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    I’m Back


    by bob in calgary ·

    First of all thanks for all the positive thoughts etc.
    I did have a couple of events after the surgery which knocked me down for a while but fortunately they are now receding into the past.

    Anyway Just a quick note to say hi.

    And a big thank you to GG for keeping everyone informed during the surgery phase.

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      Hey Bob!

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      Wonderful to “see” you back! How are you doing? Have they determined that the surgery was successful? What did you finally decide your Borg name is???

      So good to know that you are up and around again. I know GG will be thrilled!

      Take care of your new self!

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        by bob in calgary ·

        In reply to Hey Bob!

        apart from a few side effects I’m now OK don’t know how successful the surgery was yet as i haven’t been programmed. probably next week or the week after.

        Some of the drugs i was on had some side effects so the kids decided i should be

        s’more gas borg

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          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Thanks

          That is too funny!

          I think you should give it a few days (so everyone knows you’re here) and change your TR ID for a little while. Too funny!

          I’m glad you’re back!

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      GREAT to see you!

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      Knowing how serious things were going in, it is great to see you posting again.

      Glad to see you on your way back up!


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      Bob, fantastic!

      by old guy ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      I’m glad you’re back and glad things are working out well for you. Keep doing the right things.

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      You’re late. X-(

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to I’m Back


      You didn’t miss anything. 😀

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      Bob GG posted that you where attempting to follow my example

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      To [b]Grow Old Disgracefully[/b] She insisted that none of the nurses where safe from your wandering hands and worst of all the noises that you made when on the table drove the surgeons crazy.

      Don’t you know that you are supposed to remain [b]Perfectly Still[/b] but no you had to try to assimilate the OR staff and did all sorts of crazy things while on the table. But I particularly liked the way that you smashed one of the theatre staff jaws by shooting your leg into the air when a needle was inserted that will teach them to look at what is being done and not stand at the other end of the table out of harms way, [b]Or So They Thought[/b] :^0

      Now about the Programing insist that they program you with Fortran or Boolean as these are far better Programing Languages than the newer ones like VB or .Net and you don’t want any MS Programming Languages used anyway besides you can fit far more into a smaller space so you don’t have the problem of any leaking out. :p

      Cheers and Keep On Keeping on. 🙂

      Col ]:)

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      About bloody time, too!

      by gadgetgirl ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      How’s ye gannin’ marra?

      I was starting to get extremely concerned, as I hadn’t heard anything, but thought that no news was good news….

      How’s the recovery going now, Bob? Everything as expected?

      Glad to see you back on the board.

      eeh, wey, ya bugga man, aah’ve mishdya!



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        Scares me

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to About bloody time, too!

        I actually understood all that

        • #3200446

          Wahey! A convert!

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Scares me

          – but you haven’t [i]quite [/i] made the realms of Nonorary Geordie just yet…..! :p

          Noo th’n – y’aareet hinny? Hoo’s th’armbone the day?




        • #3200432

          Not bad

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Wahey! A convert!

          Still workin’ on muh 2nd cuppa so’s not thinkin’ too good. Have to do the therapy thing ’bout 11:30. I lost some range over the last coupla weeks and don’t know why , 15 degrees when you combine flexion and extension, but I get the heartless therapist today and I hope she’ll dial it back in. 😐 Lookin’ forward to that you betcha’.

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          Fingers crossed and prayer mats out…..

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Not bad

          don’t forget to say “OUCH!” in all the right places…..

          Losing range – you haven’t been over or under doing it have you? You should give it equal amounts of time for both manipulation (DE! ]:) ) and rest.

          Let’s know how you get on!


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      Good News for once.!.

      by dawgit ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      Bob, it’s really nice to see that you’re back, and, doing good enough to be more adept than some of the new members. Anyway it’s good that you’re still on the top side of the Earth. Take care, and take it slow.!. -dawgit

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      Bob! Nice to see you again

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      Welcome back.

      More Borg jokes?

      How many Borg does it take to change a light bulb?
      None. Changing light bulbs is futile. Resistance is voltage divided by current.

      Drunk Borg: Rsilience in floor tile. Wan’be similated?

      Neil 😀

      p.s. Always remember that being a ruthless conscience-free race out to assimilate the universe means never having to say you’re sorry.

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        I’m a bit lost here

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Bob! Nice to see you again

        Neil do you mean the Borg or MS here? 😀

        Col ]:)

        [i]OH by the way where’s you know what?

    • #3200220

      Thanks, Bob!!

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to I’m Back

      For letting us know that your still with us. I hope the recovery is fast and complete. It’s good to know that your on your feet again! 🙂

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