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If you could be.....

By jkaras ·
either Han Solo or Indiana Jones who would you be? This was brought up with a friend while watching the Jones Trilogy. Both are classic swashbuckling characters that posses and extrodinary amount of luck and bad luck. I personally choose Han due to far more possibilities of adventure vs Indy who is stuck in the past. There's something about having my own Wookie and a ship that I find appealing. What was funny was that my best friend answered the exact opposite dispite our simular tastes in almost everything. Sometimes you think you know someone and realise they are quite different than you.

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Geographical limitations

by generalist In reply to If you could be.....

I'd also take Han Solo because he has a lot more territory to roam.

Of course, if Indiana Jones were traveling to parallel universes, the geographical limitations might be lifted...

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Babe Quotient

by road-dog In reply to If you could be.....

Ok, let's look at this logically. We can all agree that potential danger and adventure is bigger in an entire galaxy as opposed to a single planet (in the 1930's no less). The empire is a much cooler adversary than the Nazis. The Millennium Falcon is much cooler than any transportation on earth.


Han Solo - 3 movies, one babe
Indiana Jones - 3 movies, 3 babes

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Babe Quotient

My sentiment exactly Dog!

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I thought about that..

by jkaras In reply to Babe Quotient

as well as my friend as a swinging vote. However I trumped him with that Carrie Fisher was hot in a metal bikini and was the original "super freak". Indy only got a one night stand after dealing with the anoying babes. Helga was definitley the best of the three so he kept trading up at least but she got freaky with daddy dearest so that would spoil the conquest. Indy was far more intelligent, but Han was sneaky.

On a side thought would you rather be Pierce Broson "James Bond" or Thomas Crown"? Both characters lived charmed lives; James had certain restrictions that he had to abide to and answer to vs Thomas having any whim experienced despite the risks. Both got to get away with anything they did.
Here I would have to go with Bond on this one just for the babe quotient, what a resume of quality!!! The cool gadgets are a major plus, but life would always be in the balance.

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Brosnan blows as Bond

by road-dog In reply to I thought about that..

Back in his Remington Steele days, it seemed that he was genetically engineered to play James Bond.

I see him as too much of a pretty boy to be an action hero, much as Roger Moore was. I think a spy with ten thousand close calls under his belt would have a few rough edges on him. Maybe his presence is required to get our women interested so we can see Halle Berry and the other Bond Babes on the big screen instead of some lame *** chick flick.

As for the Bond vs Crown question, It's Bond.... no question. Anyone who has a sportscar that fires missiles and converts into a submarine pegs out the cool-o-meter....

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Bond - no question

by maxwell edison In reply to Brosnan blows as Bond

But the Sean Connery Bond.

And the Aston Martin DB5.

And the martini - shaken, not stirred

"Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel."

-From the first James Bond, Casino Royale

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Or if Thomas Crown. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I thought about that..

...Steve McQueen is my preferred persona.

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Steve McQueen

by road-dog In reply to Or if Thomas Crown. . .

is the classic rough edged guy that looks like he's an action hero. He was also a man's man off screen, in the arena of motor sports. He is believable as a guy that has lived the life of danger.

He was awesome in "The Great Escape" as the Coller King. His disasterous crash into the barbed wire and his return to the cooler with his baseball and glove was epic.

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Come On!!!

by dksmith In reply to If you could be.....

Let's stop facilitating the dork/geek/loser stereotpe that is associated with the IT industry by doing this kind fo discussion. Who would you rather be: a respected professional in a cometitive industry or a loser that compares Batman to Superman and is reported to live in his/her parent's basement?

Did your mom drive you to the new Lord of the Rings movie? These questions make us look bad as a group. Please stop.


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Oh, my bad....

by jkaras In reply to Come On!!!

sorry to cast a negitive light on your facade. Sorry for intruducing a water cooler conversation rather than drone on and on over silly politics that comes down to opinion and never resolved. Next time I post, I'll post something that could elevate your status by pretending to be an intellectual so others may envy your persona while you chime in sipping your designer coffee and driving your incrowd luxury vehicle or SUV. What's the matter cant get a date despite your bandwagon mentality that you need to project a psuedo-intellectual persona cause you think people will respect you more? Respect is earned not bought or fooled. Keep watching commercials and buy things to make people like or think you're cool, it's working. Already I feel inferior

Yes we techno nerds are the only people that watch movies and live in basements that generate millions of dollars in ticket sales, dvd sales, and memorabilla collecting, all others dont participate. Lets continue sterotyping shall we? Why not comment about ethnic sterotypes while you're at it? Face it you're a tool, snob, or______. (you fill in the blank since I'm too busy bumming rides from my mother to keep current on the lingo)

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