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Internet is not Safe anymore!!

By cachifox ·
Doing business in Internet is not safe. Hackers, Internet Fraud, maybe one of you out there belongs to them?

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by gralfus In reply to Internet is not Safe anym ...

What is safe? If you do business at a "brick and mortar", the clerk can steal your credit card info. If you visit an ATM, a scanner attached to the machine can steal your information. If you don't shred your paper documents, they can be stolen along with your identity.

For each avenue of doing business, there are means to steal and means to protect your information. But none of them are foolproof.

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Risk management

by jdmercha In reply to ok

For most, it is worth the risk to get the internet business.

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Anymore ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Internet is not Safe anym ...

When was it ever safe ? That was a complete lie propagated by business's prepared to risk your identity in order to make some money.

So which them do you mean the ones who profit illegally from it being unsafe, the ones who profit by making it unsafe or the ones who want to keep on profitting and don't give a crap whether you are safe or not ?

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by beads In reply to Anymore ?

It wasn't safe before DARPANET became the Internet!

Sorry... its late here and I'm tie-red.

- beads

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I agree, partially

by Jaqui In reply to Anymore ?

it was never safe.
But it's the companies that misrepresented the ssl technology as being unbreachable that are to blame.

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Don't need to breach SSL

by Dr Dij In reply to I agree, partially

instead they break into server and steal credit cards #s from the database.

or do some kind of web page thing where they simply modify a URL to get someone elses account.

SSL only protects on the way to the website. It's like putting a secure tunnel on the road to Baghdad airport (no more outsiders shooting at you) but allowing terrorists to enter the tunnel individually where they arrive at the airport.

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by Jaqui In reply to Don't need to breach SSL

but is was the advent of ssl, and marketing it as "safe" the created the online businesses that generate the data and opportunities for the hijacking.

if there were very few estores , no online banking eyc, then there wouldn't be the data on servers, the traffic to sites to hijack. this is attributable to the selling of ssl as safe, people wouldn't have started shoping online if they didn't think it was safe.

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NO, you?re quite correct - it is NOT safe

by zczc2311 In reply to Internet is not Safe anym ...

Eve if we look at Port 80 and the garbage that comes through the screen; it is frightening. I think your greatest investment in the future will be Hardware protection ? and I would say that ANY company who does NOT have serious hardware protection is fooling themselves. Also a move to SSL may be inevitable. As for the future ? well history may well regard our decision to connect so many large installations to the internet ? as the biggest folly of our time ? driven by corporate greed and other factors you?re aware of.

Time to bring in the big guns ? and invest in a security consultant with good credentials and a full time watch dog in you company who reports to no one.

Take a look at your business model and see what elements can be removed from internet access completely.

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I shop on the net all the timie

by jck In reply to Internet is not Safe anym ...

I've never had my card lifted.

Just gotta take precautions and be smarter than the phishers and stuff.

Do I think it's fully hacker-proof? Oh he11 no...but...the sites I go to I trust.

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