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I'm trying to love my MAC, someone help!

By briwlls ·
So I bought my first Mac, and iMac G5 in November 2005, did the Apple Care added an additional 1 gig of memory, so I was ready to I thought.

Lets see;

Importing a CD into iTunes, average 8 - 9 minutes (on my PC 2 - 3 minutes)

Burning a 10 song music CD, average 8 - 9 minutes (on my PC 2 -3 minutes)

Created iPhoto slideshow, 100 photos (80 kilobytes each), exported slideshow to iDVD 45 plus minutes, burn iDVD slideshow to DVD another 45 minutes.

The Safari and Mozilla browsers for surfing, painfully slow compared to Windows.

So all the above things are the reason I bought the Mac, try to demo these things to peers, friends or family very embarassing.

Oh I forgot to mention when I bought my iMac it had only been on the market for three months, one month later Jobs release a new one that makes my system obsolete (now that's a good way to alienate your customers.)

Someone please help me, are all the above statements what you're experiencing too?

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For the purpose of research and out of curiosity

by jardinier In reply to I'm trying to love my MAC ...

I have acquired a considerable number of different models of Mac.

Offhand I can't think of anything nice to say about them, but the most glaring problem is the incompatibility of software between models.

There have been countless models released in all shapes and sizes, and in some instances software was written ONLY for one particular model.

Again, for the purpose of research, I purchased a second-hand Mac Power G3, running OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and 9.2.

I installed a USB 1.1 card to run a printer. After learning that my particular model of G3 was the last that shipped without an internal modem, I set out to purchase an external modem. Guess what -- the modem required G 4.

So how about an external modem to match the socket on my G 3. Tough luck -- no longer available.

Any external Windows modem will run on anything from Win 98 and newer.

I can run MS-DOS software on anything up to Win ME. I can run much/most Win 95 software on XP with SP 2, and can even run some Win 3.1 software on it.

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you -- and this quite possibly is the answer to your dilemma.

Macintosh is NOT a brand of computer but a RELIGION. So in order to love your Mac, you must first confess your sins as an EVIL and MISGUIDED PC user, and learn to be TOTALLY SUBMISSIVE to the Gospel according to St Jobs.

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