springs from ignorance..

Stupidity? It takes all kinds. In a different thread, I posted some anecdotes about a person who works for me. Just today, she made a comment that just made my head spin in wonder. I transferred an employee to Georgia, I called for her today, and noticed that the introductory voicemail had been redone and it was her voice. She said they had asked her to re-record it this morning. Well, this other employee happened to be walking by at the time and said "Oh, I bet they're going to have her be the main operator down there now." At first, I didn't think I heard her right. I said, "You mean you think they are going to have her answering the phones?" Yes..that is what she meant. I told her, "She's still in our department and she still reports to me. I would have a problem with having one of my developers acting as the phone operator. I can't imagine that anyone would think that would be a good use of her time." She just looked skeptical and said.."Well, you never know.." I decided at that point, the ONLY reason to keep the conversation going would be for my own amusement..

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Like Faradhi below

by Old Guy In reply to Unfortunately

I think we were probably referring to dressing down the id01ts that come through here from time to time. Those you CAN and HAVE dressed down before and hopefully helped more than just your headache at the time...

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