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IE Vulnerability Test

By oneamazingwriter ·

Because of what I have learned thus far on this site, I receive a weekly report from Secunia, and was able to actually understand what I read. I followed a link, using IE and allowed it to be tested, found out it was vulnerable and DARED to do as reccomended. When tested again it passed.
I will KEEP reading here. Things are sinking in.
(For the most part I now use FF, but I still use IE on occasion)

Your resident end user,

Edited: surely by now you know of my blunders/typos/misspelled words.

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great site indeed

by lowlands In reply to IE Vulnerability Test

secunia is one of the better security sites. And it is always good to see my FF is not vulnerable :)

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by Jaqui In reply to great site indeed

I was reading the bulliten list for Firefox, there are two unpatched exploits for it, from a while back.
both are minor risk issues, but they are currently exploitable. so your FF is vulnerable.

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I get lazy

by lowlands In reply to sorry..

when I type, so yeah I should have said not vulnerable to this specific one.

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by Jaqui In reply to IE Vulnerability Test

if IE is connected to the internet it is vulnerable. ]:)

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And if I

by oneamazingwriter In reply to :p

am connected anywhere I am, too! ROFL. I sincerely tried to make a straight post, but I just came from another where you zapped me and I am still laughing.

From what I read above, though, you say that FF is vulnerable, too, but there is no patch at present. Did I get that much right? I was concerned enough about picking up "something" before
I came to this site, but now, after eading a lot here, I'm more concerned about having my sweet PC used to transmit spam through email. She's my baby. If I catch her messing with that stuff, I won't know what to do!
This is like the reverse story of Pinochio with Guisepe turning a live boy into a mindless robot!
(OK, so she's only a computer, but she's MY computer, and I want her protected!)

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by Jaqui In reply to And if I

Mozilla Firefox 1.x with all vendor patches installed and all vendor workarounds applied, is currently affected by one or more Secunia advisories rated Less critical

editing to add:

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Any suggestions?

by oneamazingwriter In reply to yup...

I installed Opera, too. I just haven't played with it much at all because I like FF so well. Is it any safer?

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Comparted to IE & Opera

by NI70 In reply to yup...

IE=22 unpatched various ratings


Opera is more secure than both IE & Firefox. I've downloaded the latest version of Opera just for testing web pages I've developed, and only for that purpose. I still personally use Firefox over IE and Opera. I just can't get used to Opera (they've finally gotten away from the advertisements free version).

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I'm beginning to feel

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Comparted to IE & Opera

like a gypsy! I just got used to FF, and set it up for my personal preferences. But I do have Opera and it makes sense to me to start the move AGAIN if opera is more secure. Thanks.

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by lowlands In reply to I'm beginning to feel

Jacqui mentioned above, that if IE is connected to the internet, it is vulnerable. It's very true, but probably not the whole truth. I'd probably say if a computer is connected to the internet it is vulnerable. Some more so than others, but still, they all are. And even Opera has had it's issues.
I guess it is with this as with a lot of other things...Common Sense!

It really does help, don't open emails from people you don't know, and be carefull with msg's from people you do know. Disbale preview window in email client, don't browse all the "bad" websites. A lot of trouble can simply be avoided. So be like a concerned parent with your (computer) baby! :)

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