Including message body when emailing mail merged attachments

By inschris ·
Word 2000, Access 97, Outlook Express 5.5: We succeed in saving and using an MS Word VBA macro to merge name fields from records in an Access database into a Word form letter, then email the output .doc's as attachments to email addresses which are likewise in the Access database. Succeed also manually, without using a macro. The emails appear in the Outbox of Outlook Express.

When using such macro-automated- or manual mail merge, is it possible also to get a uniform, unmerged plain text email message body into the emails?

Both in Word's Tools/Options/General/Email Options, and in the macro, I have tried nominating a predefined signature to be used in new msgs, but that didn't appear in the merged emails.

Thanks to all in anticipation of kind help.

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No so familiar with Outlook Express

by Tig2 In reply to Including message body wh ...

I know that in Outlook, it is possible to set a number of variable signatures that can be defined to send with every message or selected messages. You should find the path to do that in your Tools > Options menu.

Good luck!

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Have tried pre-setting a signature

by inschris In reply to No so familiar with Outlo ...

Thanks from Capetown, TiggerTwo. Report: I have been able to set a signature to appear in msgs composed in Outlook Express 5.5 or Outlook. However, I have not been able to get this signature to appear in outgoing mail merged msgs, either with Outlook or with Outlook Express 5.5. Thanks nonetheless.

I have seen it done. Possibly via some VBA / macro.

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More than likely

by Tig2 In reply to Have tried pre-setting a ...

A macro. The problem will be that the message is a variable if I recall your original post correctly.

I'm wondering if you can't make it a part of the merge that you're creating. Since you are drawing information from Access tables already, can you create a linked table to hold your various messages and then pull the proper message with the merge?

Or am I missing something?

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