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    If you’re a geek, tell us!


    by jmottl ·

    Are you a true ‘geek’ and if so, what does that mean?
    If you can strut your geeky self, sharing the quirkiness that makes you a geek, you could win big in this contest!
    That’s right — we’re running a ‘What makes you a geek?’ contest through Dec.5th. Share your insight on what personality quirks or professional characteristics make you a real ‘geek.’
    We’ll pick the top 5 self proclaimed (and literally explained)geeks, and then the membership will vote to pick the top ‘geek’ during the following week.
    The 4 runners up will get a TechRepublic coffee mug, and the top ‘geek’ will get his choice of a TechRepublic book or CD! So clap your hands, and type away and tell us why you’re a true geek!
    Judy Mottl
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      Because I used to be cool

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      And I sure as heck ain’t no more!

      I used to be a hard core heavy metal maniac. Leather, boots, chains and long hair.

      I now work from my IKEA kitchen. (geek indicator #1)

      I know how to fix MOST windows problems (Geek indicator #2)

      On Saturday (what used to be party day), I spent over 14 hours on the Internet browsing TR, CNET, Dottos Data cafe, ZDNET and then designed my first WAP site. (Geek indicator #3)

      I download those stupid rung tune to my WAP enabled cell phone, type tiny text emails, insert a miniature wallpaper and think that’s cool. (Geek indicator #4)

      My hair is now collar length, as opposed to halfway down my back. (geek indicator #5)

      I cancelled a day at the races to download and configure new VPN software. (major geek indicator #6)

      My skin has become somewhat white and pasty (Geek indicator #7)

      I now have a spare tire from sitting at my keyboard all day (geek indicator #8)

      I understand what people are talking about on Tech Republic (most of the time) (geek indicator #9)

      My former mechanic hands that were hardened mitts that couldn’t be cut, are now baby soft white typing fingers that get cut at the sight of paper. (geek indicator #10)

      and the ultimate indicator that I am now a true GEEK, I think that playing Yahtzee on my color WAP enabled phone while listening to ring tunes is simply an awesome from of entertaniment!

      My friends don’t even call me “dude” anymore 🙁

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        You should meet my other half!!!

        by ameliapumo ·

        In reply to Because I used to be cool

        Except his hair is now half way down his back as opposed to collar length

        He has numb fingers from over typing

        He comes to bed about once a fortnight – the other times he has the odd hours sleep here and now at his desk

        He can only understand me if I talk command line // > dir etc, etc (I have no IT training atall!!)

        In the three years I’ve been with him we’ve been out less times than years

        I still love him to bits though!!

        He is a V.experienced VB6/.net programmer currently developing a unique toolkit

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          Way off though

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to You should meet my other half!!!

          I’m actually very active and hardly ever at free time at home enough to actually get much coding done these days. My hair is what I call respectably short now, my bangs are chin length and the back only just to my shoulder blades. Quite neat as it used to be much longer. People still call me a bum, but that’s okay it gives me the upper hand.

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          How did you change???

          by ameliapumo ·

          In reply to Way off though

          after reading your reply – perhaps you could give me some tips on how to stop my other half becoming even worse?!

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          Code Makers

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to How did you change???

          Are a breed apart and mostly don’t live on this planet but that being said I escaped that “Black Art” by starting my own hardware business so now I get very little time to play with code any more but I’m kept bust building/designing/maintaining computer networks for companies.

          I hope that helps but in all honesty the person in question has to want to change before any change is possible and if they still really like what they are doing then you’re fighting a loosing battle.


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          I just gave my head a shake

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to How did you change???

          I was at home writing Python into the wee hours and started to think about an old friends in elementary school. He ended up being the biggest geek I’d even known and while in high school we never spoke as he just wasn’t cool enough (at least I’m honest).

          He ended up fitting in with the pasty white skinned ‘dorks’ that we’d beat up for kicks when bored (again, at least I’m being honest).

          So anyway, I’m at home writing code and I realize that I have become what I used to detest.

          the next day, I was hanging my punch/kick bag, playing music and getting active again. F*** the computer, it was just taking up my time and I can make just as much money without being a shut-in.
          I had been divorced, not due to computing but it was another reason I wasn’t available for those needed times. I had very few ‘real world’ friends, I was out of shape, I wasn’t riding my motorcycle, working on cars, playing sprts, nothing just coding and popping my head up once in a while for food, mainly Code Red or Mountain Dew, chocolate, pizza etc. Not a life I was willing to lead at all.

          I just realized I was in a rut and it sucked, it wasn’t like me to be so inactive and recluse, I am outgoing and active. So I guess it’s like quitting smoking, you have to WANT to quit and want it bad. Having someone tell you you need to get a life doesn’t work, until they piss off whether temporarily or for good and you’re left to think about it on your own.

          A biggie that got me going was going for LOOOOONG walks 30K+ and finding cool places to sit a read whle enjoying the fresh air. Eventually the books gets read less and you start to enjoy the outdoors more and slowly build better socisl skills.

          IT is like a disease, it can get ahold of you and keep you in it’s grasp if you let it. Personally I’d take crabs over being an code junkie again, what a downward spiral that was.

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I just gave my head a shake

          the geek in school now ‘assistant manages’ a 7-11 store, we can all see how far his study got him!

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      A true computer geek has a large collection of computer related items that have no commercial value.

      Among my collections:

      A basement full of assorted hardware. Including 5 1/4″ floppy drives, 386 and 486 systems.
      Can you ever have enough cables and power cords?
      A cabinet full of assorted screws and drive bay covers.

      A mouse pad collection.

      Software that dates back to DOS 3.

      Books books and more books.
      Remember when software came with manuals?

      An extensive knowledge of what can go wrong when assembling a computer or installing software.

      More downloaded files and drivers than I will ever use.

      Perhaps the ultimate, is the amount of time I spend each day in the Q&A and discussion forums hare at Tech Republic.


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      I’m a geek because…

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      1) The only aspect of my job that my wife finds even remotely sexually arousing (or even slightly interesting) is the paycheck.

      2) With a fellow geek, a conversation can reach a sustained rate of 30 TLA’s per minute, with bursts up to 45 or more.

      3) I actually know what my kids are doing on the Internet.

      4) When I rewired the electricity for my entire house, I designed and documented the entire job in Visio.

      5) My ISP had a flapping route problem. After completely befuddling their tier I support, I showed them which router was causing the problem.

      6) That little 10k next to my moniker on TR.

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      And god said…….

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      “And Let there be light and pretty angels”

      Not to be outdone satan created darkness and creatures that would never see the light of day, and they should hence forth be called “G33K5”.

      1. My bumper sticker, t-shirt and background image says so.

      2. LordInfidel’s wardrobe provided by

      3. If it can’t be automated it’s not worth having.

      4. Physical Cash is so 20th century.

      5. Still have the original set of checks from when I opened my back account, 5 years ago.

      6. I cried during WarGames and ET.

      7. Wrote the informational about the species
      “Computerous Nerdium Informationtalius Superior”

      8. Enjoy receiving spam and junk e-mail. It makes me feel loved, filling the void of the lack of bipedal friends.

      9. The Matrix is real, I did take the red pill.

      10. I have worked terms like “UbeerGeek”,
      “W00T”, “GodLike” and “SHW333T” into my daily conversation.

      11. Knows what the above terms mean.

      12. Have taken a photocopier into an empty field and destroyed it, just like Office Space.

      13. Feel that Office Space and Dilbert are the true voices of my generation.

      14. Have numerous cd cases of programs; each one
      broken up into OS and Purpose.

      15. Knows what a “Hop Count” is and how TraceRoute really works.

      16. Presses “escape shift+: wq” to save a text document in notepad.

      17. It’s not about how fast your processor is, it’s about how many you have.

      18. Have never had an AOL account, even when it was cool.

      19. Never was cool, except when i’m cold.

      20. I have a data port in every room of my house, including my bathroom.

      21. Wireless is for lusers who don’t know networking.

      22. My home office has it’s own toilet, just so I can continue working.

      23. I read technology books during lunch.

      24. I’m on almost every security focus newsgroup.

      25. Read Slashdot daily, and receive daily updates.

      26. I know where the good pR0n is.

      27. There is almost nothing I can do at the office that I can’t do from home, naked.

      28. Thought H@X04 from chp4 of “Stealing the Network” was hot.

      29. A self-proclaimed technology elitist.

      30. The fact that I have written 30 reasons is extremely sad.

      31. Bought my wife a “I love my Geek” t-shirt.

      32. My voicemail message includes my e-mail address, instructing the caller to e-mail me instead of leaving a VM.

      33. Does not spell out netwk, *nix, VM, pgr, srvr, tel, WAN, LAN.

      34. I ignore my own TPS reports.

      35. People nod back and forth and look like a deer caught in headlights and I speak to them.

      36. Measure a person’s intelligence by how they computer illiterate they are.

      37. Turning off spell check is living dangerously.

      38. Has replaced someones desktop with a screen capture of their desktop, then removed their icons.

      39. Did the same to the CEO, and got away with it.

      40. I can turn on my Jedi Force field and ignore everyone around me while I work. Just like CrashOverRide in Hackers.

      41. Refuse to give the suck up “I have TR set as my home page” response. (I do, but I won’t suck up)

      42. didn’t care about the prize, just wanted to feel special by posting my pathetic life to a group of people who also have pathetic lives.

      43. And almost lastly, it’s 12:16 am, my wife is in bed, I’m posting to TR, and I will still remote access into my system at work and check my e-mail.

      Long Live the BOFH!

      44. I know what the BOFH is.

    • #2675207

      Here’s my lot …

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      1. I hereby accuse countless people of illegally using my given name which was “geek.”

      2. I used to live in a reasonably spacious apartment but now, without changing my postal address, I live in a computer workshop-come-storeroom which retains small areas for sleeping, eating and ablutions.

      3. There is an object that looks like a computer monitor, but doesn’t have a keyboard or connect to the Internet. It must have had some application the past, but I can’t remember what.

