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I'll start the ball rolling on Arnie!

By GuruOfDos ·
Arnie gets elected Governor of California!

Seeing as we like things 'political' on here, what do we all think about this? Speaking as a Brit, I say why not?!! After all there is precedent for this in the USA. Didn't another two-bit actor make it big in politics? Oh yes, Ronnie Regan, bless his socks! And it's not only in the USA. Here in Britain we have several celebrities who have turned to politics and done rather well. Glenda Jackson, an accomplished actress (if you don't believe me, look her up on is a Member of Parliament. Sean Connery is very active in Scottish politics, and that's just two for starters.

Perhaps when we are so sick of promises by mainstream politicians we are happy to let someone else have a go? After all, they couldn't be any worse, can they? Maybe we SHOULD all be voting for the personaliy rather than 'the party line'? Arnie has made a comfortable living up to now making people happy. Now he is in charge of the world's 7th largest economy (not best....largest - California is virtually broke!) is he in the same line of work - making the people happy.

Governor is about as good as it can get for Arnie. No matter how good a job he may do, running for president is not an option as he is Austrian by birth and is therefore ineligible. Should this make a difference or not?

Any Californians in the house? How did YOU vote? And why?

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Courage of the Damned

by road-dog In reply to I'll start the ball rolli ...

I suspect that the big guy was elected mostly out of dissatisfaction with Gray Davis. California is also an entertainment state. Arnold was a natural for the situation. He's not really a conservative, nor a fire breathing liberal. He appeals to the middle, cutting a wide portion of both sides of the political spectrum.

My only worry about the results of the election, is he has taken the helm of a sorrily damaged ship. The ship has many crewmen who are not interested in his getting credit for fixing it.

Personally, I believe even the "Governator" cannot salvage this state in the time allotted. The collapse of California's economy will be blamed on a Republican then. If I were Arnold, I'd demand a recount.....

I see California as a test bed showcasing the results of liberal ideology. My apologies to Californians, but the state should have been left to run to it's conclusion, if or nothing else but a lesson to the rest of the country.

My home town of Titusville, Florida would be a great place for Cisco Systems to relocate, great beaches, space shuttle launches, limited taxation.

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You can fool some of the people

by TheChas In reply to I'll start the ball rolli ...

Not to take away from Arnie, but he won by telling the people what they wanted to hear.

I don't see how he can balance the California budget without a new source of revenue. (TAXES)

The last I heard, around 80 percent of California's state spending is mandated and constrained by initiatives from the people.
Couple that with the 2/3rds vote required to pass a budget, and I think ANY Governor in California is in a very tight corner with no place to go.

Several groups are already putting together campaigns to recall Arnie!

The interesting item related to this is that another elected official is working on a bill to remove the restriction that prevents non US born citizens from running for President.


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Can't do it

by road-dog In reply to You can fool some of the ...

Unless All spending in California's budget is scrutinized for cuts, Arnold is doomed to failure. Unless he were to zero the 20% discretionary spending, (ain't gonna happen) the budget will still fall short on current income projections. That leaves tax increases, which will chase away more businesses.

As for the bill to allow Arnie to run for President, ain't gonna happen. The "foreigners need not apply" clause is Constitutional, requiring state ratification and supermajority for amendment. 3/4 I believe.

I find that funny because such an amendment was mentioned in Stallone's flick "the Demolition Man". Supposedly the Constitution was amended to allow Schwarzenegger to be President. (Part of a running joke between the two)

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Some observations

by maxwell edison In reply to You can fool some of the ...

I'm not involved in the issues relevant to California, but I do have some observations on what you said.

Considering the huge amount of both media spin and political mud-slinging, it's not possible to know for sure the sincerity or true intent behind the things Arnold, or any one else, for that matter, has been saying. And I suppose there's certainly justification for skepticism. However, almost 70% of California's voters cast their vote in the matter, 55% chose to to recall Gray Davis, and Arnold received more votes than his three nearest competitors combined. Some people may think that Arnold spoke from the heart, and the least he deserves is the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise.

As far as the budget problems that plague California, from your bleak description, you must think that no one can solve the problem. If that's the case, perhaps someone with the optimism of Arnold Schwarzenegger is just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, perhaps he really does have a sense of committment to the people of the state who, as he said, gave him everything he has. And after all, if failure is not an option, and it doesn't sound as though it is, then someone must find a way out of that mess and facilitate its implementation. If not him, then who?

