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I will donate $500

By maxwell edison ·

That might even buy her a one-way ticket without anyone else's help.

It's obvious she's lying, however, because if she'd rather live there, she could and would live there. What's stopping her?

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Maybe you should take up a collection

by mjd420nova In reply to I will donate $500

I'd like for her to leave. I think she is doing her son the gravest dishonor with her actions. The citizens in Texas have banned her camping near Bush's home. Maybe we can do that throughout the whole contry. I have no pity nor monetary contributions for those who fail to see that the liberties we enjoy are not free. Everything comes with a price. As has been said "All gave some, Some gave all".

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And I am right there with you

by Tig2 In reply to I will donate $500

This woman needs to be excused. I no longer have any sympathy whatsoever for her or her causes. I agree with Nova- every time she opens her mouth, she dishonours her son.

Don't like the war? Get in line. No one LIKES the war. But the protests of Vietnam need to stay there and the U.S. focus must remain on supporting the troops doing the job they signed up for. I am unwilling to allow for protests that devalue that service.

She wants out? GO AWAY, I say. She wants to publically diet? Good luck with all that. What she seems to be unwilling to do is stop the self agrandisement and do something constructive. Every military base and public post military group I know of has a "Military Family Assistance" program or "Adopt a Soldier/Sailor" program. And there are hundreds of individuals out there doing fine things to support.

A hunger strike against the war? Like I said- Good luck with all that.

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Opposing "the war"

by maxwell edison In reply to And I am right there with ...

Sure, there are people who truly oppose the war in Iraq. Moreover, there were actually people who opposed the war in Afghanistan directly following 9-11. The "war should be a last resort" type-people are living in la-la land, if you ask me. After all, surrender is a possible resort before war, and since that's unacceptable, the logical conclusion would suggest that therefore, no, it should not be the "last resort".

Another thing about those who "oppose the war" (in Iraq) is that they don't really have a valid alternative or they don't have the same desired outcome (or both). They're sure vocal about what they're against, but they fail miserably in articulating what they're for; and the "I'm for peace" crowd haven't a friggin' clue. Sure, I'm for peace, too. But peace on whose terms? And peace at what cost? Questions the peaceniks conveniently overlook.

I wonder if we had people like Cindy (traitor) Sheehan during World War II? (And in my opinion, this war is just as significant.) I'm sure we probably did, but I'm also sure they weren't given the legitimacy in the press she seems to get. I also know that the New York Times and other media publications weren't aiding and abetting the enemy back then like they are now. The problem, I suppose, is that we have different enemies. Theirs is George W. Bush. Mine is those who wish to do harm to the citizens of the United States.

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Max - for once I couldn't agree more.

by j.lupo In reply to Opposing "the war"

Very well said. I don't think I could add anything to this.

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Freedom of Speech is not a dishonor to the military.

by faradhi In reply to And I am right there with ...

She has the right to express her opinions about the war and the administration. Just like you have the right to express your opinions.

Our country does not put conditions on freedom of speech. It is not freedom of speech as long as you agree with us. It is not freedom of speech as long as you agree the current president. It is not freedom of speech as long as you go along with current policies. It is freedom of speech.

Further, Criticizing the Administration or the War is not a disservice to those in the military. In fact, these people are doing one of the things the people in the military are fighting for. You can oppose the war and still support the military and their families. They are NOT mutually exclusive.

If she was in the airports spitting on service men like what happened in Vietnam, that would be different. If she were yelling at service men calling them baby killers like what happened at Vietnam, that would also be a dishonor. If she were protesting at funerals of the service men and women, that would be a dishonor. If she were protesting a welcome home ceremonies, that would be dishonor. All of the above would be a dishonor to the Military.

Now, if you believe she is disingenuous or wrong. Fine. I personally think this is a woman who was hurt by the loss of her son. So hurt that she lashed out. Then some dirt (including the press) got to her, kept the wound open, and is using her for their own agenda. But that is my personal opinion. I have a just as much right state it as you do to yours as they do to theirs.

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Why do people ALWAYS say that?

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom of Speech is not ...

Of course she has a right to say whatever she damn well pleases? Who suggested otherwise? Who suggested she doesn't have a "right" to say it?

And why is it that when the content of what someone says is challenged, the usual retort is that she has a right to say it. That's a given. I'm sorry, but to "remind" people of that is just downright silly.

By the way, you have a right to breath, so carry on. Yes, that's a stupid thing to "remind" you of, isn't it? Just like your reminder.

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You make a good point...but consider this..

by maecuff In reply to Why do people ALWAYS say ...

Doesn't she have a right to say what she wants??


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You know what I'm thinking

by maxwell edison In reply to You make a good point...b ...

You know that you do, so I won't tell you.

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I was not challenging the content.

by faradhi In reply to Why do people ALWAYS say ...

I was challenging the statement that her verbal opposition to the war is a disservice to those in the military.

I know you disagree. You are wrong. I give you that right.

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No, you are wrong - on TWO counts

by maxwell edison In reply to I was not challenging the ...

First, your opinion that is at odds with mine, doesn't make it wrong, but only different. But I'm content to agree to disagree.

Second, you are wrong in suggesting that you "give me" any "right" to anything. You have no such power to "give" such a thing. It's something I inherently have. (I know, your wording was a bit off.)

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