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    I was at the DMV today


    by zlitocook ·

    And the line was long, three people left cussing and when I got to the window the girl said no credit cards can be used. I noticed that they were using the back up systems, the orginal DOS computers.
    I had worked a contract for the DMV two years ago and said so. What is wrong with the new system I asked the girl. She told me when they came in on Monday it was not working, and this was Friday.
    They had called support which is contract workers like I was and a ticket was made. It could be up to 48 hours before a tech was sent out. Well it was a lot longer then that now.
    I paid with a check for my new car and waited untill it was clear and rebooted their server, guess what it was a patch that did not allow the server to boot up properly!

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      by techexec2 ·

      In reply to I was at the DMV today

      Apparently that flight in from Bangalore is a bitch!

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      by ericl_w199 ·

      In reply to I was at the DMV today

      our dmv, god forbid you cant read their little 8 point font sign from 50 feet that says no credit cards.and then you have to deal with the devil themselves when you do get to counter.ofcourse after dealing with all the morons you see in line its no wonder they are in crappy moods.

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      Aha! Something we do better than you?

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to I was at the DMV today

      What are the functions of the DMV?

      We have the DVLA who are based in the wilds of Wales up a mountain somewhere so there’s no visiting them so there can be no queues.

      My last road yearly tax, I did on-line in thirty seconds immediately after getting a reminder two weeks before it was due. My car needed its 3-year garage test before I got my tax disc but the garage logged the results on-line so the DVLA knew I was good for it and also had information that the car was insured. New tax disc arrived by next post. My driving licnce is good for another ten years so that’s OK.


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        10 years for a driver’s Lic???

        by fungus-among-us ·

        In reply to Aha! Something we do better than you?

        Holy cow! Here (Lost In Middle America), our driver’s lic, only lasts 2 years at a stretch. With the VAST amount of blue haired senior citizens on our roads, I’d wish they would decrease that to an annual renewal rate…. which should include a road test as well. I don’t mind waiting at our BMV, even on a busy day, the wait (queue) is never more than 30 minutes.

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          by jck ·

          In reply to 10 years for a driver’s Lic???

          We have 6 year licenses, I think.

          You would think that if you had medical issues that dealt with your ability to drive, they would allow the legal authorities to make you re-take your driving exam.

          Oh well…God bless America…and the right for the incompetent to drive. 😀

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          by ben “iron” damper ·

          In reply to Florida

          Now has a lottery. Your license can be anywhere from 2-years to 6-years max. After you’ve been at the DMV for a renewal as long as you have no tickets you can renew via mail or via the Internet when your renenwal comes backup. So I have a five years license as of last April, then in five years if all goes well I get to go online and renew for another five years which lucky me stays out of the DMV for ten years!!!

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        Sorry, chaps – misinformation

        by neilb@uk ·

        In reply to Aha! Something we do better than you?

        My licence is good until Feb 2020. That’s another [b]fourteen[/b] years. 😀

        Of course, it is a criminal offence if your details change and you don’t tell them.

        Happy, happy, happy…. 😀

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      I’ve been to hell, I spell it DMV and if I had my druthers I’d…

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to I was at the DMV today

      hmmm…I think I’ll stop that Primus train of thought.

      So my DMV story:

      I went to the DMV to renew my license and change my address. I give the clerk my new info and explain that my address has changed. I get my picture taken and about 10 minutes later I have THE EXACT SAME LICENSE I WALKED IN WITH in my hands. It was new, but it had the same picture, same address, same everything.

      I notified the clerk of the error and was told that I need to purchase another license as it was my fault the screwed up. I spend 30 minutes trying to fix the mess when FINALLY, someone comes out with my REAL new license and asks if someone “lost” it.

      WTF? I mean honestly…WTF?

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