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Inside Al-Qaeda- The Islamist Terrorist network

By Oz_Media ·
A good read, far too much for TR to post.

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Must read for all Americans

by wordworker In reply to Inside Al-Qaeda- The Isla ...

What a great resource, Ozman! I have to admit being pretty darn ignorant of Islam, but I learned more in ten minutes reading that site than I had in the three years since 9-11. I will definitely be going back to educate myself. I recommend the same for anyone else who wonders whatzup with the Muslim world.

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Let The Crack Down Begin...

by GateBoy1 In reply to Inside Al-Qaeda- The Isla ...

It is a good read and it should show the world that these people mean business. I've read articles about Osama before and his dealings with the CIA during the afghan/Russian war. I really feel that all the nations who oppose this should crack down on terrorist insurgents that plot to take down their governments and hurt their citizens.

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It was actually reflective of A&E's Biography

by Oz_Media In reply to Let The Crack Down Begin. ...

A&E did a Biography on Bin Laden that was VERY VERY interesting. Now I don't care or even know if people consider A&E to be biased or not (left or right wing etc.), they have excellent biographies that show a lot of unknown info.

Their report started me looking for similar info as what we often hear and what is missing from what we hear are two different stories.

I thought and hoped it would be relevant to some peers here. But is is a REALLY informative ad great read from the Middle East, kudos to the author who took all the time to compile it!

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Good post

by ProtiusX In reply to It was actually reflectiv ...

There is a lot of information out there on UBL and his terror organization. I saw the A&E biography on UBL and it was very good.
Oh and by the way I am sorry for calling you a nutbar. It wasn't very funny.

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Change of perspective?

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Inside Al-Qaeda- The Isla ...

Hey, mind in a different thread, you reckoned you didn't have any enemies? These people want to get round to you sooner or later. It's a scary global thing for these people.

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NO not at all

by Oz_Media In reply to Change of perspective?

I said we don't have enemies in the sense that nobody is preparing to attack Canada or that we aren'tunder a cloud of constant threat as the US is.

THey have much bigger fish to frey before looking at Canada, the US is a big beacon to them.
Canada would be a bonus, but we'd all know what's coming by watching them attack the USA.

Try and tell a Canadian he is living under threat and see how fast he moves, or doesn't budge.

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Just saying

by Skidoggeruk In reply to NO not at all

There just aren't any easy Canadian targets, as yet. How about the people they take hostage? Or the bombings in Bali or Turkey? Those were directed at Australia & Britain, specifically. Give these people a reason and the clock is ticking. What happens should there ever be a multi-national force involved in a action somewhere they don't want you? They gonna bomb a Canadian Embassy somewhere? Look at the Japanese, they had a smallish contingent and they got targeted, so did the Italians. Just saying, should anybody take any kind of stand or even do business where they don't want you, you will be under threat and targetted. Guess that is the whole point of terrorism, in the end, to get your way. Somehow, I don't think they have short memories, either. They sure do appreciate the power of the internet and the press, as well. Clever, scary, organised, sociopathic nutters reinterpretting a religion to justify their ends. Canada just hasn't pissed them off yet.

Anyhow, just something to ruminate over. Have a weekend.

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Terrorists and Canada

by JamesRL In reply to Just saying

Not sure you were in Canada for all these things Oz, but there have been a number of attacks in Canada.

1) The FLQ - Federation de la Liberation du Quebec. In the late 60s this group did some mail bombings. In 1970, they kidnapped the Quebec Labour Minister and British Diplomat. Canada declared something like martial law(War Measures Act). The Quebec Cabinet minister was murdered, the British Diplomat was let go.

2) Attacks against Turkish diplomats by Armenians in Ottawa. In 1981(IIRC) a Turkish diplomat was murdered at a stop light on his way to work. Another was shot in a parking garage. A number of Terrorists stormed the Turkish embassy, killing the security guard. The Ambassador escaped by jumping out of a second story window. After that the RCMP began providing Embassy external security.

3) Air India Bombing
Air India flight from Canada containing a bomb blows up over the Atlantic, killing all on board. The trial is still going on.

So its not like terrorism is unknown in Canada, and given our low crime rate (Toronto has about 1/10th the number of murders as a similarly sized American city) they stand out even more. Canada is involved in Afghanistan - and we were there for the more active phase of the war - so we could easily come up on the Al Qaeda list.


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Air India

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Terrorists and Canada

What was that about? Kashmir? Why on a flight from Canada? Making a point? Thanks

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The Air India affiar doesn't really fit the mold, It was Hindu & Sikh.....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Air India

There has been an ongoing conflict between Hindus and Sikhs whereby the Sikhs are demanding more autonomy and using any and all means at there disposal to supposedly make their point. One of these means is, of course, terrorism.

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