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Infomediaries can be divided into those intended for consumers and those intended for businesses. These service companies provide specialized information on behalf of producers of goods and services and their potential customers. In general, infomediaries have been Web sites that are gathering, organizing, and linking to the new information and services that is being added to the Web. Infomediaries are expected to facilitate increasing business-to-business traffic. A good example of an infomediary is a phone book or a register of manufactures. Ebay is an infomediary.

What has been the real value of these infomediaries? I was speaking with a TV repair shop who sold dozens of older refurbished TV's a month. He remarked that he gets twice the price without the internet and that volume did not increase when he tried to sell on the net via Ebay.

How can infomediaries be best employed?
Can there be a trade off between price and volume by employing an infomediary?
Is there a way to make infomediaries intelligent?

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