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IP Address Issue

By BalaSubramanian ·
Hi All
My Application server runs on Win NT Server and has a Stastic IP. The database being Sql Server 7.
My problem is that at inconsistant intervals, the Netstat results show me the Local IP address as, although the machine still retains the IP address. Because of this the client machines are unable to establish a TCP/IP connection with my APplication server.
The problem vanishes if i reboot my application server, but only to reoccur after a few hours or days.

So bacsically my question is Inspite of having a static IP address, when can NEtstat result in showing as the Local Address and for what reason ?

Thanks in advance.

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by dwdino In reply to IP Address Issue

This is the designation for a service bound to any available ip interface.

Most listening services when not engaged will show When a connection is made then the entry will change to or whatever.

I do not believe this is the cause of your issue.

If you run "netstat -an" you will see multiple services listening on IP

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by BalaSubramanian In reply to

Hi dwdino,
Thanks for your inputs.
Agreed that any listerning service when not engaged will show, and after the connection has been established the entry would change to some address.
But in my case, the problem is even after the connecton has been established, the Local address still remains and the connection state is ESTABLISHED.
Due to this all my applications that connects to Sybase, LDAP & SQL Server fails and the reason it logs is that the IP address is
I would like to make a point that, IPconfig shows the correct IP after this problem also.
Im quite confused, as im not a Network guy.
Would appreciate your suggestions !!!

Thanks in advance..

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by noexpert In reply to IP Address Issue

I'm not an expert but my router has a "Forwarding" page in setup where you can direct it to send data connecting through a specified port number to be forwarded to a specified IP address. Check it out, it may help you in this instance. You will need to use NetStat to identify the port range used in your app.

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