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    IE help


    by timlagrange ·

    I have a problem and don’t know what to do about it. We have a small home network (only 3 pcs). We all have Win XP SP1 and IE 6 SP1. After I installed an app that was previewed on TechTV (it’s called Ace Utilities). Within 48 hours of installing the app all 3 PCs began to experience some issues with IE. One won’t connect to the internet with IE at all (Netscape works). One won’t connect to any MSN sites. And all 3 machines begin to pull up a LYCOS search site when typing any URL in the address bar. I have done virus scans on our PCs, and come up empty *we have the latest virus defs from Norton*. There is nothing installed by LYCOS on any of our machines. I even went so far as to remove all instances of LYCOS from the registry on 2 of the PCs.


    Tim La Grange

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      by bikeman ·

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      I’m not familar with Ace Utilities, but you might have installed a spybot with Ace. There are a number of freeware spybot identification and removal programs out there. You will no doubt find other spybots hanging out on your systems. Have you uninstalled Ace and does that solve the problem? If not I would roll your system back to just before the installation.

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