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If Operating Systems Were Beers

By Oz_Media ·

the erst of the site is great, Why beer is better than men/women/religion and EXCELLENT reviews of MANY beers from around the world, actually a very extensive list!

The Opinionated Beer page:

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Reminds me of another

by stress junkie In reply to If Operating Systems Were ...

Some time ago I read a similar comparison based on the metaphor of OSs being airlines. I can only remenber the Unix one now. Note that I am a Unix fan. The Unix airline provided all of the parts for the airplane but the passengers had to assemble and fly the planes themselves. I thought it was funny. This was back when you had to recompile the kernel to add a device driver so it may have been more appropriate then. :-)

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Too funny

by gbrownlee In reply to If Operating Systems Were ...

Is this the weekend edition of the friday yuk?

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Yeah well Im not home too much these days,

by Oz_Media In reply to Too funny

too much summer fun. :-)

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Nice one, old friend!

by GuruOfDos In reply to If Operating Systems Were ...

At last! A non political post on one of our favourite subjects....ale and the consumption thereof!

I noted with some interest that there was no mention of XP beer. I did a little research and found out the following:

There are two versions of Brew XP. The commercial version has some extra ingredients which aren't listed in the recipe for the 'Home Brew' variant, but allegedly the difference in flavour or appearance are hardly noticable. The ABV (Attacks By Virii) of the 'commercial' version is slightly higher than of the poor man's version. In order to start drinking Brew XP, it is recommended to throw away the old fridge and go out and buy a newer, bigger one. Several drinkers have tried putting bottles of XP in their old fridge and have had major problems getting the bottles on the shelves. I also note with some interest that XP comes in several (metric) sizes. The 'litre' bottle replaces the old 32oz measure and the two litre is about 64oz, but the smaller size is the most popular. For those who still prefer the 16oz size (the old 'DOS Beer' measure), you will have problems, because despite what it says on the label, it is very hard to get the old DOS measures out of the new bottle.

Brew XP is designed to improve the whole beer-drinking eXPerience, but in extended trials, most people have found that they still fall over as often as they did with the older beers. As usual, the brewers keep making changes to the recipe and taking out ingredients and replacing them with new ones to improve the 'drinkability' but as many people comment, they wish the brewer would settle on one 'taste' and leave it at that...perhaps improving the shelf life or reducing the cost, but not constantly changing the product every few days.


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I liked the HG

by Oz_Media In reply to Nice one, old friend!

The Holy Grail beer would be a neat one to seek out (no apologies, pun intentional).

It doesn't mention where it can be found but it sounds like a keeper of a bottle to say the least.

OK, I am predjudiced, I love Monty Pythons but still, Whooooa eh? whooooooa , eh? Nudge, nudge. Your wife.....does she ..go? Eh?

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