Installing HP All-In-One driver suite kills MS Office XP settings

By Martin Glueckmann ·
I have drilled down for some weeks now a problem that occurs on several machines.
Sorry for the long text, but I want to give most details possible?
I can regenerate the problem anytime following this path:

1. all our PCs are installed with a thoroughly tested image build that contains:
XP SP2 (patched until July07)
Office XP SP3 (patched until July07)
some other stuff like Zip, PDF reader, etc
After putting the image and generating the user profile, our automatic patch SW Altiris is triggering any still missing XP or Office updates on the PC.
All those PCs are same model and config, everything is working flawless

2. While most users print on the LAN (and have no problems of described kind)
some others have their own local printer in their office
i.e. HP all-in-One LaserJet 3380 or base LJ1360
So the last task before handover is to install the HP printer Suite that came with the device (CD shows XP driver included).
For 1360 CD has the freshest one, for the 3380 there is a newer one on HP download, but that seems a printer driver only, lacking the scanner/fax SW parts, so we use the CD from box.

3. After that installation, following problem occurs:
All MS Office programs can only open their respective document formats by File, Open only. Trying to use a Link either from within Outlook or from Windows Explorer by double-click opens Word or Excel, but then the app hangs.

Even after several minutes no improvement, sometimes Word stops with an error, but mostly it stays on the Word basic (gray) screen without file contents show.
Similar conditions on opening links on websites, just hangs even if clicked with option open in new window...

4. I suspect the reason the "old" HP software, which by the way is running flawless on PCs installed in 2006 and that have later gone thru all MS patches up today.
But on machines that had already Updates up to July 2007 installed, it seems that HP suites are overwriting already patched system files with the elder versions from CD.

Does anybody have similar problem?
(and found a good workaround?)
Any idea how to forbid HP install to replace ?new? with ?old? files?

Many thanks,
Martin Glueckmann

worried IT Manager from Germany

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no answers at all, what's wrong???

by Martin Glueckmann In reply to Installing HP All-In-One ...

What have I done wrong that no one even reacts on my question since several weeks?
I get the feeling that this is no longer a technical forum ...
Maybe the question is placed in the wrong section of TR?
Can anybody at least tell me where to post this kind of question within TR to expect some feedback ???

Martin Glueckmann

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