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IE 5 Won't always browse.

By jirehtech ·
Win98 SE
IE 5.00.2614.3500

Sometimes (most of the time, but not always) when I click on a link in IE 5.0, it either does not browse or it takes a long time. There is no modem activity. Sometimes, then, I click the stop botton and click the link again. After I do this, or maybe try the back button and then the forward button and maybe refresh, then hit the link again I can see modem activity and the browser moves on to the page. By analogy it is like trying to loosen a rusted bolt -- pull this way and that way and finally it goes. I do not know that my impatient efforts are really what makes it browse or if it just decides to.

I ran sfc and reset the browser settings to the default. Problem persists.

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A first start is better.

by PhiltheGreat In reply to IE 5 Won't always browse.

Since IE is buggy; it is hard to say that one solution will solve your problem if the system files of IE or windows are affected.

1) Re-install it if you have the CD;
2) use "windows update" of your browser (which should be an individual link)
after the searching for the info. on your computer; it will list a recommended update.

Choose the "components installed" on your computer; then choose the IE 5.0 and re-install it.
It will heal most of the problems.

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This is a tech. question.

by PhiltheGreat In reply to IE 5 Won't always browse.

next time, it is better to post on the forum to ask a question and you will get an answer quicker.

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I believe this is your answer

by cicle_98 In reply to IE 5 Won't always browse.

Just recently I formated my Hard-Drive and I reloaded it with Win98 SE. Anyways, I would soon realize that I would not no longer be able to go to my regualar secure site like in the past before the format. O'by the way before the format I had upgraded WINDOWS Office 95 to MS Bussiness Pro , well this updated my browser with a newer version of IE5 . Anyway's, I soon found out that my browser needed updated to the 128bit browser that IE6 could provide. And so, I went and downloaded IE6 and thingswhere back to normal. Same sites just won't let you browse their site becuase of this (bit) proseccing.
Suggestion: Go into your browser>Then to the HELP menu> then to About Internet Explorer.
The highest (bit) is 128bit/ What does your's tell you.
I had a friend that had the same problem and we fixed it with IE6.
Pretty soon 128bit is the only way you'll eventually be able to browse with.
Give it a try. It won't hurt, unless you don't know what your doing, but I believe you do friend.Have a good day and I hope this helps...

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