      4. My bed partner doesn’t wriggle or fart during the night, and does not complain of headaches.

      5. The recessed sculptural representation of my bum on my computer chair rivals anything which Michelangelo ever produced.

      6. Every so often some strange young people ring my doorbell and ask: “Daddy, how are you.”

      7. The entire world is a rectangular shape, measuring 15 ins diagonally from corner to corner.

      8. I can no longer articulate verbally what I want to express, but some nice people can sometimes understand my thoughts if viewed on a computer screen.

      9. My closest friends are two mice who live somewhere in my computer. I call them “95” and “98.”

      10. I have programmed my computer to tell when to eat, drink or go to the bathroom, because I can no longer remember these basic functions on my own.

      11. I know my computer has a hard drive and a floppy drive, but I am not sure whether I do.

      12. Whenever there is something I am not sure about, I email Microsoft and always get a speedy, accurate and helpful answer.

      13. A significant area of my apartment is stacked with cartons of Viagra and penis enhancement devices. It is so kind of people to keep offering me new batches of these items. I don’t know what they are for, but I don’t like to offend people who make me generous offers.

      14. Oh, I will have to check the settings on my computer. My trousers are all wet and I don’t recall being reminded to go to the bathroom.

      15. Well cheerio for now. You can always send me an email at …… oh well, my memory is not as good as it used to be.

    • #2675143


      by wordworker ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      How do I qualify as a geek?
      1) I was ROFLMMFAO when reading the first five posts to this thread.
      2) I have written over 1,000 articles for TR and go back and visit them all periodically looking for new posts from fellow geeks.
      3) My hands [almost] never leave the keyboard when using a computer. Keyboard shortcuts rule! The mouse is for wimps.
      4) I am the reigning Fastest Typist in Kentucky and couldn’t be prouder.
      5) I can name that Original Star Trek episode in an average of 1.2 seconds after the opening music begins.
      6) I have memorized the dialog to all OST episodes and most of the Seinfelds.
      7) My all-time favorite movies are ST II, III, IV, BTTF I-III, Office Space, Groundhog Day, and The Terminator and Matrix series.
      8) Anything you can do in .NET, I can do faster in dBASE IV.

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      What makes a geek…

      by dnvrtechgrrl ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’ve seen a few different definitions on what defines a geek. From incessant video gaming to combating imaginary sci-fi characters in outer space, there seems to be no stopping a standardized accepted rule of “geekiness.” Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, at some point we took the negativity of the name and made it our own.

      I truely belive however that geekiness comes from inside, not a text books definition. I believe you are a geek if you decide for yourself to be one. It doesn’t matter if you are a trekki, a pc nut or a gaming freak. Geek is a state of being – not a slapped on lable.

      Granted, there are some text book rules to follow if you don’t know where you fit in, rules that will assist you in defining who you are based on their ideals. I think the only defining rule though is that none of us really know where we fit in. Ergo, we are labled geeks.

      As an inner geek I see myself having certain traits. I thirst for knowlege, I crave activity of any kind, I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes and I have to at least play with, if not own, the latest and greatest toys. I tend to play on words with more than two pronunciations and like to spend my time with people who are like minded… Very like minded. As a drawback though, my resume has a line touting “does not play well with others.”

      Some of those traits I see in myself are textbook geekiness, though I don’t posess many of the ideas out there. I’m not a sci-fi nut. I stay far away from it. I prefer reality and all you can accomplish with it well over that of someone’s idea of fiction. I don’t care for gaming, unless its a brain bender and those only keep me occupied for around half an hour. I don’t own nor use a pocket protector, I’ve never claimed to know it all and instead of having a superiority complex I crave the constant stimulation of those who know more than I. I am a sponge, let me absorb.

      I assume that if there were a classic textbook definition of geek, I’d only fit half the roles, based on what others are currently using to define the name. I also assume that since I’ve never allowed anyone to define who I am, I’m not about to start now. I am a geek, regardless of what the books say.

      • #2685499

        It’s a mindset…

        by scohrs ·

        In reply to What makes a geek…

        To be a geek, you have to have an appreciation for the elegance of the latest technology that only compares in mainstream individuals to a discussion of pitching styles, how a running back is doing, or other sports trivia. Most geeks don’t do sports (except possibly while gaming) – we don’t have the time or the attention span to really get into watching somebody else, in particular, compete athletically. Many of us aren’t gifted in that area, anyway. Our joy comes from mental competition, and our peers and inferiors sort themselves out rather quickly. We recognize talents that diverge from ours, usually without jealousy, and reach out to gain something from those contacts.

        Great satisfaction comes from pitting our minds against a recalcitrant machine and coming up with the elegant solution. Many of us enjoy sci-fi because it is an exercise in imagination, but draw our ultimate satisfaction from learning and growing through meeting real-world challenges daily.

        • #2685422

          I’m not too sure about that

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to It’s a mindset…

          Most of us “Geeks” don’t do sports well at least not team sports where we either play or watch a bit of pig skin or a little dimpled white ball being chassed around by a group of over paid clowns.

          But one of the biggest Geeks that I ever knew worked for a F1 racing team and was in charge of all the computer controled things on the cars that the company that he worked for built. He eventually got so carried away with Data flow from the car that he setup hundreds of sensors on the vehicle so he could see exactly what was going on with everything. Of course the down side was that instead of a little job in replacing something that could be done in 30 minutes the job now required several hours to reset all the sensors and the poor mechanics almost needed a Degree in Electronic Engin just to fit a few bits and pieces or alter something.

    • #2675133


      by jkaras ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’ve always thought of myself as a jock that was a nerd. Here after reading all the posts I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just wierd not a geek. I still collect comic books, watch too many cartoons, anything sci-fi gets a look at, medevil fantasy, D&D, music and movie trivia rules, I’ve developed a cowlick like when I was 5, I long for the comback of family guy and Kung Fu theater, play way to much video games ( I rate malls on their arcades, and my nipples get hard around electronics. What’s funny is I understood and laughed at most all posts that you stated which means there is hope for me yet. Thxs for the laughs I needed them. I will give my vote to the Lord Infidel he seems to be the king so far,wow do I feel normal. My darkhorse pick is Fasthands, I’m trying to get a visual of him typing.

    • #2675115

      Because I understand Hex

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Well I know I’m a “Geek” because no one in business understands my answers to their computer related questions I can see their eyes glase over when I start speaking and when I finish I just get “Fix It!”

      A trade store where I buy a lot of things owner was studing “Computer Sciences” and on one occasion gave me a reciept writen in Hex and my only responce is you forgot the change.

      While I don’t have a LAN outlet in every room of the house I have been gently trying to get my wife to accept getting rid of the king size water bed because it doesn’t get any use and set up another lab in that room. She has now given up totally on ever seeing her kitchen table ever again without being hidden under a whole stack of old computer/electronic parts.

      I have one of every OS ever built running on working PC’s all networked and talking to each other.

      I ruin a token ring on all the slower computers just for the Hell of it, that is anything slower than 600 MHZ.

      I started a short list of comonly used Computer terms and ended up with a 165 pgae long list that is now too big to hnd out to my customers who it was originally writen for.

      I will not buy a new Car/bike as I consider the older ones beter built but at least I no longer have a Ducati in the main living area for a converstion piece as that area is now full of monitors and there is no room to get the video to work from where is sit when “She Who Must Be Obeyed” watches TV/videos/DVD’s.

      When “She Who must Be Obeyed” started complaining that she didn’t see me all that much I just changed a video card in one computer and started watching DVD’s on the TV screen running from a computer with 6.1 soround sound running off the computer, well after all the computer was already there so it only required a different video card and the lead to reach the VCR.

      “She Who Must Be Obeyed” now thinks it is normal to have a house full of computer parts and she is accepting of this but the whole idea is to get rid of the main bed so I have even more room to play.

      I think Apples are for those “Health Nuts” who eat them nothing else.

      Instead of waiting for a new monitor lead I just grabbed a soldering iron and a D15 plug and soldered on the wires. Hey I got it working that day.

      It is now 2.36 AM and I’ve just finished checking yesterdays e-mails.

      I think it’s fun to surf the net while I’m monerting a set of “Blade Servers” doing their thing and I’m susposed to be there to make sure that I fix things if they go wrong. Well if I lose my net connection I know something has gone wrong so I can fix it then instead of falling asleep from bordom watching streams of data on a Screen.

      When you decide that single processor computers just aren’t powerful enough for wou’re workstation needs and insist on using Dual Processor computers for all workstations.

      I still consider SCSI as better than IDE/SATA and can’t see any reason not to buy M’Boards without builtin SCSI.

      I think that the worst one is actually prefering Debian as you’re Linux “Prefered” platform.

      I prefer to wait for movies to come out on DVD so it doesn’t mean that I’m away from my network for so long.

      Workiing without a spell checker isn’t dangerious it is Lethial.

      When you consider using a electric typewritter as crule and inhumane punishment.

      Well guys there the obvious ones but I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes but but as these are now “Normal” things to me I don’t see then as anything wrong.

      Actually that is the frighting part.

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        because I fell in love in high school

        by kwinrc ·

        In reply to Because I understand Hex

        with a commodore and BASIC.

        because my husband says I am … every day 🙂 “You’re such a geek!”

        because my systems at home are old and break a lot – but everything at work is hot and screamin’! (kind of like a mechanic who’s own car never gets fixed)

        because I have a dual boot laptop that needs a password right at power up so my son can’t screw it up.

        because I love that IBM commercial where the IT guy is using flash cards to educate his coworkers.

        because I use cntrl H instead of the backspace key.

        because I get really ticked off at my husband after showing him how to download pix from our camera and he turns around a week later and asks me again.

        because my towers, hubs & switches take up more room than I do in my office.

        because my son is jealous of a bumper sticker I have on my truck…. “In a world without fences, who needs Gates?”

        because in a job where all my peers are guys who, for the majority don’t have a computer science background, come to me when the instructions from region don’t include how to turn off sendmail (or some other intuitive thing). … they all have a geek job, but are definetely not geeks!

        because my boss knows I won’t get anything done unless he asks me in an email.

        because my husband can turn me on more with bytes than bites!

