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By sybagwe ·
hello sir,
How to access & configure multiple ip address on single NIC in windows one computer lab ip is starting from " to" AND my second computer lab ip is starting from " to" so how to access my second comuter lab comp's. Thanks!

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What access?

by ComputerCookie In reply to IP Address

Are tou trying to access one computer from another?

Why is the IP 192......?

Do you know what NAT is?

Are there 60 computers on two different networks?

Question:How many other questions can I ask you?

Answer:As many as it may take to answer your vague questions!

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Two Networks

by jwilliams In reply to What access?

This question is vague. Computers on separate networks need a router between them before you can even think about accessing one from the other. Then the answer depends on how many interfaces that router supports one whether you need one or 2 routers

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These guys are right

by tintoman In reply to Two Networks

It does seem like you are trying to connect 2 networks in which case you need to install a network bridge, but you will need to be more specific if you need more help

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Visit MS Technet

by CG IT In reply to IP Address

search multiple IP addresses on a single NIC.

you can also google and find many documents on how to do this.

as far as access on subnet to another subnet, how are you seperating your subnets?

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