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Interesting History site

By Oz_Media ·
Stumbling around online(too old to surf), I started searching history of the Boer war, after watching a cool documentary on it this morning that chronicled W.Churchill as a very young man.

I found a really interesting 'HISTORY OF' site that includes literally a history of everything.

I don't know if this is common knowledge and I am just slow or if this is of interest to you, because we discuss so much history here. Incedentally I find our historical discussions quite fascinating most of the time.

The site appears to include a history of medicine, and war every conflict throughout Europe's history from the middle ages onward and much more, including some Canadian and US history about the New American West.

Just thought I'd pass it on.

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One problem

by beads In reply to Interesting History site

I tend to get lost going through those archives. It would take me weeks to get through all those entries, provided I didn't become sidetracked with 'something' else just thought of...

Excellent site. Hope to put it to good use when I am hanging around waiting for a server to rebuild.

- beads

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Every thing crosslinked

by Oz_Media In reply to One problem

I don't know where to start really, and when NOT to follow a link somewhere else and just lose my way after that.

WIll probably spend many hours there in free time.

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How'd you know

by CuteElf In reply to Every thing crosslinked

I was wanting to read something about the start of Britain....neato.

Those Germanic tribes were pretty proliferic!


Why are Black Irish called that?


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by Oz_Media In reply to How'd you know

Without cheating and looking it up.

Is it because saying African-Irish is too politically correct? LOL

Just kidding of course.

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by CuteElf In reply to Hmmm

Black Irish: meaning dark hair, eyes..not fair like the Vikings.

Anyone in Europe (ethnic group) ring a bell as dark???


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I thought

by Jaqui In reply to uhm

it was also used to reffer to someone that tanned easily, rather than the typical burn from sun exposure.
or barely get colour.

a few friends with celtic ancestry, very few, tan easily to very dark. most will tann, but to a much lesser degree, some just burn.
( keep me away from a beach, noticable tan in one hour. in 8 hours, the deep dark redish brown of teak. my family ( sisters, brothertan, but not as dark. parents burn only. )

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by CuteElf In reply to I thought


When they went pillaging, and went up to Ireland, they ...proliferated :).

So some of the Irish people are dark haired and dark eyed, due to the Spanish Invasion.

Or was it Space Invaders?


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Me too

by Oz_Media In reply to I thought

Descendant of the Norse invasion across England.

Not a blonde in the family, all nearly olive skinned, can sit in the sun for a fortnight and not burn, just get darker and darker. Come to think of it, so are all aunts uncles and cousins, except for two blonde cousins.

Nice of you to stop in, I suppose you haven't had time lately. Drop me an email and let me know how work is working for you.

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by jck In reply to How'd you know

I can't answer that with the answer that comes to mind, simply because I don't want to offend your lady-like sensibilities...

Did I mention I'm part black Irish?

Oh yeah...btw...did I tell you I ordered the
"History of Britain" DVD set narrated by Simon Schiama from History International channel? all 15 DVDs or episodes or something...$99. I gotta order "In Search of Ancient Ireland" from PBS next. :)

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I like that series.

by JamesRL In reply to CuteElf

The History of Britain that is - have watched parts but not the whole thing.


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