        • #2685420

          I like

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to because I fell in love in high school

          Now just where can I get one of those bumper stickers or more precicely where can I get a whole swag of them so I can out them on every car that I own.

    • #2676483

      Geek weddings

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      You know you’re at a geek wedding when at least one member of the groom’s party has a Cisco Systems logo showing through his dress shirt in the reception photos….

      • #2676416

        Bob by the time that you see the pictures

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Geek weddings

        It’s too Late but it should be a dead give away with all the WAP phones and the Tablets that are around.

        But “What the Hell” as long as the booze is ok who cares?

        • #2676414

          My big, fat geek wedding,

          by road-dog ·

          In reply to Bob by the time that you see the pictures

          Life just wouldn’t be the same without a little vendorwear in the mix.

          As for the cell phones, It’s always advisable to instruct everybody to set phasers to stun on special occasions.

          You also know it’s a geek wedding when scheduling everybody to be there requires about half a day’s worth of tweaking the “on call” roster….

        • #2676389

          Funny you mentioned phasers

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to My big, fat geek wedding,

          45. You know your a geek when you have a Tricorder on your palm, and you use it openly in public, around people you don’t know.

    • #2676309

      Jay Garmon is my hero !!!

      by cgrau ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      How’s that?

    • #2675555

      Here is one defination

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      The Geek Vibe

      Top Signs That You ( Or Someone You Know) Is A Real Geek!

      1. Your dog would rather play fetch by itself.

      2. All the numbers in your little black book start with “1-900.”

      3. Due to excessive hazing and ridicule, you decided to drop out of the Day Lilly Society.

      4. Your ticket was chosen in a raffle, but you’d put it in your mouth and chewed all the numbers off.

      5. You’re over 10 and still have imaginary friends.

      6. Your personal ad reads: “Seeking Anybody.”

      7. Every time you blow a bubble, you get gum all over your face.

      8. You look forward to the dinner time calls from telemarketers.

      9. The last time you were invited to a party, you grooved to the lyric, “Put your right foot in, take your right foot out.”

      10. You spent last summer following around the 2000 Bible Belt Trekkie Convention Tour.

    • #2675476


      by oz_media ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      In addendum to my first post.

      #11) Because I post discussions with these guys all day long, take more abuse than Saddam’s masseuse and keep coming back for more.

    • #2676907

      How do I rate on the Geek-O-Meter?

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Here’s my list:

      1) I recompiled EXPLORER.EXE on my WinXP laptop so that the Start button now reads Joey.

      2) I’ve answered 2816 questions in the Q&A forum, and I have over 400K points (which I realize is bad enough), but the thing that is most important to me is that my percentage of Accepted answers is much higher then my Rejected answers. That means I am helping others. And I actually care about that!

      3) Over the years, I have developed this talent, my “repair aura.” When a user walks to my cubical and reports some small problem/glitch with their workstation, my first action it to walk to their machine and have them try and re-create the problem. Many times, just by standing next to their computer, the problem cannot be duplicated and it fixes itself. It is the fact that my meer physical presence alone is what fixes the problem. I am not doing anything to the machine physically! This has happened often enough that I am actually starting to believe that this aura acutally does exists, and that it DOES fix their problems. Sometimes, I do a little jig to give the aura an extra boost! Hey, it works! I don’t know why.

      4) My cubical is adorned with Dilbert strips of when Dogbert was the Network Admin, a Slinky, a Hellraiser puzzle cube, several certification magazines and manuals, a stuffed BSD demon, a couple Hot Wheels cars, some free swag I received from various hardware vendors, and various physical/logical network diagrams.

      5) As part of my official job description, it lists “and various IT projects as needed,” the most vague catch-all anyone can have.

      6) I am the one person that people from my company come to when they have a strange IT-related question that is not covered in normal daily activities.

      7) My idea of something fun to do on an afternoon: driving around, charting wireless networks in my neighborhood.

      8) Looking through firewall logs, looking up attackers and tracing their abuse history is fun!

      9) It is also fun watching them fail in their attacks!

      10) I LOVE this t-shirt and am getting one for Christmas:

      11) And this coffee mug:

      12) When I bought my new home computer, I sent pictures of it out to friends and family! BTW, here it is:
      Isn’t it wonderful???

      13) Everyone already calls me a Geek, and I am proud of the distinction. I must be doing something right!

      • #2686999


        by lordinfidel ·

        In reply to How do I rate on the Geek-O-Meter?

        For #3, not to out do you, But I do not even have to go to the person’s computer. All I have to do is think about the problem and it is fixed.

        But more to that in a second.

        I looked on TK’s site for one of the shirts that I have. They till have it, Because the shirt you really need is “It must be user error”, which will really help you in solving peoples problems.

        Some of my shirts from TK (i’ve been ordering from the for a while though).
        1. Syn Ack
        2. I read your e-mail (shirt and bumper sticker)
        3. Linux (w/penguin on back)
        4. (old, can’t find it now)
        5. Got Root
        6. follow the white rabbit (my official matrix tee that I wear whenever I watch the movie)
        7. No, I will not fix your computer
        9. Network Security Staff
        10. Scan my network and die
        11. RTFM
        12. WTF

        What I really need to order is the new anti-sco shirt.

        Of course everyone needs the ./ bumber sticker.

      • #2686789


        by road-dog ·

        In reply to How do I rate on the Geek-O-Meter?

        you’re SICK!

        BTW, the “Repair Aura” phenomenon is indeed real. Mine is obviously less powerful than yours. I cannot fix things by mere presence, I must have my Sniffer with me. (not powered up mind you) I suspect that the Sniffer has a metaphysical power to exorcise the demons of user stupidity by mere proximity.

        I cannot provide any physical data to confirm this, but anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

      • #2686197

        Geek and porn

        by joseph moore ·

        In reply to How do I rate on the Geek-O-Meter?

        Ok, this will be extremely embarrassing, but it is true and I had to post this as an addition to my prior list of Geek items.

        I ran across some pictures on the Internet from various Playboy issues. In amongst the airbrushed Hugh Heffner beauties was a photo of the Playmate from October 1995. She was naked, of course, and leaning over a desk. Next to her, sitting on the desk, was a PC that clearly showed an open Program Manager display with several program groups open. For those of you who remember Program Manager (white background, 16 colours!) this was probably a picture of Windows 3.1.

        And the MONITOR was the first thing I noticed and looked at in that picture! I swear this is the truth. Not the girl. The damn Program Manager display!

        I need help. =:-0

    • #2686897

      Kids don’t try this at home…

      by sysad4u ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I have built an Etherkiller and succesfully tested it (in a non-production environment, of course!). It now is mounted on a plaque over my office door as a warning…

    • #2686894

      Reply To: If you’re a geek, tell us!

      by blclark ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’m able to solve most desktop applications problems AND…
      I’m proud of it.

    • #2686874

      You mean some people are NOT Geeks?

      by martinu ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I?m a geek because…

      -In high school math (late 60’s, early 70’s) the other students would come to me for explanations that they didn?t understand from the teacher

      -In high school, most of my dates were ?Study sessions?. Once I even got a kiss on the cheek
      from a girl on our first ?Study session / date?.

      -I remember (and sometimes still use) Turbo Pascal, Alpha Four, Assembler, etc…

      -Newer versions of Windows scare me because there isn?t the trusty old underlying DOS to fall back on.

      -Although I work in accounting, I?m better known as ?The computer guy? at work.

      -At social gatherings I often feel like the technology equivalent of a doctor: ? Oh you?re a doctor? Well you see I have this pain here…? becomes

      -I?m always looking for ways to ?computerize? everything, Including the office hockey / football / formula 1 pools (since the DOS days of QuattroPro 5).

      -Three of us at home, have 4 computers on a LAN and Broadband, and as in a lot of jokes, we DO really send each other E-mails…

      -Besides the broadband cable, we have six TV-cable kookups in the apartment (remember there are three of us…)

      -Both my son and my girlfriend?s son, and their friends all come to me for help with, computers, DVDs, videos, etc… rather that the other way around.

      -The only time our video recorders (4 of them!) Flash 12:00 is when we?ve had a power failure during my absence.

      -I can change a hard disk, a motherboard, etc… but I?m not even sure where my spare tire is, let alone change it.But when the mechanic explains the functionning of the onboard computers and/or sensors, I actually understand him!

      -I can usually achieve the same results as an expensive do-it-all program, by using different freeware programs successively. Or use programs for things they weren?t designed for, like using a spreadsheet to create our job application forms.

      -I print my own greeting cards & envelopes

      -And the number one reason I?m a geek, is that this list took less than 10 minutes to write and I had to limit the number of items…


      • #2686749

        Ah, the old days…

        by joseph moore ·

        In reply to You mean some people are NOT Geeks?

        Alpha4. I LOVED that program. It was my first introduction to databases. Man, it was fast, and it made a lot more sense then current database programs make to me!

        • #2685891

          Re: Alpha4, The old Days

          by martinu ·

          In reply to Ah, the old days…

          But programming it was slightly counter-intuitive if you were used to Turbo Pascal…

      • #2685112

        Geek House

        by saphil9 ·

        In reply to You mean some people are NOT Geeks?

        We work from home, and my honey and I IM each other from workstations less than 3 meters apart. Index of computers to people is 1.75. Index of operating systems to computers is 1.4.

        The kids call their friends at the same time that they are IMing them.

        The television doesn’t work and the only complaint I have heard is from the 13-yr-old who says he needs something to run his X-Box on.

        I have an entire dresser full of gently used spare parts for Macs and Wintel boxes

        Our home is networked and the WAN feed is a T1

        I completed a Masters in IT full-time while working as a network Administrator @ 60 hours per week, and maintaining a 4.0 avg. gpa.

