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IF statement in Excel

By white2golf ·
I am creating an IF statement and would like to place the results into another cell. Is this possible? I would like the formula to do the following: in cell E4 place the IF statement. I want to determine if cell E3 is <= to 25. If this statement is true, I would like cell E6 to equal E3*20%. If this statement is false I want E6 to equal 5. Thanks!

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by ZombieBot In reply to IF statement in Excel

As far as I know I don't think it is possible to do this.

I am intrigued as to why you don't want to put the IF statement formula in the E6 cell as this would work perfectly from what I can tell from your question.

ie in cell E6:

=IF (E3<=25,E3*0.2,5)

If this won't work please could you elaborate as to why this method won't work and I will try to help further.

Good luck.


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by jkin12 In reply to

I am compairing two cells for true or false, if true run formula cell V4, if false run formula in cell Y4.

I can get the true/false just not the answer in the correct cells. I did put the IF statement in V4 not any better. I need the function to run the formula in only one cell.

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by brian.johnson In reply to IF statement in Excel

Place the If statement in cell E6:
=if(E3<=25, E3*.2, 25)

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