If "several groups are already putting together campaigns to recall Arnie", and I haven't heard about any specific (or genuine) movements to do so, one must realize that, at this early point, it's all political.

A "bill to remove the restriction that prevents non US born citizens from running for President" would not be enough. To allow such a thing would require a new constitutional amendment. That's much too difficult and way too time consuming to make it even a factor for him. Such a measure would have to pass the U.S. House of Representatives by two-thirds majority vote, pass the U.S. Senate by two-thirds majority vote, survive a possible presidential veto, and then pass the House an Senates of ALL 50 states' legislators, again by two-thirds majority vote. I would bet my house that it would never happen. By the way, who is that "elected official" that you alluded to who suggested such a thing?

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by maxwell edison In reply to Some observations

Three-quarters of the States' legislators would have to pass it, not all of them. (38 states) Also, I don't think that the President would have veto power over a proposed constitutional amendment.

Another way to amend the constitution would be a constitutional convention called by two-thirds of the states. Has there ever been one other than the first in 1787?

In the last 216 years, thousands of proposed amendments have been advanced, but only 27 have passed.

I'd still bet my house that it would never happen. In fact, I'd bet my house, all my cars, my record album collection, my life savings........

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Correction

Well, if you'd bet all that against my new play-money 20, you're on.

Though I'd still hope I'd lose.

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Let's see. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Hmm house has a 125% mortgage attached to it, all of my rusted out cars are sitting on cinder blocks in the front yard with engine parts strewn all over the place, my record album collection really consists of water-damaged, scratched and warped worthless piles of vinyl and cardboard, and I'm always "borrowing" from my life-savings coffee cup that sits on my desk (desk = more cinder blocks and an old sheet of plywood) so I can buy a soda once in a while.

All for a nice new crisp $20 bill?


Why would you want to give me 20-1 odds?

(just kidding......or am I?)

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Now wait a minute...

by Cactus Pete In reply to Let's see. . . .

I thought you live in the mountains of the West, not those of the East...

[Disclaimer, I used to live in the Blue Ridge area, so I can poke fun.]

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Didn't catch his name

by TheChas In reply to Some observations

Hi Max,

The person was a Senator or Congressman. I didn't commit the name to memory. (must be getting old) It was mentioned as a side comment on one of the NPR talk shows Wednesday.

The concept appalled me on several levels. Then, the commentator or guest mentioned other potential candidates including Michigan's Governor Granholm.
I trust her even less than I trust President Bush.

I did in the back of my mind think that any change to the requirements to be President of the US would require a constitutional amendment.

I agree with you, that it is not a likely scenario. I included it in my post more to point out the audacity of this whole situation rather than to scare or incite people.

As far as Arnie's chances for success, we have a toma'to tomato' view here. I see realism, you see pessimism.

The problem with the California budget is that far too much spending is 'locked' in place by ballot initiatives passed over the past 10 years.
If I understand the process correctly, there would need to be voter approval to make ANY changes to the spending that is presently locked in place.

Therefore, if you can't change enough of the spending, the only other way to balance the budget is through increased revenue.

Arnold has mentioned bring back jobs to California.
This is well and good. And, the best way to increase state tax revenue.
However, this won't happen overnight. Certainly not in time for the 2004 budget.

So, what's left?
A federal bailout?
A private bailout?
Perhaps the book and movie rights to Arnold's life story?

My point was that Arnold told the voters what they wanted to hear.

I do hope Arnold is able to deliver. If he is successful, perhaps both parties will see the wisdom in promoting their moderates over the extremists on both the Right and Left.


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I know who said it

by maxwell edison In reply to Didn't catch his name

It was Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah who is proposing a constitutional amendment to allow foreign born citizens to hold the higest office.

I never did care for Orrin Hatch, and now he's given me even more reason to dislike him. I think that would be a terrible thing - no, it would be worse than terrible. I would consider it to be a threat to our republic. And if it ever got some real momentum behind it, I believe I would get heavily involved in an attempt to kill it - donate time and money to defeat such a measure. In fact, I'm gonna' sit right down and write that *** a letter. (Including one to each of my own state's senators.)

I have to disagree with your suspicion that Arnold Schwarzenegger just "told the voters what they wanted to hear". Personally, I think he was the most sincere of the whole bunch.

You also said that you saw realism, and I see pessimism. Did you mean optimism? I am certainly no pessimist, just the opposite. In the case of Arnold, I think he's going to get something done. He and I are both optimists - always looking at what's possible to achieve, not reasons why it can't.

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