Internet Connectivity for B&B guests

By tim.moira ·
I have just installed BT's wireless home hub and have a strong signal all around the house. I would like to allow my B&B guests to access the Internet from the bedrooms via this hub. Can anyone advise what security measures I should put in place. Is there some way I can set up one-time guest passwords that can be disabled when they leave? I don't intend charging, so am not looking for a commercial product, just a way of securing the hub I have. I use Vista and McAfee on my own laptop.

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2 Networks

by TheChas In reply to Internet Connectivity for ...

You really should set up 2 separate networks. 1 for your use and one for your guests. That way, you can better keep them out of your computers. Both networks should be tightly secured.

I recommend that you spend a little money and work with a local networking firm. This could be a firm that provides support to small businesses, or a local computer repair shop. Among other things, they can provide suggestions on how to protect your business from any illegal Internet activity by your guests.

You should also contact your solicitor and insurance provider for guidance on user agreements to have your guests either sign, or acknowledge to access the network. Again, this is for your protection.

Also keep in mind that your ISP may determine that your account is now a commercial account and not a personal account. This may raise your costs.


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Guest Internet

by tim.moira In reply to 2 Networks

Thanks for your help, Chas. It seems there is a lot more to it than I had realised!

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Even a Small Business

by TheChas In reply to Guest Internet

Even a small business needs to make sure they take the proper precautions to follow local laws and terms of service.

Any business needs to take precautions to protect both itself and it's customers.

Better to take a look at the whole of the situation rather than get in trouble latter on.

I know that many of what we refer to as "Mom and Pop" motels and coffee shops around here just set up an access point and have no idea what they are doing. Or, what risks they are undertaking.


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Small business networks

by tim.moira In reply to Even a Small Business

Thanks, Chas,

You have certainly opened my eyes to the risks. I have contacted a local business link advice service and will ensure we do it properly.

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Inter connectivity protection

by Fregeus In reply to Internet Connectivity for ...

There is also the protection from other guests in your establishment to consider. I don't know how many times i was in a hotel only to have my station scanned from another IP from the same hotel. you should see to it to prevent guests from seeing each other on the wireless network, in order to prevent inner LAN attacks.

Good luck on your venture.


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