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IF we are all blogging and discussing whos gonna

By CG IT ·
answer in the Tech Q&A forums???

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Well who is ALL ?

by Oz_Media In reply to IF we are all blogging an ...

First of all, and I may be horribly wrong here, I think TR has a membership of MANY thousands (20, 30K).

There are people in Tech Q&A who have been aroud years that NEVER enter Discussions and who probabaly wouldn't write a blog.

There are some who are ALWAYS in Discussions and would never help in Tech Q&A.

Yet there are still others who split time between the two, sometimes leaning more to one than the other but often switching back and forth, as I often do.

So while it APPEARS that we are all Discussing or Blogging, we (those of us who live in the Discussions most of the time) are a TINY sample of th TR community.

Even then we are just a mere sample of those IN Discussions, if you go to some of the topics you don't normally post to, you will find all kinds of long time TR peers who you have never run into before. They stick to the topics that interest them, and Miscellaneous isn't one of them.

So I wouldn't place the weight on just OUR shoulders to keep everything alive, TR's a pretty big global community.

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I blog to vent

by jmgarvin In reply to Well who is ALL ?

I really only blog because I need a place to vent. It isn't like anyone is reading it anyway ;-)

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I agree

by Black Panther In reply to Well who is ALL ?

I use discussions and Tech Q&A. Some only do Tech Q&A and some only discussions. :)

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Guys, I wasn't serious

by CG IT In reply to Well who is ALL ?

OZ, the title was my little foray into humor.

I'll stop now.

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I know

by Oz_Media In reply to Guys, I wasn't serious

I just wasn't feeling humorous I suppose, my apologies.

I know it was lighthearted banter but some people WILL take you very seriously.

I have always been like the black sheep on TR, about as loose lipped and outwardly spoken as TR can stand, I'm sure. When I first came here, it was quite intellectually focused, or so it seemed to be, and since then more younger people, free spirits and jokes have hit these forums, which of course is fine by me.

One thing that even I respected about TR was that it was still SOMEWHAT professional and even the more intellectual members enjoy a little light hearted humour, but I feel we really need to be careful to not let it become 'just another flame and rant site'.

While I don't claim innocence of ANY sort, I do see TR becoming a little more lax as far as the discussions and topics, which again is fine byt me, but the thougth of mimicking usenet or teen blogs just makes my skin crawl, as I am sur eit does to many TR peers.

So lets have fun and have some adult humour between ourselves, but I feel it can easily slip into the rant and rave website that many similar sites have become, which is what always made TR a little better than the rest,

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture or hypocritical in anyway, but I really DO like TR as a more technically focused site, even if just to draw a more mature discussion at times.

I am not suggesting you haven't fone that either, just that a TR BLOG PARTY may be taken a little too literally and turn into a ***** fest on a really good site.

No offense or lecture intended, just some honest thoughts.

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I agree OZ

by CG IT In reply to I know

Many many sites [heck virtually all of them] where there is an open discussion of ideas degrade rapidly into kiddie high schooler flamefests. Blogs are all the rage now, and I've blogged, but ya know, I'm thinkin, who the heck wants to know what I did today. Like I get up do the 3 S's go to work, eat lunch, come home sleep and repeat. Whats interesting about that?

I take pot shots every now and then and I'm guilty as charged. I'm not very good at humor and I think people who aren't take shots at others. I know its small of me.

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I throw out my share of shots

by Oz_Media In reply to I agree OZ

I am the first one to jump into a good natter with someone. I also prefer a little light hearted sarcasm, dry sarcasm though, but I'd still much rather have a laugh with someone than battle with them anyday.

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You are...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to IF we are all blogging an ...

if you wanna keep that Top 5 ranking :) Less sleep seems to help me do more.


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top 5?

by CG IT In reply to You are...

naw, some of the questions that are now being asked seem like age old rehash of the same old thing.

Smells like test question thrown out to see whos got smarts and who doesnt, which my profile says, resident IT idiot.

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I choose to be the village idiot

by jmgarvin In reply to top 5?
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