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I'm VERY new to IT and need some help!

By jbrogan ·
I?m looking for a program. I want this program to integrate the two aspects of my company?the business/marketing/money side and the research side. We?ve been kicking around the idea of a CRM, but I don?t think that a CRM is actually what we need. As it is, we?ve got everything in office files (ppt, word, xcel)and biotech software for the research stuff, and the other side of the company deals with office programs and quickbooks. In order to find information on a given client, experiment, or trial, I would have to go to any one of a hundred different files in any one of a couple dozen different folders. I need something similar to windows explorer, but the ?tree? type management is rather inappropriate?a spider web type is more along the lines of what we need. Up to now, we?ve been doing everything with windows explorer and a **** of a lot of shortcuts, but it is exceedingly difficult to maintain the system (somebody moves one file and 30 shortcuts go nuts). It would be wonderful to have a program that would track the locations of the different files, as well as keep links between all related files. A data base program really wouldn?t work for us, since mostly everything is in excel files, with an infinite number of formats (so creating templates for each would be futile). Besides?its not the data in the xcel files we need managed (most of the excel files are from the research aspect), but rather the relationships of these files to other files. It would be ABSOLUTELY wonderful if this program could also move things to cd?s for storage and keep a running catalog of the cd?s, and links on the server, so that when someone wanted to access some old research, the program could tell them what cd its on. Any ideas?

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Document Management

by amcol In reply to I'm VERY new to IT and ne ...

What you want is a genre of software called document management. It allows you to organize all your various files (regardless of type or media), catalog them, cross-reference them, keyword them for subsequent search and retrieval, provide version control, a host of other capabilities.

Depending on the size of your organization you'll want to look at products such as Documentum, FileNet, iManage, or PCDocs. Depending on how sophisticated (or not) you want to get you could get away with some of the offerings in the Adobe suite, although I doubt that will work for you.

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database solution

by bodendavidson In reply to I'm VERY new to IT and ne ...

you said a database wouldn't work for you, but thats exactly what you need... a database. "a running catalog of the cd's, and links on the server" is a database...

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Try Google Search Appliance

by bschaettle In reply to I'm VERY new to IT and ne ...

Your users might benefit from a Google Search Appliance.

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