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i.did shitty virus!!!

By FRED6_93 ·
To my dudes out there, i got a li'l problem, i know you can give me some advise. My Desktop Computer were used by my friends in our apartment. One day, i inserted my diskette and the files in the disk just change its extension name, even if i rename it, it goes back all over again then this i.did file shows up and my files in the disk suddenly became as unknown format. Is there any way to kick this off with out using anti-virus??? where did i get it anyway??? Hoping for your immediate advise... tnx...

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Actually - your REAL virus is. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to i.did shitty virus!!!

I suspect that you really have the virus.

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oh.. i almost forgot...

by jr_alivio In reply to Actually - your REAL viru ...

the virus's name is W32.AIDID.A

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how to get rid manually

by jr_alivio In reply to i.did shitty virus!!!

download Resource Hacker. copy Regedit.exe from your windows directory and put the copy to somewhere you like. hack the Regedit.exe with Resource Hacker and rename the Title of regedit.exe under 'string tables'. normally, the title is 'Registry Editor'. rename it to something like.. editor, since the virus closes all programs with a word 'registry in the title'. when u rename 'Registry Editor' to something, you will now be able to run it.. go to "hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/
currentversion/run". delete the key, 'sysmon32.exe'. reboot. now, to delete the source, go to c:\windows\system and delete the file sysmon32.exe. now, you're free of the virus.. hope that helps.

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