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    I have heard it all now


    by jkaras ·

    Just when I thought that no one could dream up or think of the dumbest thing possible, life surprised me. The above link is to a floating city for the rich to travel the world in a self contained vessel. It’s the new Titanic everyone!!

    I am so stunned that I cant bag on it, I got material for ten years if I start. I know that if it was possible to colonize the moon in my lifetime I would go in a heartbeat knowing full well the hardships, but on an over priced yacht? The guy who is selling this idea is either the biggest whack job or the worlds greatest salesman.

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      I’ve seen it on TV

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to I have heard it all now

      Before I start, How Stuff Works is an awesome site! That’s where I learned to pick locks quicker than ever before!

      Anyhow, yes “The good ship Snotty-pop” If you are GOOD enough to live on our ship you can sail the seven seas with us. STICK IT!

      There was a show on Discovery (don’t know if you get that) all about Cuinard lines ad the race to build the better cruise ship. It ended with a ten minute piece on the wonderboat you mentioned.

      The thing is, what makes them think people with money aren’t criminals? In fact, the TOP criminals have the MOST money! It could be quite the penal colony, with everyone stealing from each other and killing for money, not the isolated paradise they wish it to be.

      If such a ship was built, and they say completely independant. It would be nice to just let them have it and then cut them off completely from the rest of the world. You have your money, you have your special home, now get stuffed.

      We could also send all our world rejects there, Saddam, BinLaden, George Bush, Axel Rose, Tammy Faye Baker, Bill Gates, Max Edison (we’ll forget the money and let him go as the IT guy), the bastard(s) who killed my cat, wow they better bnuild a REALLY big one, I could fill it instatntly with a huge list!


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      by john_wills ·

      In reply to I have heard it all now

      In the 1960s Poul Anderson wrote about a tycoon (25th Century?) named Nicholas van Rijn owning and some of the time living on such a leviathan, but Ronga, as I think he called the ship, did productive work as more than a colossal residence area. It features in Mirkheim and some other stories.

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      Several years old

      by generalist ·

      In reply to I have heard it all now

      I seem to recall reading about the ship several years ago in something like Popular Mechanics or Popular Science.

      Think of it as being the equivalent of a floating nation that sets its own laws because it travels in international waters.

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        Wouldn’t it be nice…

        by dc_guy ·

        In reply to Several years old

        …if this were the most offensive activity of the very wealthy.

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          by jkaras ·

          In reply to Wouldn’t it be nice…

          to bad the hunting bunnies was a scam. if you dont know what I’m talking about I’m referring to the 10,000 dollars to paint ball nude hookers. Now that’s decadent.

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          There is a silver lining…

          by jkaras ·

          In reply to Wouldn’t it be nice…

          to this. Can you image the homicides of either the rich guy pushing his wife over the side for a new tramp, or the tramp or wife doing the same to the rich jerk? I dont condone litterbugs mind you but would it be a bad thing?
          Could you imagine the lazy rich having to walk to their destinations rather than get chuffered since there will be no cars allowed? Just 1 little torpedo to rid the world of some major a-holes, ahh to dream!

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