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I need help

By mrattitude_16 ·
I just built a computer and i got a p4 processor, well
the problem is my new motherboard isn't working or
something else i don't rally know. when i turn it on
nothing comes up on my screen. I also bought a male-
male was a 9-15 female changer it fits just
fine, but still nothing comes up on my screen it just
stays blank, can anyone help me?

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Firstly you would get a faster responce

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I need help

If you posted this in the Q & A section instead of the general discussion threads, but having said that what actually happens when you apply power?

Do you hear anything from the computer like a serries of beeps?

Forget about video output for the time being and concentrate on getting the thing working. When power is applied the M'Board should POST which gives out a series of sounds from the inbuilt speaker if you are hearing these and no long beeps then the unit is working but without any video.

You have lost me however with the 9-15 female changer what are you attempting to do here run a VGA monitor on a SVGA feed?

First make a list everything that is happening and them post a question on the Q & A site or e-mail me through the peer listings and I'll see what I can do to help you but you will get a faster responce through the Q & A section as you are far more likely to have people in you're time zone on line at the same time you are and you get notified automaticly whenever someone posts a reply.

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