        Now that I am only pulling 72 hours a week at work, I feel like I am on a permanent vacation. I am applying to a PhD program for something to do with all this spare time.


        • #2686624

          You’ve got to watch those PHD’s

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Geek House

          Or you might end up like me as I have 3 of them and they are the most usless pieces of paper that I’ve ever run across but all those letters after my name do look impresive for legal matters and the like but I’m of the firm opinion that anyone who is impressed with this type of thing isn’t worth impressing in the first place anyway.

          Eventually you will lose the ability to spell and find anything without at least a spell checker as “Cruel and Inhumane Punishment!” But worst of all you will eventually find you’re self in a position where you’re clients just don’t understand a single thing that you tell them no matter how simple you try to make it. I can remember at a training course that I attended a question was asked “What is an LED?” I imediatly replied “Light Emitting Diode” but this only drew blank expressions all round and I was asked for a simipler answer. Eventually I gavce up in discuts when I learn’t that the answer that they wanted was a light source without a filiment, which isn’t strictly speaking correct as the P/N juction is the filiment in this case. But then again I only attended the course I didn’t plan or run it.

    • #2686830

      Well, lessee…

      by alangeek ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I have:
      2 PDP-11 machines with dual 8-inch floppy drives
      still-shrinkwrapped boxes of 8-inch floppies
      paper punch-tape diagnostics for the PDP’s
      a VT-180 CP/M box with quad 5-1/4 drives
      a Franklin 1000 (Apple II+ clone) with sound card and Z-80 card
      Apple CP/M, dBase II and Wordstar for CP/M
      a USR 300/1200 baud modem
      a Compaq portable
      an old IBM portable with 8×24 LCD display and stacking peripherals that clip on the back end (modem, parallel port, serial port)

      I still have 386 and 486 machines running on my home network along with PII and PIII machines. I’ve fixed the fans on most of them by disassembling and reassembling them.

      Most of my boxes were picked up from the curb on trash day, as were 2 of my guitars.

      I had cable modem and cable TV hooked up and running on my PC the day we moved into our new house.

      I run VNC on my parents’, in-laws’, and siblings’ PC’s so I can fix their problems from home.

      I still use OS/2. I’m an OS/2 admin and still write REXX code for LAN Server functions

      I have 6 boxes running under my desk here at work (3 OS/2, 2 Solaris, 1 Win2K). Oh, yeah, there’s a Power Mac G3, but it’s not currently on.

      I set up my own NTP time server in my cube.

      I have Token Ring adapters for ISA bus with DIP switches to set the MAC address.

      I have an IP Subnet calculator on my Handspring Visor Prism, but I don’t need to use it for subnetting.

      I almost never use a mouse in Windows, OS/2, or Solaris, and have trackballs at work and at home because there isn’t usually space for a mouse.

      I have read the GPF, Diesel Sweeties, MegaTokyo, and User Friendly archives in their entirety and stay current with them. I have been reading Help Desk since it was in the OS/2 e-zine.

      I use vi to write Perl and nawk scripts. I’ve written applications in nawk and sed.

      I don’t need no steenking spellcheck or grammar checker!

      I was working in development of experimental gas lasers at 16.

      I made laser glass amplifiers for the hydrogen fusion project at Lawrence Livermore Labs that showed up in TRON.

      I have written machine-language programs for Motorola 6800 processors with no assembler and only a hex keypad for input and 6-digit display for output.

      I have done translations into Braille by hand and configured numerous Braille printers (embossers) for computers.

      I’ve repaired manual and electronic Braillers.

      I’ve translated program source code from German to English.

      I’m fairly proficient with a yo-yo.

      I love to solve and collect mechanical puzzles.

      That’s all that come to mind just off the top of my head. Oh, yeah, ham radio operator, guitarist, flutist, tenor, skier, snowboarder, cyclist…

      • #2685920

        You have my vote !!!

        by cgrau ·

        In reply to Well, lessee…

        ALL HAIL AHEDLER !!!!

        True Geek greatness.

        btw, what did you ever do on those PDP-11’s?

    • #2686807

      Check out these related Discussions

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Check out these related Discussions
      Keep that input coming! We need all the info we can get for Geek Trivia’s New Year’s makeover.

      (Careful: the Discussion software sometimes throws extra spaces into posted URLs.)

      The Trivia Geek

    • #2685954

      cool geekness

      by setmeup ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      A geek in my town is considered as a hero for the uneducated. The know-it-all guy, the saviour of the downtime, the sherlock holmes of troubleshooting and the winston churchill of good advise.
      Everybody knows you and want you to meet their kids and they consider you a role model.
      thats why Im one of them. – Louis

    • #2685893

      the definitive Geek!

      by daveslash ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      – I bring program listings to the bathroom with me (regularly!)
      – I wear clothes with computer-related logos on them
      – I know MANY more computer languages than foreign languages
      – The salespeople at the computer store cannot answer any of my questions
      – I work in a cubicle containing Dilbert comic-strips hanging on the walls, a stuffed Dilbert doll, and a Dilbert calendar
      – On vacation, I brought a programming book to read in your “spare time” (“elements of C programming style” … a great book!)
      – I continue to take programming classes at the local college JUST FOR FUN!
      – I have a web-page of useless personal information and pictures of yourself
      – I receive more e-mail than snail mail
      – I have more friends on the Internet than in real life
      – My reason for not staying in touch with family is that they do not have e-mail
      – I recognize IBM equipment just by its 4-digit code
      – I have more than 50 floppy disks or CD-ROM?s in your desk at work
      – I know all of these terms: TCP/IP, Usenet, terabyte, BSD, DASD, IPL, EBCDIC, maxint, bytecode
      – I have more mega-bytes than mega-bucks
      – I never attracted the opposite sex in school, but when I became a highly paid techno-geek, I became a veritable mate-magnet.
      – I seriously considered bringing my laptop computer with me on vacation (or even worse … on my honeymoon)
      – I live close to the beach in California, but the term “surfing” primarily makes me think of the Internet
      – I know the names of the fonts I see in various advertising.
      – I religiously study the weekly newspaper advertising supplement from Fry’s Electronics
      – I can quote scenes from Monty Python movies
      – I track the progress of my diet on a spreadsheet (complete with a full-color graph)
      – I have emailed or faxed greeting cards to relatives and friends.

      • #2685872


        by bfrankenhoff ·

        In reply to the definitive Geek!

        If you are going to plagarize a standard geek test, at least change the sentences from 2nd person to 1st. your list is something from the distant past (like a jeff foxworthy test if you are a redneck). no originality.

        from a true female geek (are there any others out there?) Note: I outscored my 23 yr old geek son on the latest qeek test. that is embarassing.

        • #2685400

          Lady Geek ?

          by jgoddin ·

          In reply to plagerism

          I guess I could qualify as a Lady Geek. My husband says I’m an info-junkie too.

          First computer I ever programmed was an IBM 1620 and the language was Fortran 2.

          We have an assortment of computers at home which includes several Commadore 64s, a Commadore 128/CPM, couple of Amigas, an Atari 1020, a 386 and a 486, several laptops, a couple of servers for the LAN, and “workstations” that run Windows 95, 98, and 2000. I can work with any of them that are not apart in stages of repair, but don’t like mice and if I have no choice I will use a trackball instead.

          Linux and OS/2 are my friends. At work my machine was the last machine that was dual boot where OS/2 lived after TPTB declared that we were a “Microsoft Shop.”

          I’d have more numbers in my checkbook if it were not for computer books, periodicals, software I don’t want to live without, new hardware, etc. Ah, those BKTs (Big Kid Toys)

          The first year I was able to convince Mike that we should “do COMDEX” he was amazed that the booth people would ignore me and talk to him because they didn’t want to waste their time with a female asking questions. He paid attention and those who brushed me aside are companies he now will not deal with. 🙂

          Several years ago I won the Ziff Davis “COMDEX Heaven” Contest and it really was!

          When Mike insisted we have a companionating ceremony and reception for all of our friends after we got married privately, I kept saying, “Do you realize what a killer computer I could have for what is being spent on this?”

          I’ve assembled and reassembled a few of the boxes I’ve used. I had a bad habit of leaving the covers off until one of the cats decided to mark my tower as his own and I had to carefully wash (with distilled water) and dry the boards (at low temp in the oven) so the computer would function.

          I’ve worked on mainframes, minies, stand alone PCs, in the client-server world, and now develop and design for the web. The work is wonderful and the technology is fantastic and fun but the politics that sometimes lives there is the pits! Diplomacy is difficult for a geek when you are dealing with stupid…

          I don’t do TV. Dead Trees and Mud in the form of books and magazines are like a magnet. Must be something in the ink… 🙂

          I know SF is the proper term and can stand for either science fiction or speculative fiction. I also know the Hollyweird suits have no clue as to what interests most SF fans. Last TV I watched regularly was Babylon 5 when we had the big dish. Wild feeds without commercials are fantastic even if you have to get up at odd hours to see them.

          Lots of geeks regularly attend SF conventions and even help run some of them.

          First time I saw a Cold Fusion demo I wanted to take it home to play but I couldn’t afford it. Now a version just came bundled with my new Dreamweaver Studio MX 2004 but I have new graphic toys to master first.

          I discovered ThinkGeek t-s the first year they were at COMDEX. Now where I work they have banned t-shirts as inappropriate for all IT folks. The new “Dress Code” sucks dead green bunnies..

          And I still remember all of the true geeks I met and got to know on BIX which was the very best online service I ever explored. Being a BIXen was most special.

    • #2685888

      Computer family

      by dwalker88001 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      My sister, her husband, and I played Scrabble last week on three computers in their house, through the wireless network — even though they also have an actual Scrabble board.

