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Improving "My Updates"

By jdclyde ·
I like the My Updates page, and think it is cool to look over.

My complant is a simple one. Do not include ALL the newsletters I subscribe to, as that ends up taking most of the history.

For the 90 history, it goes ALL the way back to 7/12/06 (a day and a half) and at least HALF of that history is the newsletters.

Thank you for your prompt attention in tending to my every whim and desire!

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and there was I....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Improving "My Updates"

thinking it was just MY 90 day history that had flipped out!

As for attending to your every whim and desire - you committed a cardinal sin there, jd.

You forgot to ask (again) for the spool cheeker....

(sorry, Jay, s'Friday!)



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Just the person I was looking for

by jdclyde In reply to and there was I....

when I was thinking of being attended to.... ]:)

Of course, turn about is always fair play!

: ) X

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Thanks for the bug report

by debuggist Staff In reply to Improving "My Updates"

Making it go back the correct number of days is feasible.

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Is it feasible

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks for the bug report

to elect NOT to list everytime a newsletter is sent to me? I get several everyday.

Just taking up space about something I don't need to see.


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Two things to consider

by debuggist Staff In reply to Is it feasible

1. How would you decide which newsletters should show up in your updates? Would you want to be able to include/exclude any of them? <br />
<br />
2. Is this a feature that other users would like to have? I see a lot more requests for a spellchecker. <br />

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How about this Doug?

by jdclyde In reply to Two things to consider

A spellchecking filter?

I do know that the "updates" section completely replaces the "history" section. Especially because of the history section listing EVERYsingle post in the same discussion, instead of just listing the discussion once.

If it was working better, I would bet more people would use it. There was talk about the history before, and why we don't use it.

So how about that spellchecker?

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Some of us don't want a spell checker

by neilb@uk In reply to How about this Doug?

It serves to bolster our innate feelings of superiority when we get our post right without any external help.

Seriously (seriusly? why not?), although it would be nice, it would have to be one with a "shut the fcuk up, I don't want you, ever" button for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be able to leave the "u" out of any words that take our fancy.

I refuse to be forced into spelling the way they do in YOUR neighbourhood!

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But Neil

by jdclyde In reply to Some of us don't want a s ...

Thiunk ouf aull thue tiume youu wouuld sauve buy nout hauving tuo tyupe aull ouf thouuse unneccesaruy "u's" aull ouf theu tiume!

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AH now the truth comes out about why there

by j.lupo In reply to Some of us don't want a s ...

is no spell checker. The Language component. After all American isn't the native language (written that is) in the cyber universe. I get it now. So TR can't create a spell checker cause it would have to deal with French, German, Indian, American, British, Italian, Japanese, etc (all the ones I didn't mention)

Oh shoot. We need it anyway!

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how to translate/spell ????

by lawrephord5 In reply to AH now the truth comes ou ...

subroutine macro if then else which style is the best the one that gets the job done perfectly ?

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