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Instant Messenge, What do u reccommend?

By beckyxiong ·
The company that I'm working is considering communications with Instant Messenger... What type of IM would you reccommend for business purposes? Is there also a way to control its usage?

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Depends on the infrastructure in place.

by Assamite In reply to Instant Messenge, What do ...

If you have an exchange based email enviroment then you could simply use the Microsoft Messenger intergrated to exchange, netmeeting also includes a limited chat function. Other options could include 3rd party messengers such as Yahoo, AIM etc however I would advise against this. There are a number of older programs such as Yak and IRC that may be used if you have the time to invest in building a central server to host and control this, whatever you decide on unless you are happy to let people talk using messenger to all their friends over the net I would block the relevant ports on your firewall.

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Yahoo IM

by Vawns In reply to Instant Messenge, What do ...

My company uses Yahoo IM. I've found it to be easily supportable and my users like the additional functionality such as the calender and archiving services. In terms of security, Yahoo issues updates every few months so as long as you keep your software up to date you should be fine. I've written some documentation on Yahoo IM so let me know if you want any more info.

Hope this helps,


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Magi Secure IM

by nu2it In reply to Instant Messenge, What do ...

The announcement of Magi Secure IM for Yahoo! Messenger software follows Endeavors' release last month of Magi Secure IM for AOL? Instant Messenger? (AIM) and Microsoft's MSN? Messenger. Magi Secure IM for Yahoo! Messenger, as with other core products in the Magi Secure IM suite, singularly routes instant messages through a fully compliant and auditable cross-enterprise communications proxy. Its deployment will ease corporate concerns of eventual lock-in or over-exposure to a single vendor's product, and, like other Secure Magi IM software, provides company officials with a verification mechanism for IM communications.

It works with em all...take a look...

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Instant message what to use

by manmohan74 In reply to Instant Messenge, What do ...

Easiest thing is to use yahoo or any similar IM.

Again you can have inbuilt basedon ur operating system

link novel lan has its own im
similarly windows has third party tools to do that.

if u dont want the users to communicate with externalworld here are the tools try this and decide what u want to use

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