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Icons in TR user box

By gralfus ·
I notice that there are now icons used in the user identification block when posting to TR. Are these configurable? I assume they are since many have different icons. I looked in My Account, but didn't see anything. Didn't find anything in a search of the forums either.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Icons in TR user box

have you even bothered to try to fiddle with it before you posted?

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Gosh no!

by gralfus In reply to

Golly wompers Mr. Secure Lockdown, I never thought of doing that. Wow, I must be a freaking buffoon. Can you please post more snide comments, they are so helpful. Thanks!

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but you know i was right

by secure_lockdown In reply to Gosh no!
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here's my denial

by gralfus In reply to but you know i was right

I deny it! So there. Actually I tried to fiddle with the icon, but until the profile was made active, the "view complete profile" link and the icon were dead. Once I followed the directions to the "Peer Directory" (which was a non-intuitive name to get at a profile), I made the profile active and then I was able to change the icon. Not that I have changed it, but at least I can now...

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It's in your profile

by maxwell edison In reply to Icons in TR user box

View your own profile. In that profile page, there's a new feature that allows you to attach a photo via http link. Be sure to show your good side.

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I can view your profile, but not mine

by gralfus In reply to It's in your profile

I finally found that I can get to my profile by going to the "Peer Directory" using someone elses profile to begin with. My links were dead since I didn't have a profile, thus my original post. I expected there to be a link to the profile under "My Account", but there isn't one.

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We're working on it

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to I can view your profile, ...

Expect your profile to get far more accessible in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to to go to the Peer Directory (, click on EDIT MY LISTING, input a path to a published Web image in the displayed field, then scroll down to the bottom and select "Please display my listing in the peer directory" as a Participation option. Then, just click UPDATE MY LISTING. This will give you signature a photo icon, and will allow you to access your listing from message threads.


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Well if people completed profiles to begin with

by Oz_Media In reply to We're working on it

And then made them active for welcoming peer contact it wouldn't be an issue.

It's just cutting corners, saving time and a fear o having a peer contact you that causes these issues.

I know the problem you are referring to though, I think in this case the peer simply didn't have an active link due to not turning on peer contact though.

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Thanks for chiming in

by maxwell edison In reply to We're working on it

I figured you guys had this in the works, but I didn't know how far along you were. I'm glad you chimed in to clear things up.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Icons in TR user box

Actually, since TR is a global community, they have decided to implement the faceless man/woman to represent all users and remove any predjudices.

Go to your user preferences and select Edit, you will see a window where you can enter a 45 X 60 image.

WARNING: The image is NOT uploaded to TR, it is simply linked to the hosting URL. You may want to use a host other than your own server or account.

I used , they don't seem to mind people linking to the albums there. In fact they will even offer you source code for a link in Yahoo user groups.

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