    • #2685783

      I didn’t know until I overheard my son say…

      by cindi ramirez ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      My 9 year old son and one of his school buddies were at the house playing video games, when my son asked me a question about computers, that I obviously answered to his satisfaction. His friend leaned over and whispered, “Is your Mom a computer geek?” My son answered, “Yes she is, but she prefers the term ‘Techno-babe'”

      The boy is now 17 and one of the LAN administrators for the school system in our town. Evidently, he hasn’t been scarred too bad.

    • #2685748

      A true sign of geekdom…

      by andreasim ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I am a geek because computers are my work and my hobby, I have five live computers in my house, I kickstarted a petition to get broadband internet to our little country town, I feel uncomfortable running anything less than three operating systems at a time, and I just love being thought of as a “geek chick”.

      But above all I finally proved my geekiness when I was surfing the net on my laptop whilst lying in my bed naked with my partner (and have the photo to prove it!).


      • #2685692

        You too!

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to A true sign of geekdom…

        I haven’t taken the pictures but instead of rolling over and going to sleep, I light a cigarrette and log on with my laptop, that way she falls asleep first and I’m not the typical guy. 😉

        • #2686393

          Guilty of this too….

          by joseph moore ·

          In reply to You too!

          The wireless laptop in bed thing is actually handy. Did you ever watch TV in bed, see something you wanted to know more about, then pull the laptop out of the bag (beside the bed), fire it up, have the wireless connect, and start surfing?

        • #2686144


          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Guilty of this too….

          I hate to say, perhaps daily????

          The TV is like s earch enhine for me these days, I sit there clicking away at my keyboard, something catches my attention on TV and for one split second I take my mind off the computer and to the TV. If it interests me, instead of shutting down the laptop and turning up the TV to watch the remaining 55 minutes of the program, I’ll MUTE the TV and search the web for the info instead.

          Oh, NO! maybe I AM a geek!

        • #2685416

          OZ what do you think

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to You too!

          Web Cams are for?

      • #2686047

        Post Geekdom

        by tcagley ·

        In reply to A true sign of geekdom…

        I came to the conclusion that I had past some line in the sand when the kids left for the evening and my wife and I headed to the bedroom with three laptops (one for a DVD and the others for work and to pass notes via the wireless lan).

    • #2685727

      What a geek is

      by dryflies ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      1. A geek would rather use vi and gcc than visual studio

      2. A geek writes their own spam filter — and it works.

      3. A geek has no use for icons or windows.

      4. A geek remembers the days of toggling the bootloader in through the front panel — with fondness

      5. A geek asks his wife for a cup of coffee when she comes downstairs at 2 am wearing just a smile.

      6. A geek knows what WOM is and thinks it is funny.

      7. A geek has read and understands the microsoft EULA

      8. A geek only needs 64k of RAM — Still

      9. A geek programs all of the neighbors’ VCRs and microwaves.

      10. A geek can hunt and peck at 40 WPM

      11. A geek has a vocabulary of over 500 ascii emoticons ;-]

      12. A geek has an office that is 10? above ambient from all of the computers.

      13. A geek has the coffee pot on battery backup

      14. A geek knows what PHP means, and thinks it makes sense.

      15. A geek always makes it to tier 2 when calling tech support.

      16. A geek doesn’t just take a breadmaker apart to see how it works, he runs the ROM through a disassembler.

      17. A geek looks at the DMCA as the start of a new inquisition.

      18. A geek thinks the 48 microprocessors in his care are cool — he drives a ’68 volkswagen.

      19. A geek knows what all of the buttons on his office phone do — and has used them all.

      20. A geek can speak in perl — but only another geek can understand her.

      21. Ditto for C C++ PL1 Cobol fortran Java Python and CSH but not BASIC, BASIC is for Wimps.

      22. A geek misses the sound of the line printer in the computer room.

      23. A geek remembers when the computer room had more space devoted to servers than backups.

      24. A geek knows OJ Simpson as “/&-“.

      25. A geek reads computer shopper in the bathroom.

      26. A geek has a program that scans all the conference room bookings to see where the lunch meetings are. It also finds the attendees and sends them cancelation notices.

      27. A geek has no need for a “Boss key”

      28. A geek is disappointed when his ride comes to get him because he can’t enter any more definitions for “geek”

    • #2685695

      My List

      by alanthetech ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      1) Some friends and I introduced a computer topic to our instructor and it became part of the curiculem.
      2) I was pulled out of class to help with the computer labs, in fourth grade.
      3) I kept submitting a picture of my Dilbert Candy Dispensor as my TR profile picture. It kept getting rejected due to a “corruption” problem. I resubmitted it anyway.
      4) My first love was a Texas Instrument 99/A
      5) I still like REXX.
      6) I have uttered the words “I wish this was VI”. Look, I’m not PROUD of it, but I did say it.
      7) I’ve installed more new operating systems on my pc more times than I’ve had dates.
      8) I had Star Wars music played at the end of my wedding (the scene when the “awards” are given out at the end of the first Star Wars).
      9) I once bugged my sister’s room.
      10) I’m thrilled when I find an undocumented/new software bug.
      11) I want to setup a LAN in my truck.
      12) I know more PC names than coworkers’ names.
      13) I fully expect to use contact lenses as “full screen” monitors in the future.
      14) I setup a spreadsheet calculating down to the fraction of a second on how long it was until I got married.
      15) My wife describes me as a geek to her friends. (Who is weirder? The geek or the one who loves said geek?)
      16) I noticed that in Matrix Reloaded that Trinity used “nmap”.
      17) I’d rather get a catalog from Egghead than from Victoria’s.
      18) I started drooling when I went from CGA to SVGA.
      19) I have a cable modem but not cable service.
      20) I named a cat “EISA”. She hates me now.
      21) I created a boot disk as a love letter to my then girlfriend.
      22) I have an electric cat litter pan, keyless entry to my front door, and wireless remote control ceiling fans.
      23) I see the irony in a computer tech getting his head bitten off by a giant rooster.
      24) I wish I could put more down in this list.

    • #2686389

      What a Geek is

      by afarooqi78 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Jack of all and master of NONE!

    • #2686311


      by glgruver ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I don’t know, I may be a geek.

      I still have copies of Windows 1.03 and Windows 386 on 5″ Floppies.

      I still use DOS on occasion.

      I still keep a copy of DOS 3.2 boot disk for REAL emergencies.

      I remember working with magnetic core memory and descrete components in the early 60s. I still repair my own power supplies and mother boards.

      I worked extensively with mobile data systems in Police and Fire vehicles in the 70s and 80s.

      I still haven’t experienced a rush as great as when I wrote my first real computer program in BASIC, saved it on a cassette tape, and successfully ran it on my TI-99.

      None of my computers have ever had the covers stay on the cases, in fact, the screws stripped out on several of them.

      I stil shudder when I hear the term EDLIN.

      Come to think of it, I’m probably not a geek, but just an old buzzard that should retire….and I could, but I’m having too much fun now. Better yet, I’m even getting paid to play wit…er I mean work with some really cool new technoloy! We’re starting to get into VoIP and I’m studying for my Cisco certification.

      I still love my job and look forward to new challenges every day, so yeah, I must be a geek.

    • #2686280

      True Confessions: My horse has a diary on the web

      by datamutts ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      A true geek is one who can see that there is an obvious need to divide geekdom into subgeek categories.

      Some of the ones I’ve picked up on in these discussions:
      Ancient Geeks – Still proficient in DOS and BASIC. EDLIN is their best friend.
      Professional Geeks – Proud of the fact that they’re actually making money for doing something they would do anyway.
      Translator Geeks – Can speak with non-geeks by virtue of being able to remember what all those TLAs stands for.
      SF Geeks – Consists of the very small hard-core who know both wormhole theory, and that SF is acceptable, but Sci-Fi is not
      Trivia Geeks – Have vast stores of arcane knowledge on any variety of subjects, usually stored in dBase IV
      Security Geeks – Nobody knows anything about this category, unless you’re in it
      Geek Families – Includes families who send goodnight emails
      Country Geeks – Live far enough out that they can’t get a pizza delivered, but won’t live anywhere they can’t get DSL or cable
      AniGeeks – Anyone whose horse or dog has a diary on the web
      Control Geeks – Tend to use a database where a spreadsheet would do, and a spreadsheet when a wordprocessor would be fine

      The list goes on – I could build a geek database for you??

      • #2685418

        Geek Database

        by jgoddin ·

        In reply to True Confessions: My horse has a diary on the web

        If you do build that database be sure to include all of those necessary keys for the related tables for those true geeks who actually do fit into more than one or two of those subgeek categories you choose to divide all of geekdom! I don’t know a true geek who is a geek in only one dimensional… LOL!

    • #2686045

      I’m a true Geek because…

      by ___._ ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      …I work in a Circus and am on my 5th chicken today.

    • #2685660

      You know you’re a Geek when..

      by pstarr ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      …your friends, relatives and co-workers call you any time of the day or night to fix their computers, program their VCR, adjust the clock on their microwave, or mailmerge their wedding invitations….and you comply.

    • #2685640

      Girl Geek

      by nycprojectmnger ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      -I think Zamboni’s are cool
      – I took an astronomy class at the Museum of Natural History and the special Zeiss Star Projector was the best part.
      – I don’t have a T.V – I prefer to read
      – I plan my vacations in Excel or MS Project
      – I just waited for 80’s fashion to come back around – my long coat from high school is ‘in’ again w/ the puffy shoulder pads
      – If a guy is dumb, even if he’s cute and nice, I can’t seem to stand to go out with him
      – I’ve broken every Cosmo girl rule out there … but I still get the guy
      – I once forged my bus pass using Adobe Photoshop, just because I could
      – I live in New York City, so I am assured there is always someone weirder than me that lives here.

    • #2685633

      I really said this…

      by dave ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I used the following sentence in an actual conversation, with real people…

      “I was late getting to the party, so all the Gig ports were taken.”

