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I was asked what I do today

By zlitocook ·
And I had to stop and think about how to answer. Because I have done just about every thing you can do with computers. I just said I am a computer support person.
But afterward that sounded lame or bad because I have installed networks from the ground up, help run a security division and now support 180 nurses by my self.
What do you say if some one asks what you do?
And do you dumb it down so they can understand?

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I'm an electronics tech

by NickNielsen In reply to I was asked what I do tod ...

who specializes in computers.

In most cases, since I install and maintain point of sale systems, store computers and printers, and service scales, I just say that I'm a computer tech in grocery stores. For most people, this is sufficient. If they want me to get specific, I tell them I work on the registers, store PCs, and "the scales in the deli."

They usually understand that.

Edit: spelling

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My response is always

by jdclyde In reply to I was asked what I do tod ...

I get paid to play with all the cool toys.

If people want more, I tell them I am to blame for the network, servers, security, training, hardware and software at work.

Then after the deer in headlights look fades, "I am responsible for anything computer related."

They "get" that last one.

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Am a software engineer / software pro

by Ssp@Techrepublic In reply to My response is always

Yes I agree to that.. I always start with all techy jargons I can but end with a simple note : Software Engineer - a global phrase that the naive person understands "Engineer" and "Software". They get either of this. If the person is in the software field, they will understand the first blah blah techy jargons.

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My response

by stan In reply to My response is always

If I'm in a hurry I just tell them I create obscure lists, incomprehensible diagrams and solve complex problems.

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My boss calls me

by mjd420nova In reply to I was asked what I do tod ...

Field Service Engineer. I have to service everything from Satelite earth stations to PC's. and anything that hooks to them. Point of sale and order entry equipment in resturants to refineries. Key storage systems at car dealers or rewinders of aluminum wire at the manufactures
plant. Infra-red scanning of hydroelectric generators at dams, coking plants, boilers and personal homes. Repair of servos, proximity detectors and strain gauges at nuclear plants is my favorite as it involves a lot of prep time and usually very little work and only happens once a year due to exposure limitations. Travel, usually in excess of 100K miles a year in personal, rent-a-car and borrowed company vehicles makes for a TYPE A personality that I'm able to turn off and on depending on the attitude of the customer and the traffic.

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My boss calls ME

by NickNielsen In reply to My boss calls me

you d4mnf00l id10t. :^0

Actually, my formal job title is "Field Technician."

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by jdclyde In reply to My boss calls ME
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Name Tag

by critch In reply to ahh

SWMBO's mother made me a name tag stating
Head Computer Geek

evidently I thought it was funnier than everyone did....

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Land Engineer

by mike.skomal In reply to My boss calls me

Back in the day, my title was LAN Engineer which most normal people translated to land engineer. While there's nothing wrong with being a civil engineer, it's never been my game. Always got a laugh out of that one.

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I tend towards self deprecation myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I was asked what I do tod ...

Unlike you.
Service 180 nurses by yourself !
What a job, you need help, I have an excellent candidate lined up.
I usually describe myself as a programmer, makes it easier for the boss, they've some vague notion of what that entails.

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