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I still would like to see TR switch to a better forum software!

By NI70 ·
Is there any change TR could upgrade to a better dicussion forum software? There are definitely better packages out there than Jive Software! If TR is adamant about using commercial software, there is FuseTalk and for open source there is phpBB. With the two mentioned, at least a user does not have to click Previous | Next to read the darn thread! What I normally do if there are more than two replies to the discussion is use the Print feature. I also like the fact that you can use a quote feature with the FuseTalk and phpBB. TR is suppose to be a meeting place on the web regarding technology! I just wish TR would utilize better technology for their dicussion forums!

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Previous | Next not a limitation of Jive

by sMoRTy71 In reply to I still would like to see ...

The Previous | Next functionality is not a limitation of Jive. It is simply how we have chosen to implement it. Jive can support both a flat and a tree view. I think there are pros and cons of each view; however, we chose tree (for now, at least)

As for quote, we didn't include that feature because of the tree interface (i.e. you are always replying to a specific post, so it is clear to whom you are replying). I generally have used quote in other forums to overcome the limitations of a flat view (i.e. you don't know who I am talking to unless I quote them).

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the max

by Jaqui In reply to Previous | Next not a lim ...

message limit puts the lie to knowing what post a reply is to being obvious.
there are lots of discussions where there are dozens of vertical posts, with replies to posts several above because of max message level limit.

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And how hard would it be

by jdclyde In reply to the max

to have a button that will throw your post at the end of this long vertical run rather than having to scroll up, select the post from the previous level and reply to that one? What a pain!

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