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Investor needs expert opinions !

By Killer App ·
I have no experience or knowledge about the IT/ERP/technology field, although I am a shareholder of a company named IntelliCorp. I know I should have more fully investigated before I invested, but I didn't. So here is what I need (no, I do not want investment advice). If you would be so kind, would you please look at this companies website and give me your honest opinion about the business prospects of the field this company is in. In other words, take a look at what they do for a living, and give me your opinion, based on your experience and knowledge, if you think the prospects for a company such as this are bright, or dreary. Are they on the right track, or way off base ? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Seems Leading edge

by ralph.martinez In reply to Investor needs expert opi ...

As you may know, any company can present a nice website, (which this one is), but the actual company performance and management is crucial for its succes. As noted in the investor section, some revenue comes from the produc sales, but a greater percentage is from licensing (is OK, but its a "soft revenue"). To growth this company requires new customers. The pros is that it offers CRM solutions which its a hot market now. It's primary focus is SAP clients, so your market is limited to those whoimplement this expensive but effective enterprise tool.

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