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By mpd881 ·
Administration at my location is concerned with the internet usage of a few of our employees. Up to this point I've only found a couple temporary internet files that have been suspicious, but it is such an enormous pain to go through all the cookies and temp files to find something, I hate doing it. I am looking for an inexpensive way of monitoring internet usage by individual computer. Something that can be installed on the client and (if possible) reports to the server. I guess it's not mandatory that it reports to the server, but I would like it to be invisible to the user.

Also, are there any legal/ethical issues to this. I almost feel that it is 'spying'. I know if the user is doing wrong it needs to be stopped (internet usage is in the employee handbook) but don't want to get the company into any legal tangles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Internet tracking softwar ... offers a hidden and private tracking system for end users PC's ity will track ALL Internet, Chat and email usage form a given PC.

As for legality, if the user is surfing from the office on Company equipment, during Company time, with Company bandwidth, that the Company pays for the user has no hope in ever taking action against the Company, he/she is merely BORROWING the privalege of using their equipment for use in the Company's better interests, if what he is doingis NOT in the better interests of the Company, it is the Company's right to know so.

If you borrowed my car and I used a GPS to track your every move that wouldn't be illegal either. It is my car, I have a right to know how it's being used.

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by timwalsh In reply to Internet tracking softwar ...

Responses from courts in the US have been varied. If an employee sues his employer over perceived "breach of privacy", the courts will often find for the business. But this isn't always the case.

Much really depends on: Do you have a formal policy governing the use of business computers? Does the policy mention possible monitoring for the purpose of compliance? Is the policy consistantly applied? Does the company culture possilbly give employees a sense of a reasonable expectation of privacy despite the policy?

In your case, the courts would take the following into consideration: You apparently have a policy that governs acceptable use; You have a reasonable suspicion that certain employees are not following established policy.

Privacy advocates inevitably strongly way in on the side of privacy, no matter what your company policies say.

If you aren't located in the US, you need to take heed of whatever privacy laws make exist in your country.

As for software, you might want to take a look at some of the free demo versions of software from companies such as SurfControl. These demos will usually work for 30 days (which should be enough time to determine if there is any wrongdoing going on).

Good luck.

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too much privacy focus

by Oz_Media In reply to "Spying"

Despite what people feel are laws protecting your privacy. With the exception of your employer placing video cameras in the nathrooms, you really have NO privacy in a place of business.
your company doesn't need a formal policy to manage the misuse of company equipment.

One thing that is strong in America is how people are constantly feeling that they have rights that are applicable no matter where they are.

your company can protect its business investment without any legal repercussions.

If your employer feels that you are using THEIR internet connection in a way that could jeopardaize security, defame the company, or in a way that is detracting from your work, they can monitor your actions and or fire the abuser immediately without notice.

Misuse of company property is reason for immediate dismissal no matter what your formal agreements may be.

This can also be construed as theft if the person is using the internet for his/her own benefit that is not in the bestinterests of the company.

Being charged for theft from your company, I don't think you'd have much hope in screaming about your personal privacy being invaded!

Start thinking about what your responsibilities to the company are and forget about your "Personal privacy" protection, at least until you fully understand corporate laws. In this case, if you were to compain that your so called "personal privacy" had been compromised while downloading Debbie Does Dallas on your corporate network that the company pays for and maintains, you would find yourself on America's Funniest Home Videos in no time.
Invasion of privacy??? You've got to be kidding!
When it comes to your actions on Company premises, with Company equipment that the company has paid for, you have NO personal connection to the system and therefore NO personal privacy is being invaded when the company monitors the use of it's equipment.

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