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Internet Speedup Software

By jaylasun ·
Have any of you used these so called internet speedup software for dialup connections? Do they really work or are they just useless programs?

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Depends on how you surf.

by TheChas In reply to Internet Speedup Software

These software packages ALL work by loading the page that they think you will click on next while your connection is otherwise idle.

So, if your web surfing pattern closely matches their model, you will see some improvement.

If however, you bounce from site to site, or download a lot of files, you will see no improvement, and may even see things run a little bit slower.


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Opinion seconded ...

by jardinier In reply to Depends on how you surf.

I have been advised that in typical useage this type of program will actually slow you down.

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I'm not to sure what you exactly mean

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Speedup Software

By Internet Speedup Software, as there are two distinct types one allows you to susposely load web pages faster and the other type suspossely allows you to download files quicker.
On the second type I've used a couple of the ones available and sawno real speed increase but the one big advantage that I did find and has caused me to continue using one is the fact that on very large downloads that can take over 4 hours when the connection drops out they retain your total amount downloaded till the dropout and let you start from where you left off this is about the only advantage that I've run across. But if you chose to download more than one file at a time then things slow right down and these downloads are slower than if you where relying on Windows alone.
So it all depends on your ussage and what you intend to do if you have very big files to download or you suffer dropouts then these may be of use to you but if you only download small files and then more than one at a time then you will be worse off.

As far as the other type goes I'll defer to The Chas on that one as I've never tried one of these and I can't see how it would improve the page opening time as you are still limited by the connection speed which no matter what can't be altered and the packet flow can't be increased markedly because this is something outside your control and remains with the phone line supplier and their equipment.

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