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iPod giveaway from TR

By Cactus Pete ·
So... There have been only two winners?

What gives? Budget cuts?

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No, we've picked six...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to iPod giveaway from TR

...and they've all been notified. Getting all six to sign, notarize, and return the legal release forms has been FAR more cumbersome a process than we expected. Who knew it was this hard to give stuff away?

(Well, I suppose our legal department knew, but why quibble?)

We're going to post the winners names to that page as their releases come back in. In fact, I expect our announced list will be up to five by the end of the week. Suffice it to say, we have to rethink how we do contests in the future. Live and learn.

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notarize release forms?

by stress junkie In reply to No, we've picked six...

Did you make this harder than it had to be? What possible reason is there for a notarized legal release form?

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Ask the lawyers

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to notarize release forms?

Our legal department insisted on it. I hesitate to theorize why, but I'd guess that it's either required by law (some states have some really strict codes about contests, which is why some contests have the "void in ***" disclaimers) or simply as a way of insulating CNET from some level of liability. Either way, it was comply or cancel the contest. We decided not to cancel.

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Some states

by jbaker In reply to Ask the lawyers

Such as TX do not allow companies that specialize in alcohol sales to give things away. So, if you won the "Miller Lite Trip to the SuperBowl", but lived in TX, you could not receive the prize or the cash value.

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by stress junkie In reply to Some states

I'm glad that I live in a free state.

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obvious retort ...

by gadgetgirl In reply to No, we've picked six...

- so THAT'S why there's been nothing in the post for me this week....!!!

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Latest winners posted

by sMoRTy71 In reply to iPod giveaway from TR

I've just posted the latest confirmed winners to our sweepstakes page:


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