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I'm going to OzzFest, Are you?

By jdclyde ·
Oh I am so geeked!

As I lay dying
Black Lable Society

and a bunch of others that I have never heard much from.

Oh this will be SOOOOOO cool! I think I will stay out of the mosh pits this year. I was hurting for a few days after the last time.

Anyone else going? Of are you waiting for Pat Boone to come around?
I will be at the DTE show on 8/4. Anyone else going to that show?

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I wish

by stress junkie In reply to I'm going to OzzFest, Are ...

Ozzie and Black Sabbath are the only names in the list that I've even heard of. Well, ok, I've heard OF Iron Maiden but I've never heard any of their tunes. Mosh pit? I've never BEEN to a concert that had a mosh pit. I think I can get along just fine without that experience.

I suppose all of that means that I'm old. I'm still a head banger though.

Embrace the stress.

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only as old as you act

by jdclyde In reply to I wish

pushing late 30's myself but don't let that stop me!

Just got to watch it because some of the pits get mean. I stay out of those! The others I am right in the middle of and have a good old time.

Of course it will be lots of fun in the sun ALL day long. gone every year for the last 7 years.

And it is stress RELEASE! Very primal! ohh ohh!

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by Oz_Media In reply to only as old as you act

One thing about bands such as Sabbath, Priest and Maiden.

The crowd is full of forthy something guys, with beer bellies and bald patches, where they once had ripped abs and waist length hair. BUT, they are also bringing their 5-15 year old kids with them.

It's like a father and son banquet more than a metal show! BUT this is the best thing to hapen in North America's music scene in 20 years. YOUNG kids are going out and buying CD's they want to hear again, instead of what's sold on the radio. THey are finding out that metal DOES still exist, in it's true form, and that the BS they are foce fed is garbage for the most part.

This will once again push the record companies and radio stations to follow the lead and not dictate it. People will once again be buying records based on artistic ability and musicianship, instead of who's samples were used on it.

Up the Irons, long live the Priest and welcome back AGAIIIIN Black Sabbath! \m/ \m/

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Good music is timeless

by stress junkie In reply to AGE

I got my 13 year old nephew a "Best of Hendrix" album. He loved it. He brings it into school. His friends enjoy it. It may turn out to be the best gift I've gotten him to date.

He was already a Black Sabbath fan.

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Well done

by Oz_Media In reply to Good music is timeless

Keep real music alive !

I was in the photo pit of the Irvine, JP show last week and watched a kid 6 or 7 yrs old (at most) in a little leather jacket (all studded) just banging his head and playing air guitar (actually looking like he knew guitar well) and just going absolutely NUTS in the third row with his dad. I motioned him up to the fence and hauled him over it to sit on my shoulders for half a song (screw the security guys).

His dad gave me a big smile and a thimbs up, and I am sure I made the kids YEAR if not all 6 or so of them.

I was a tiny kid standing behind a mass of leather and studs at one time too, these kids are the influence that the record labels follow, kids should be dominating the scene, not having labels tell them what they aer supposed to listen to.

With SONY taking on JP once again and a few other metal releases this year, I see Sony/BMG is finally getting the hint too.

IN a show about a month ago, Rob Halford pulled a little guy up on stage (maybe 8 or 10 trs old) and sang with him for a bit. The kid was absolutely floored by the whole thing, something he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Well done lads, a class act!

Keep defending the faith!

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Taking my boys next year

by jdclyde In reply to AGE

with my current legal expenses there was no way I could afford the $100 per person (after all the expenses get tacked on!) for three people this year. Then it costs an arm and a leg to spend the day in there but it is worth every penny for a full day of metal!

Hope the temp is moderate like last year. The year before they were carrying people out because of the heat.

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Sold out

by stress junkie In reply to I wish

My location in Massachusetts appears to be the first performance in the tour. I just tried to get tickets. Sold out. Not surprising since the concert is in five days. Maybe next year.

I hadn't been thinking of concerts this year as I've been getting my business started. At least your post has gotten me to think about making some time for recreation. :-)

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Just go

by Oz_Media In reply to Sold out

On the day of the concert, they HAVE to sele tickets at the gate by law.

Just turn up, forget scalpers, buy a ticket at the box office for cover price.

AUburn has been offering some reat summer deals, $39.00 includes anOzzfest ticket, Premier parking ($20 value) and a $10 beer garden/food voucher. So in essence it's free.

SOm evenues are offering 4 show passes for $99.00, you get four shows (a recent example: Priest, Ozzfest, Motley Crue and.....well yeah the Eminem, 50 cent tour!LOL) One can only expect most fans to take in 3 of the 4 anyway. Still a good deal!

But tickets? Just turn up and buy one from the box office, there's really no such thing as a true sell-out anymore, they sell the initial run of tickets (Advertising sold out), then sell a few thousand more at the gate.

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There are also holdbacks

by jdclyde In reply to Just go

a group of tickets don't all sell on the first day. They don't release them until later on. That is what my tickets are.

Don't give up! This is a must see year!

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Many affordable tours

by jdclyde In reply to Sold out

there have been many affordable tours where you get four or five bands for $20. What a great night for the family!

Took my one boy to the Dream Theater/Joe Satriani/Kings X show and he STILL says it is the best show he has ever seen in his entire life. (Ex and the other boy didn't want to go to this one so we flew it solo)

Also, watch for them coming back! There are times they will come back in the same year. Go to the ozzfest site and watch for the happenings!


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