      Geek. 🙂

    • #2685604

      Knowledgeable Objectivity

      by smchris ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      In general, personality traits for geekdom:

      1. Perpetual learner
      2. Self-starter independent learner
      3. Excellent reading and research skills
      4. Ability to exploit logical thinking based either on programming experience or formal training in logic and math
      4. Concentration
      5. Resourceful ability to “make do” based on depth of knowledge and experience
      6. Probably doesn’t have _time_ to keep up with pop culture so informal social conversation can suffer, BUT
      7. Knows a lot about stuff “ordinary” people think difficult and obscure
      8. Scientifically pragmatic. What works, works

      While geeks are accused of tinkering with the technology, I think the no-nonsense pragmatism of a professional geek is ignored at a company’s peril. I’ve seen it happen so perhaps an unfortunate geek tendency would be:

      9. Poor ability to talk management talk and team bond

      Perhaps, a _major_ quality on the less positive side because management-savy techies are called _MR._ CIO, not “geek”? But 8 out of 9 ain’t bad.

      I would like to throw out for discussion:

      10. Too good-humored for their own good in a world that considers it a weakness. A lot of intelligent people I know are punsters, and I consider that ranging from verbal quips to non-verbal affectations like a Babylon 5 Psi Corps badge on a fabric attache case. I believe a lot of people think serious people project seriousness 110% of the time but geeks often ignore this and suffer the consequences. But what’s the solution?

    • #2685600

      Officially on record…..

      by nakkii ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      My mother-in-law subpoenaed me to give a testimony of an accident I witnessed. Once I was sworn in the judge proceeded to verify my identity through a series of questions, one of which was verification of my occupation. As the Judge spoke…
      “And it states here that your occupation is ‘Computer Geek’, is that correct?” as a snicker went throughout the courtroom. I did correct the record and stated that I was an Information Technology Professional (Fancy words for Admin/Programmer/Security Analyst).

      And if that isn’t enough I run a small town ISP running on Windows 2000 (sic!) not because of familiarity but because of the challenges that it poses, also in this ISP are LINUX servers performing dedicated functions like Wireless Access Points and IDS, however the POP, email, and authentication are all on a W2K Server. Each of my family members (small children included) have thier own computer which are members of a Domain that I have set up in my home, even my home itself has its own computer (which controls all the X10 devices) and what’s more ALL the software is LEGAL! Yes, that’s right I have purchased legal copies of all the software that I run on each machine which includes 3 W2K Servers, several Windows XP Pro/Home machines and an Exchange 2000 server that serves my personal and family needs. Again all because its fun. My current projects include setting up Linux boxen to perform various duties in my home and ISP environments.



    • #2685596


      by mick.hoffman ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’m not sure I’m a geek, but I consider myself bi-lingual. I speak English, Geek, and a sub-dialect, Techno-Geek.

    • #2685593

      What is a geek?

      by davek ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      A geek is a person who never gives up on any thing and in enjoys getting the answer when most people gave up days ago. For the most part always happy and cheerful , which drive most people nuts. Even in the midst of a crises when most are in panic, we are clam cool and collective. this really really drives people nuts!!!

      • #2686623

        Obviously another sad case

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to What is a geek?

        I too like these problems and just for fun I set up a Win 3.11 box for the network here to {remember} how those silly things worked.

        But I really enjoy the interminent problems that arise and generally get given back with the message when it stops working all together bring it back and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Well needless to say that is onr thing that I’ve never said and if I can get the fault to show just once it will not leave here until it’s fixed properly but the main problem that I do have is where I can’t get to see the fault at all.

        I can remember having a problem at a part time job when I was working my way through Uni and I ended up changing one bit at a time until it was fixed as I wanted to know what had gone wrong. I could have fixed it in a couple of hours just by replacing all the parts in a sewing machine of all things but that wasn’t good enough for me so 5 days latter when I fixed it I and everyone in the workshop knew exactly what had happened to this sewing machine. Luckily we wern’t charging for time as it was a garantiee job.

    • #2685591

      What makes me a Geek?

      by skrog ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      What makes me a Geek is? the fact that when I talk in our department meetings half the folks present, including my boss at times, asks for an explanation in English, not Geekinees.

      Being just about the only one in the Technology Department who knows anything about DOS, and still opens a DOS window to work in Windows XP!

      I have shelves full of software, games and other, at home, and both my machine at home and work are full of downloaded demos, free utilities and other digital gnomes, most that I don’t remember what they were for and some I never had the chance to try before they were forgotten!

      When asked how to do something or change something on a computer I sit down and at blazing speed of the keyboard and mouse take care of it and leave the user standing in their cubical with their jaw gapping open in amazement.

      Rewrite instructions for a commonly used software installation at work, complete with pictures of each step seen on the monitor, right down to icons, and done in none technical terms (yes a Geek can do that when putting it in text! takes a while but we can do it) so most our non-computer savvy users can actually perform the install.

      After spending countless hours at work plugging away at a keyboard and staring at a monitor I have the desire when I get home to sit back down in front of my home system and plug away at opponents from who knows where for stress release and R&R and thinking these “Geeks” probably just got home doing the same thing all day that I just did.

      Tend to analyze everything and give my other half a rambling explanation of why I may not have done something she asked me to or why I did something in a manner she thought was a little ridiculous.

      When my better half asks me for help with a document she is working on I step up and just do it for her. I have done that so much that now she simply tells me she needs a document that does this or that or needs one to look a certain way and I just do it, and enjoy doing so! (Then she complains she will never learn anything on the computer while I?m around? why she thinks that I have no idea! 🙂 )

      The final thing that makes me a Geek is ?? ending up providing tech support over the phone for problems that occur for family members (even distant cousins I have only talked to 10 yrs ago)at their jobs and homes. At any hour of the day or night!

      Someone SAVE ME!!!

      • #2685548

        What makes a geek

        by oracle architect ·

        In reply to What makes me a Geek?

        I’m probably the elder of the tribe having been at this for more than 35 years. I’ve worked with more than a dozen operating systems and written (successfully) in about two dozen languages. That’s just to set a level.

        There’s a certain wonder that goes with what we do. You know you can make something happen and you do. Sometimes you can explain and sometimes not.

        What we do is a challenge. It’s problem solving. It’s interesting. If we’re in a straight-jacket, it’s of our own making. Some of us haven’t gotten beyond the cool yet. Some are way beyond the cool and have passed into a state of one-ness with the silicon.

        Sometimes our work is our hobby. Sometimes our hobby is our work. It can be a sad state when we don’t have any life outside the pixels.

        Go and code!

    • #2685567

      What Makes me a geek…

      by todd ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      My girlfriend, angry with me for spending more time with my computer then with her. Warns me that my computer will not keep me warm on cold nights.

      I proceed to build an interface to allow my computer to dectect the temperature and regulate power to my electric blanket.

    • #2685530


      by sparky13 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’m not a geek. I’m a nerd.

    • #2685522

      Y M I A Geek

      by chipmicro ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      For a Christmas party, the white elephant gift I brought was DOS 6.0 with its (well-used and notated) documentation and original packaging, on 5.25 diskettes. Nuff said?

    • #2685513

      It might be a personality trait….

      by techlizard ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Having an incredible amount of impatience for people who are not as smart as you.
      If every conversation management invites you into begins with “Let’s keep this non-technical..”
      Justifying your lack of athletic ability by reminding yourself of your technical abilities (people who have such large and heavy brains are naturally clumsy I always say).
      Not being able to control your body language when being told to do something that is completely illogical.
      When asked the question “What would you do if you won the lottery?” you respond that you’d still work but on YOUR terms (because you love your work) and then you day dream of all the free time and money you could have to work for yourself building, writing, coding, developing via satellite connections on remote exotic lands….

      ….uh, what were we talking about again???

    • #2685512

      it depends

      by cynth113 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      You know you are a geek when your favorite answer to all questions is, “It depends.”

    • #2685473

      If ya can’t beat them, outlast them

      by jprigot ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I am a geek (and proud of it) because:

      1. I remember the Radio Electronics article on
      how to build your own 8008-based computer.
      2. I still have my first computer (a KIM-1,
      6502-based single board computer, heavily
      3. I still have most of the software for #2, and
      am disgusted with the amount of memory used by
      modern software, where we did it in 1KB (later
      expanded to 16KB).
      4. I believe that I can still find the NPR grant
      jumper on a Unibus backplane.
      5. I learned about Ethernet networking by
      attending a lecture given by one of the
      developers two years after its introduction.
      6. Believe that today’s clusters STILL can’t do
      what we did with VAXclusters.
      7. Believe that anything that requires social
      skills isn’t worth doing.
      8. Met Linus Torvalds after his DECUS session
      chaired by Jon “Mad Dog” Hall.
      9. Can’t remember things for beans, but get me in
      front of a keyboard…
      10. Know intuitively if the problem is hardware
      or software.

    • #2685423

      Quod Erat Demonstrandum

      by duncan pope ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      How do I know I am a Geek? I show it every day. It isn’t just that I know what the OSI model is or what the IP stack does, but that I bothered to find out. It is an attitude, a way of life, a philosophy! I express it like this; ‘Somebody did it the first time, so I can do it too.’ Like Riki Tiki Tavi, I ‘Go run and find out’. The most telling ‘Proof’ of my geekness is the many and varied pleas for my help to solve my user’s problems. It often goes far beyond my assigned tech support responsibilities. I have been asked to solve (GASP, SHUDDER) ACCOUNTING issues! The true geek is seen as the uber-competent polymath. If we don’t know it, we can find out. Of course the true geek is found, sometimes, outside of the workplace. My geekness is finally and firmly confirmed. Last night I was invited to a lady friend’s house. I spent the evening setting up her new PC, transferring the docs and settings and updating the service packs etc. For 4 hours. And I had a spare surge protector in my car so she wouldn’t loose her new toy to a voltage spike. I rest my case.


