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    Interview with George W. Bush.


    by jardinier ·

    Hi folks. You may be interested in the following interview with GWB, by a Christian website,

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      pretty interesting Julian

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Interview with George W. Bush.

      Let’s see, well first of all I suppose you have to address the issue that Kerry declined the questioning. My first impression was that of Kerry being suspiciously evasive, after a bit more thought I realized that at this junction in his political career, it may not be in his best interests to voice a religious opinion or be interviewed by a Christian website due to the nature of the global issues he MAY have to face if he is elected President.

      GWB has nothing to lose as those that oppose him know what he stands for, plus he is obligated to voice his opinion to the people as President elect.

      Now to the questions:

      1) GWB agrees that his faith does drive his person and whilst he is obligated to act in the best interests of America he still holds his faith close.
      No big deal, he has faith in his religion, fine.

      2) Same sex marriage, well he says it should be up to the people on a state level and not thhe judges. Fine again, except he did mention he opposed it strongly himself, yet somewhat evasively.

      2) Internet pronography. He has signed the PROTECT ACT, those that work with him have supported schools and libraries filtering pornography and he signed the DOT KIDS ACT.
      That’s great, but anything BUT such an action by any president would not be accepted, anyone male or female would also support such issues, this is no different than supporting drunk driving counter attacks.

      3)As to when troops will return from Iraq, soon, but not too soon, as long as it takes, we must finish the work we began. Well that really is not an answer at all but just a bunch of words that mean, ‘I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.’
      As for the support, equipment and the pay, well…whatever, it’s a multibillion dollar shootout.

      4)Abortion: well I think again he has tried to straddle the fence and evade a straight answer.
      He is against abortion as his faith dictates, this is fine. But he says with the exception of rape, incest and to save the life of a mother.

      Well, those are the exact reasons of Pro-abortionists. They aren’t pro abortion so they can decide after the kids born that they just didn’t want one afterall, they would rather have a boy or that he’s too ugly to keep.
      So he has tried to show acceptance of CERTAIN forms of abortion in order to appease one party while saying he is against it to appease Christians.
      He hasn’t answered the question, again.

      6) Supreme Court Judge Qualifications: “will also do all that is in my power to put a stop to the unprecedented and undemocratic filibuster of my judicial nominees by Senate Democrats”
      okay so he opposes democratic action. Perhaps that’s why he is ‘the other party’. He also leaves room for him to not live up to this as it is not a promise but a “I will do all that is in my power” statement. Well some of the most powerful people can be quite powerless when needed. Just look at some of the bosses and managers you’ve needed things from in your life, one minute they can throw people to the wolves, the next they aren’t allowed to replace a broken coffee pot.

      7)He supported medicare prescriptions for seniors, this is fine too. He helped an impressive 4.1 million people get affordable prescriptions. There are over 300 million people in America a little over 1% benefit. Low income families will be able to start building a nest egg to help their grandchildren. Does American Medicare provide free drugs for unemployed or poor citizens too? This I am not sure of really, I don’t THINK so but cannot say for sure.

      But either way, he at least said he sorta supports sorta helping people.

      8) Well his weather forcast style of predicting how America has followed a trend and is sure to rise is a positive statement anyway. He then spoke of a six point plan that will strengthen the economy, without explaining his six point plan of course and without offering any specific ways he would help the economy.
      But he sorta answered the question without actually answering it, again.

      9) In response to the terrorist actions upon America he has used his power to spend many millions to support public safety improvements.
      THis is again fine, he has actually answered a question (as it has already happened) and he has done what any other man or woman in his position is obligated to do. BUT HE ANSWERED A QUESTION!!

      10) Religion (sorry, faith based organizations): Bush supports the equal treatment of all grant applicants equally, fair enough no problems here. He has helpedwith millions in funding for such organizations and provides vouchers to drug users and other people in need to seek help.

      Well that’s a start but how about PROVIDING help ouside of the church or faith based organization? Leave it for God to straighten out? I know that’s a very simplistic biew but that’s it in a nutshell. ‘We wont spend the billions to provide suport and services, medical and pharmaceutical support, but well issue some vouchers for them to at leats feel loved a bit and maybe get some methadone in orange juice to help slow the shakes.

      Well I say it’s lip service, ten wasted questions and little answered. Doe she waste everyone’s time this way?
      Now that I think of it, Kerry may have declined for just this reason. In front of a religious organization in the current state of world affairs, you cannot offer a straight answer and must be somewhat evasively ‘careful’ what you say this close to en election and with radicle muslims poised on your every word.

      So Julian, what’s your take?

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        okay so I can’t count to ten

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to pretty interesting Julian

        In my industry you only need to count one, two, three, four… okay?

        Yes I got screwed up on TWO but the thought of couble digits had me flustered before I got going.

        Anyhow, I skipped five just to make it work.

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