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Important research question!

By Ldyosng ·
What is the most interesting or high-tech thing you have ever fixed using a low-tech solution. For example, using the eraser at the end of a pencil to clean contacts (don't laugh - a guy at HP taught me that trick!) or holding in headlights with duct tape or stopping bleeding with crazy glue . . .

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Apple Floppy Disk Removal Tool

by jdgretz In reply to Important research questi ...

The straightened paperclip we used to sell to the Mac newbees for $.50 to get their stuck floppy disks out of the original Macs.

Wrapping 100MPH tape (looks like Duct Tape) around the rotor blades so we could fly back to base after taking rounds through the blades.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Apple Floppy Disk Removal ...

This is still the $63.99 tool for removing CDs from the drive, if it refuses to open. Just don't do what I've done and insert it into the LED hole.

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Cheaper than $64.00, minus the copper cent!

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to $63.99

Speaking of such, I use the office metal paper clip unwound. Low-tech, old-school, and way cheaper than sixty-four dollars!


The post-script: Or how about a straight sewing needle!!! As long as you are not pricked trying to open an un-ejectable CD-ROM drive of any flavour!

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Nail Polish

by ozi Eagle In reply to Important research questi ...


Probably one of the lowest tech solutions was on a computer that wouldn't turn on. Turned out to be the switch behind the big button had come loose. Borrowed secretaries nail polish to use as glue to stick it into place.

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Silly female ones...

by gadgetgirl In reply to Important research questi ...

Used a pair of tights (sorry, panty hose) {bloody foreigners!} in an emergency on a snapped fan belt on the old car.....

Scraped a chunk out of a brand new pair of shoes at a conference in Sheffield - found black nail varnish, and painted over the heel...worked wonderfully, lasted about 8 months!


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Raw Egg in a radiator

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Silly female ones...

Have not tried it myself, but supposedly putting a raw egg in a car's radiator will plug a small leak. The Mythbusters tried it and it worked. Just a short term solution until you can get to a mechanic.

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by cweitinger In reply to Raw Egg in a radiator

Of course I always travel with a spare egg in my glove box, and you?

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If you don't have one...

by Montgomery Gator In reply to egg

..then hopefully there is a store within walking distance of where you broke down, or you can make it to a store before you break down. If you are broke down in the middle of the wilderness with no stores nearby, you can look for a rattlesnake or eagle nest and take one of its eggs. :-)

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by BFilmFan In reply to Raw Egg in a radiator

Pepper can also perform the same trick on small holes.

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Radiator leaks

by moose812 In reply to Raw Egg in a radiator

try cigarette butts

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