    • #2685392

      Well, that’s a good question

      by feanor ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      So happens I’ve got a list of you might be a geek (engineer, actually, but the list applies to this topic) if, so here’s a few excerpts:

      You might be a geek if …

      you have a switch between your ONE computer and the wall network port, because the IEEE 802.5 spec calls for no more than 3 metres of CAT5 UTP between the computer and the wall, but allows 6 metres between a port and a switch, repeater, or router.

      you go to a Bond movie, not for the action, nor the girls, but for the five minutes in Q?s lab.

      you have manuals for programming languages you had never heard of until you saw the manual at the garage sale.
      you read them for fun.

      the people at Radio Shack know you by sight.

      you and a few friends have ever converted a small table into an antenna, just to see how good an antenna it would make.

      you can go through the entire English alphabet and come up with something that every single letter stands for (a: area, b: y-intercept, c: speed of light, …)

      And before anybody asks, they do indeed all apply to me.


    • #2685384

      I guess I could be a Geek

      by cboldt ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I seem to fit a number of the above listed requirements. I go back before DOS. I still own a 300 baud modem. Last month I decided that I could throw out the DOS 2.0 manual that I had (but I kept the 5 1/4 disks it is on & yes I have more that one functioning drive). My co-workers seem to think I the head geek here at work. I don’t have a pocket protector (but have used them on Halloween to dress-up as a “geek”)but I do have a fair number of items on my belt. These include, at various times my insulin pump, blood meter, cell phone, pager, & last but not least my PDA. The most common remark I hear is “When are you going to have that thing (PDA) wired directly into your head?”

      PS: Yes, my newest PDA is supposed to arrive tommorrow!

    • #2685381


      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      You know you are a GEEK when your groupies,the GEN(insert varible here)ERS,think you are worthy, because you can program in assembler.

      I used to play in a rock band and my groupies wore spandex and leather.Now the folks that think I am interesting use duct tape as part of their wordrobe(ya’ know ,for things like holding their glasses and pants together).

      Oh yeah ,and their 99% male.Not a good industry if you are a male heterosexual(not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

    • #2685378

      I am a Geek

      by cindypsych ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Because I studied BASIC programming on an Apple computer as part of my math class back in High School in 1979. Because I was the president of my High School “Media Club” (otherwise known as the AV department). Because I loved videogames then and, as a 37 year old female, I still love them and actively play them now. Because I build my own computers. Because I saw the first midnight showing of Star Wars Episode I and Episode II, and will do the same for Episode III in spite of how much the movies suck in comparison with the originals. Because I understand The Matrix. Because I have an opinion about who is the best Star Trek captain, and have voted at a Sci Fi convention (Picard, of course). Because I am interested in Dvorak’s photo montage of Comdex. Because I like to argue about Microsoft vs. Linux. I am a Geek!

    • #2685365

      Second Generation

      by 2nd-generation-geek ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      My father has complimented me on my “geekness” and seeks technical advice from me, because it is obvious to him that I know more on current stuff than he does.

      But I consider *him* a computer geek. He did this for about twenty or thirty years as part of his job.

      I started describing my (then) seven-year-old children as third-generation computer geeks, because I am passing my geekiness on to my children.

      For around ten years, my wife (not exactly a geek herself) has been called on in places she works to help out with the technical stuff, because she knows so much more than the rest of them.

      My wife says in reply, “I acquired my knowledge through osmosis from my husband the computer geek.”

    • #2685339

      dumb questions

      by hubingdan ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      You know your a geek when:
      1) everyone comes to you with their dumb networking or Windows questions.


      2) you can’t stand watching someone use Windows with a mouse.


    • #2685318

      about you’re a geek

      by joemaldonado39 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      in my work they call me a mad scientist… they *won’t* let me and another hand (whose i.q. is off the charts) attend the same meeting because of brain fry (people that give up trying to understand something)!! Oh yeah people go nuts, but the work gets done…!

    • #2685300

      I’m not a geek

      by snafu ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I’m not a geek, I’ve only worked in our company’s IT department for 5 years. I would have liked to transfer earlier, but it took me 8 years to get my IT degree part time while I was working in other departments.

      I understand the aura that other respondants talk of, I can project mine down the phone line, even interstate, although I struggle to project it on overseas calls so I can’t really be a geek.

      Years ago while working as a lab technician (chemical, not IT) our company installed a batch weighing system using an Apple IIc. So I found the source code, taught myself Apple Basic and wrote a simple spreadsheet-like program so we could recalculate material weights for different capacity mixers. But Basic is not a true geek language is it ?

      Once one of our engineers wrote a simple program to calculate a result from a testing machine but he just used basic input prompts, by the time I finished with it it had RS232 connection to the test machine, fully interactive screens, data saving and printing functions, utility menus for reseting the date, formatting data floppies, etc. But that was all done in IBM Basica and wasn’t even compiled so I can’t really be a geek.

      At university I was the only student to get their Turbo-Prolog program to work properly by the due date (I had to work all night and drop it off to uni on the way to work in the morning), but that was just a lucky break, I’m not really a geek.

      This is my first response at TR, although when I was setting up our Cognos Enterprise Server at work I logged on to the Cognos SupportTalk forum to ask some questions and ended up answering 3 questions already posted. That doesn’t count as geek behaviour does it ?

      I don’t obsess about computers like a geek would, my kids needed a computer each for their homework. It was just lucky I had enough spare parts in the shed to build one for both of them (and one for my parents), and because they were old second hand parts, I just had to overclock them so their games would run. Their games were old too, so their PCs boot into DOS 7 that’s buried behind Windows 95, and just run the GUI when they need it. But that not geek behaviour, its just what any parent would do for their kids.

      Surely its normal to implement a Q & D (Quick and Dirty) fix to get your users back up and running as fast as possible while you find the true cause and fix it, and then find out why your Q&D worked as well as it did, and how you could improve it next time, and if you could automate its introduction at the first sign of trouble, or even if you can predict the trouble before the first sign. Oh dear, is there such a thing as a closet geek ?

    • #2685181

      The Geek Syndrome

      by ohenlyk ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      (This is not an entirely original work but a collage of ideas gleaned from the NET and my personal experience.)

      The Geek Syndrome

      December 5th 2003

      Asperger’s Syndrome describes children who lack basic social and motor skills, seem unable to decode body language and sense the feelings of others. They avoid eye contact, and frequently launch into monologues about narrowly defined – and often highly technical – interests. Even when very young, these children become obsessed with order, arranging their toys in a regimented fashion on the floor and flying into tantrums when their routines are disturbed. As teenagers, they’re prone to getting into trouble with teachers and other figures of authority, partly because the subtle cues that define societal hierarchies are invisible to them.

      The other children call them geeks.

      Small wonder that this ?high functioning? form of autism is known as The Geek Syndrome.

      Most geeks however; do not suffer from The Geek Syndrome.

      Most enjoy good mental health. They choose to be who they are.

      For several years now, I’ve been preoccupied – and occasionally obsessed – with geeks, geekdom, geekism.

      I’ve watched how, after living on the fringes of society, these individuals are moving as a group from the outside into society?s mainstream.

      That is a remarkable trend.

      But I have a personal interest here. You see; I am a geek; at least by some standard.

      I was a geek before awkward Erkle was portrayed on TV. Before Dilbert.
      Long before Neo Anderson made it fashionable to be a geek idle.

      I think that it was the Nutty Professor and flubber that hooked me.

      Geeks are my people, my community, and my friends.
      At the risk of over generalizing I can share some truths about geeks:
      Geeks are brainy, grumpy, wary, and obsessive.
      They love some aspects of science and technology,
      They dislike conventional politics and mainstream media,
      They grow impatient with hype, ideology, and fanaticism.
      While there is no universal definition of the term geek the idea has a complex and varied history.

      The term GEEK showed up in print in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, when scholar Alexander Barclay wrote in 1515 that a simpleton was a “foole, a sotte, and a geke.”

      Shakespeare used the term geek twice in print
      ? first referring in Twelfth Night to “the most notorious gecke and gull”
      ? and again in Cymbeline to describe a ghost who posthumously made “the geeck and scorn o’th’other’s villainy.”

      The word first starts to appear widely around the turn of the 20th century, when a geek was a circus performer, “a wild man who, as part of his presentation, would bite the heads off of rats, chickens, and snakes.”
      Often they were homeless drunks or down-and-out drifters who “performed” for pennies or for food and a place to sleep.
      By mid century the word described the unpopular: weirdo?s, brainiacs, the socially awkward, the technologically or scientifically obsessed.
      With the advent of computers and the internet, increasingly the term geek is coming to mean more. Much more. Suddenly geeks are on the inside of something powerful and important. They are needed. No one seemed to master technology better.
      But Geekism isn’t about mastering software or machinery; it’s about using it. Increasingly, what the machinery is, matters much less than what it does: the friends you can make, the things you can learn, the information you can share, the places you can see.
      I joined this club long ago? but without actually realizing it.
      You may be a geek too and not know it?
      If you drink so much coffee while studying that Juan Valdez names his mule after you?
      Then you may be a geek.

      If you go to the bathroom at 3 am and check your e-mail on the way back to bed?
      Then you may be a geek.

      If you step out of your computer room and realize that your family have moved away and you don’t have a clue when it happened?
      Well? You may be a geek?

      More generally geeks feel a personal connection with technology in their lives? They are passionate, even obsessive, in their interests ? both professional and personal.
      If you find yourself as interested in the social applications and the consequences of technology as the technology itself? Then you may be a geek.
      NOW; the geeks are here in force, online and happening. They have no intention of worshipfully absorbing government wisdom, submitting to traditional values, or accepting mainstream proscriptions.
      For all their personal preoccupations, geeks seem to want to have an impact on the world, to use their techno-centric ability in a positive way.
      If this is a new movement towards society itself becoming more ‘geeky,’ then I for one would be all for it.

    • #2685127

      Geeky Experts

      by txkay ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      A geek is like an expert. When a learned person becomes an expert, he/she delves into the details of a subject. As they begin to learn more and more about a subject, they begin to specialize on minute details, which represent less and less of the totality of that subject. Therefore, as the progression goes, the geekier one gets, the more they know about absolutely NOTHING.

