I have no DVI/VGA signal, help

By cheekson ·
I am building my first computer. I know the basics because we have built two in a club I am in at school.
First I'll give you my build: MB-Micro Asus Rampage IV Gene X79 2011 R, VGA-EVGA GTX660TI 2G, CPU-Intel core I7 3820 3.6 G, HD, 1T samsung HD103SJ, PSU- Corsair TX750, SSD-128gb Samsung MZ 7pc128N/AM, Ram-Corsair DDR3 Vengance 8gb (2x4GB), Monitor-Asus VS247H-P LCD, and a Coolmaster Hyper 212 Evo Heatsink.
I had to buy a new HS because the my other one was incompatible with my MB. But with the old one I was able to get to the Rampage menu (I hadn't gotten windows 7 yet, it was a test). Although now I cannot get to the start up screen, I just keep getting "DVI/VGA no signal". I have looked up countless videos and forums and tried reseating everything but nothing works. Also, I am unable get the menu screen when I press the menu button to try and change some settings.

Also, I know the monitor works because I can plug the VGA into my laptop and get the screen to show up.

Please if there are any suggestions tell me because I am stumped.

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If this is occurring at power on,

then you may have a bad video card, so try a different video card adapter. If it occurs
later, after BIOS post (power on self test), then you may need to enter BIOS setup,
press F2, ESC, etc and make sure your video selection matches, especially if any
"on board" video is present.

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You'll have to help me here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have no DVI/VGA signal, ...

ASUS do not list a Rampage IV Gene X79 2011 R as a M'Board model they actually do not have any listing for a X79 Chip Set M'Board at all though there is a X77 Chip Set Model and the Rampage is only a 3 not a 4 Gene so I have no idea what you have there.

So with that in mind is the Video on the M'Board or is it a Plug in Card? Have you plugged the Monitor Data Lead to the Video output on the M'Board or the Video Card as ASUS X77 M'Boards have a DVI Video Output on them and if you are using a Plug In Video Card you need to plug into that not the M'Boards Video Output which is turned off when you plug in a Video Card.

If it works on the bench refit to the case and make sure that you have plugged the monitor into the correct Video Out on the Video Card and try again. If it doesn't work now you have done something wrong fitting everything in the case and will need to look at what you have done in the fitting.

If it works enter the BIOS Set the Date & Time and set the remainder of the Settings to Default then save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

You can then load whatever OS you want to but as you have 8 GIG of System Memory and 2 GIG of Video Memory you will need a 64 Bit OS to use all of that Memory. If you install a 32 Bit OS you will only have access to somewhere around 3.25 GIG of Total System RAM and that means Video RAM and Main Memory so the 10 GIG that you currently have will only be using about a third of it.

Now for the Bad Bit if you attempted to run the unit with a Incompatible Heat Sink on the CPU that doesn't correctly fit the M'Board you will have fried the CPU and it will need replacing. You get about 1/10 of a seconds use out of a CPU with incorrect cooling so if the Heat Sink wasn't making the proper contact with the CPU it's fried the CPU long before it could produce a display or at the very best shortly after it started showing something on the screen.


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Reponse To Answer

by cheekson In reply to You'll have to help me he ...

Thats a link to the motherboard on newegg. As for the Monitor Data Lead, frankly I don't quite know what you're talking about. I don't know if I got a cord for that.

Wouldn't the computer shut down if the processor was fried? Because that is not happening with my computer, it's running, sounds as if there are no problems. What I hope to run, and I have the disk, is Windows 7 home pre. 64 bit.

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