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If you have made the change to FireFox

By jdclyde ·
What do you like to not like?

Has it made a difference to your system?

Has it made a difference to the systems of your users?

Have the end users accepted this in your organization?

Number of incidents of Virus/Trojan/Worm/Malware/Spyware/blahblahblah gone up, gone down or stayed the same?

Find any features you like about it?
Find any features you don't like about it?

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Short-cut to open new tab

by jdclyde In reply to If you have made the chan ...

Press your scroll button on top of a URL and it will open that in a new window.

Press your scroll button on top of a tab and it will close it.

I have changed over half of my users so far, so it is too early to tell the trouble they will get into.

Seems to be accepted well accept for a few sites for our bank that will not work.

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Link to Firefox advocate site

by jdclyde In reply to Short-cut to open new tab
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Love it!!

by breezygirl6264-tech In reply to Link to Firefox advocate ...

Have been using FF for about a year... I NEVER get any adware or spyware while using it. On the rare occasions I must use IE I have to delete 20 -30 adware and/or spyware applications when I'm done.

The tabbed browsing is a big benifit.


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Fire Fox- Saviour from spywares!!!

by amit.puthran In reply to Love it!!

I have been using fire-fox for about 8 months now and I am very much satisfied with it. I have lesser spywares,lesser pop-ups & the tab browsing feature is a big help. You can tweak this browser for the optimum performance.

The Fire-Fox themes kind of enhances the whole web browsing experience also.

Amit Puthran.

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by fissow In reply to Fire Fox- Saviour from sp ...

i have tried many web browsers but i have totally discarded them but firefox i have deployed to all my clients and so far enjoying results and less time spent trying to help users how to get around the web

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Yea, Right

by jwestern In reply to Love it!!

I felt the same way until I realized that FireFox was getting the same amount of spyware as IE. The catch is that when you run IE you notice that your system slows down, that just happens to be when you realize that there is spyware. I have a good method, I have not had any problems in over one year. You have to create a user with no permissions then add Norton AV and enable that firewall instead of XP SP2 firewall,,, no problems.

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by dirtylaundry In reply to Yea, Right

I've been using Mozilla for years and most recently Firefox when it came out - I use Thunderbird as well - all in conjunction with an AV (AVG in this instance) and ZoneAlarm Pro - I was spoiled also for 6 years since I used Earthlink and they included a built-in pop-up blocker and also been using Spybot's Search & Destroy - every once in a while I dabble with Opera and a few others but that's just out of curiosity as I prefer the ease of use and uncluttered interface and tabs of Mozilla-based Browsers (with the exception of Netscape when Mozilla released it to AOL). I don't see the need nor use for IE nor Outlook.

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by daryl In reply to FF > IE

I have been using Firefox since it was Phoenix and at version 0.4. I have never had any problem with Firefox and adware. It has only been when using IE that I have ever had any problems. One person mentioned getting adware on his machine after he installed Firefox and Macromedia's Flash Player. I don't see how this could have happened unless he already had one of the more robust copies of adware on his machine already or he was browsing a questionable site after installing Flash. I admit that Firefox is not the Holy Grail of the browser market, but it is better than the alternative. There is nothing that can replace caution and common sense.

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A little unfair I think but................

by kevaburg In reply to Yea, Right

I have been using Firefox for a while and not had a single problem. I have been deliberately using administrative rights when browsing (obviously being careful about what is on the machine) with AVG, Spybot S&amp and ZoneAlarm covering me. I have had no problems so far and as we speak this is the same machine I am using now.

The problem will be when Firefox becomes so popular as I expect it to, unethicals out there are going to attempt all the tricks they did with Explorer.

All anyone can hope for is that Firefox receives the same support that Explorer does and moves are made to help us out.

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Vey true

by Oz_Media In reply to A little unfair I think b ...

But I think the differenc ewill come in support. Forefox, being globally used by so many techs, will be fixed mush faster than MS.

It seems MS lets problems amalgamate until they require addressing and becoming cost effective enough to fix. FF on th eother hand has a global community of people working to make it the best browser, not just a select group of techs hired by Mozilla to debug proprietary code.

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