    • #2685038

      What makes me a Geek ?

      by rowlandmarke ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I prefer the outdoorsy Geek style. I am most comfortable in cargo pants (w/ lots of pockets for my cell phone, PDA, wallet & checkbook). I have a tool pouch on my belt w/ Gerber multi-tool, MagLite & a spare pen. I like to wear neutral colors, tan, kaki or olive. I’m most comfortable in a pair of hiking boots & good boot socks.

      As for knowledge base, I’m a jack of all trades – master of none – nuts & bolts Network Administrator. I can tear apart a laser printer & put it back together & I can pull a fiber or wire Cat 5 – Cat 6 network through a multi-building campus. Ask me to troubleshoot an IP or routed network, I’m your guy. Ask me to tell you the history of ARPA net to current Gigabit Ethernet & I can do that too.

      I’ve had to deal w/ punch cards & Trash 80s, all the way up to terabyte storage arays & managed network servers.

      I wear glasses only to read & to protect my eyes from glare in sunlight or bright light. Look at me to be the cross between Dan Hagerty (aka: Grizzly Adams) & Richard Karn (aka: Al from Home Improvement) w/ a bit of Paul Allen (aka: Microsoft) mixed in.

    • #2684845

      My wife thinks I’m a geek (but use some other stronger word)

      by penguinvitamins2 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      I blew my annual bonus on technical certification. (Twice already)
      I can?t wait for wearable technology to really catch on.
      I carry around hundreds of technical notes on my handheld.
      I currently have at least 4 pet techno-projects that is half way finished and thinking of doing another 2.
      I feel lost if I have not accessed e-mails or some discussion group for a few days.
      I had the patience (early days) to spent hours typing in printed programs on a Commodore 64. (Glad I did, learned me to type faster)
      I like cold coffee. I get so involved with technology that I keep on forgetting to drink the stuff.
      I never get cross at a PC, never kick it, slam the keyboard and I have never thrown it out the window. OK there was this one occasion but that was not my fault. I did apologise, and a VERY nice new PC case was bought.
      I never throw away old technology, I retire it; in a nice box in the garage, wrapped in antistatic, water and airtight material.
      I owe 3 home computers. All 3 underwent at least a few upgrades already.
      I spent time sorting this list alphabetically.
      I?m seen as the family techie (getting regular calls from cousins I have not seen in years and they jump right into their PC problems)
      My software collection on CD is far bigger than my music collection on CD.
      My wife thinks I?m a geek.
      PC Mice (Mouses or whatever) is for non-geeks. I jumped onto the Linux bandwagon when it was still in its infant days. I used to love DOS and this black screen is much, much better.
      The need to have 1 Terrabyte of disk storage at home is becoming a reality in my lifetime.

      • #2684815

        You’re got it easy

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to My wife thinks I’m a geek (but use some other stronger word)

        Currently beside all the workstations here there is at least 1 computer with every OS ever sold {just in case I’m ever asked about them} and that includes all the Unix/Linux variants.

        Currently I’m looking for a switch so I can connect 20 computers up to the same Keyboard, monitor, mouse just to save a bit of space and I’ll probably end up making my own to do the job.

        Then just to confuse M$ everytime that I need to call them they are under the mistaken impression that I’m talking about a “Server” as all the workstations are Dual Processor with inbuilt SCSI the servers are bigger and on this particular workstation which has 19 HDD in it the Windows Boot Drive which is only a 13 GIG unit only has 6% free space and it only has Windows XP on it as well as all the links to all the other software that is installed on the thing and a Terrabyte of storage space was a long forgotten dream now I’m dreaming of a Terrabyte of memory but then again I had 128 MEG on a 386 with those old 30 pin RAM Sticks and they where really expensive.

    • #2673696

      Mountian Dew,anyone?

      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      If you drink more than a liter a day,you might be a geek.

      Some of my hardcore buddies drugs of choice were 7/11 coffee (32 oz) Marlboro’s ,and a small twisted end “attitude adjuster”.

      Nuthin’ like coming off of a late night service call and your programmer friends are calling you over to check out their new code.(Watch what this does!!!!)

    • #2673682


      by jmottl ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Thanks to all our terrific members who participated in this contest. We’re busy compiling and determining the top 5 entries and we’ll put it out to the member vote next week so keep an eye out!!! Thanks again for such great response!
      Judy Mottl
      Senior Editor, Member Engagement

    • #2672621

      I’m a geek

      by tilsharic ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      – Been working on computers for over 19 years(I’m 26 now)
      – 1st computer was a TI 99
      – Have run my own BBS
      – Have my own domain/server
      – Have enough ports in my computer room to wire a small office.
      – Have the drum of cabling to do the above.
      – There is a small path to my computer desk in my room. The rest is piled up with old equipment
      – I’m in the SCA (dress up in armour and beat up my friends)
      – My job was advertised internally as “Are you a geek or do you know one?” And a friend immediately printed off the email and gave it to me.
      – I was able to tell what email program was used just by looking at the above printoff.
      – There is a hard drive with the innards showing taped to the office door.
      – I have experience with and can troubleshoot 14 different operating systems (not including the different flavours of linux I’ve used)
      – I’ve tormented DM’s playing roleplaying games. (who knew mage hand could do so much damage 🙂
      – I have almost every book by Heinlein, Anne McCaffery, and a huge collection of assorted fantasy/Sci-Fi books


      There are 10 types of people in the world.
      Those who understand binary, and those who don’t

    • #2672615

      I May Be In Trouble

      by jcoffey ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Welcome to My World

      1. I prefer the word NERD over GEEK. It seems everything already tastes like chicken.
      2. I use electronic sticky notes to remind me to read regular sticky notes
      3. I use the term ?ID: 10T? error instead of ?user informed of correct operational procedure with equipment?
      4. I know that Apple?s 1st Macintosh was called LISA (and it was not Steven Job?s girlfriend?s name) Local Integration of Software Applications
      5. I remember the GEM interface
      6. It?s easier to remember by Microsoft Beta ID (158180) than my social security number
      7. I joined MENSA because of a dare
      8. I still have the original release floppies of DOS 2, Microsoft Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 etc.
      9. Off-the-shelf computers are for the masses. If you haven?t built more than 10 then you shouldn?t be reading this
      10. My face becomes flush when I hear that Microsoft is preparing a new Beta release
      11. I have the power to repair equipment just by the user calling me on my cell, paging me, leaving me email or just thinking about contacting me and looking sternly in the direction of the malfunctioning device (all true)
      12. I remember when the BBS community WAS the internet
      13. I get giddy when one of several virus apps, popup blockers or firewalls find something to block
      14. I also giggle like a school girl when a tracking cookie is blocked
      15. I still have the ORIGINAL IBM PC in my garage, hermatically sealed, in case someone ever needs one
      16. I?ve kept all my previous computers
      17. I like finding typos on web sites
      18. People pay me BIG bucks for what I would do for free
      19. I try to see how many applications I can have running concurrently and gathering metrics to then estimate when I?ll need to upgrade hardware
      20. I want to achieve enough certification acronyms so that I use the entire alphabet
      21. I have enough infrastructure to run a small size country (in my home)
      22. I ?live on the edge? by running a beta application on a beta operating system
      23. A leisure read is Windows 2000 Scripting Guide
      24. I like watching movies and then reviewing the technical infrastructure that they portrayed
      25. I go to Trade Shows to fill up my ?goodie bag?. It?s the modern day ?trick or treating? for Nerds
      26. I spend an hour a week trying to uncover Easter Eggs
      27. I get complaints from the postal workers about the number of Information Technology ?free subscriptions? that get delivered to my home
      28. I believe that the world is ?code base 11? and I?m always on the lookout for derivatives of that number
      29. I prefer to remember IP addresses than DNS names
      30. I can remember vividly the 1st time I installed Windows 2.0 and what was needed to make it run on an 8086 processor but will forget my daughter?s birthday if I don?t have a sticky note (referenced by a sticky note)
      31. I feel naked if I don?t have my cell phone/pager/PDA/contact list with me at all times
      32. I still use pocket protectors and have a slide rule
      33. I submitted this AFTER the contest had ended and this number is divisible by 11

    • #2683519

      So, who won?

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!

      Who won this? I never heard who won or what the winning entries were.

      • #2682860

        Joseph you asked who

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to So, who won?

        Apparently they are still taking votes and have narrowed it down to a small list of finilasts.

        Everyone at TR can vote on what they think is the best defination of a “Geek” and sometime latter thay will come out with an answer.


      • #2682745

        Voting Still Ongoing But Ends Soon!

        by jmottl ·

        In reply to So, who won?

        We announced the finalists in the ‘top geek’ and ‘geek definition’ contests during the holiday weeks and promoted the voting intermittently since then. Voting ends this Sunday — here’s the link to vote to determine the top winners:

        It’s been a great project and I’m excited to find out Monday who the top winners are. And, in my eyes, every member who participated and who voted are also big winners! Thanks for making it such a great effort!!!
        Judy Mottl
        Senior Editor, Member Engagement

    • #2696026

      Well, my company name is Geeks

      by geekinz ·

      In reply to If you’re a geek, tell us!


      Nuff said.

      • #2695989

        If I’m not a Geek I don’t know who is!

        by angelwthoutwings44 ·

        In reply to Well, my company name is Geeks

        A few years ago my then 17yr old son told me to either get a tattoo or learn the computer (I was celebrating my 40th birthday)so I could come into the 21 century, well, Tattoos hurt, so I now have alphabet soup at the end of my name and a bacherlors in computer science, not too bad for an old broad! I also never have had so many young men as friends. They gave me the title “Gates Goddess” because I specialize in tweakin Windows and know how to get around, through, and over, most of the issues with Windows and the associated apps issues…I may be old but I love what I do! I also own and operate one of the biggest computer security business’ in my area.

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