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I'd like to thank the TR staff for all their hard work with the new site

By mjwx ·
With all the threads floating about with people complaining we tend to forget that people worked very hard for the new look, and people are still working hard (I'm sure our complaining is helping, possibly), I noticed a change to the forums page and I can say its a lot easier to understand.

We realize this is still a work in progress but I'd just like to say Kudos, keep up the good work and you've done a smashing job.

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I agree, can I second that?

by dawgit In reply to I'd like to thank the TR ...

Let the party begin. Good job you guys & un-guys, (oh, that ought to stir the pot a bit) & TR Women.
Looks good, woopie new wheels, I've got to test drive this baby.

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2nd 2nd that :)

by rob mekel In reply to I agree, can I second tha ...

lol. un-guys??? Make that an other thread :)

but your right it's not just new wheels but a hole new vehicle, with some really nice knobs to twist/push and stir-up-things

Great job TR !!!!


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by Shellbot In reply to 2nd 2nd that :)

well..better than being called a "chick" i guess :)

Kudos TR is looking better..i been away for a couple weeks and was nice to pop back in and see the new changes.

Discussions list is much easier to see/use now!!!

oh and Rob..just keep twisting those knobs :)

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Kudos :)

by rob mekel In reply to unguys

Is that the plural of kudu, because that's some game-meat you have to taste!! Real nice.

oh and Shellbot ... those knobs come from the time that transistors and so where common in all kinds of electronic devices.
musn't think of what leg you would have pulled when i would have mentioned potentiometer. :0 :) aah, those good old day's


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now now

by Shellbot In reply to Kudos :)

leg pulling :0
oh my..i'm just going to shut up..
:) meat..i like venison..yummy

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dear oh dear :)

by rob mekel In reply to now now

it's the time of year for shooting the deer.

And yes venison is yummy. Reminds me of a dinner I have to prepair next weekend. Will be some nice game meat. :)


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Agreed, Kimosabe - I find the questions I'm interested in

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I'd like to thank the TR ...

much easier to find now, same with the discussions - now all I need is to find the time to devote to them, and the Internet access speed to do it right.

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