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By onbliss ·
The chatter in the media on Iran is increasing as days go by. One can be sure there is more than what meets the eye.
The posture of Iranian Government is certainly worrisome. Wonder what is in store !!!

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by Entramex In reply to Iran

Does it occur to anyone that the posture of the US government is, and has been, far more worrisome?

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Who knows.

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Iran

The posturing by both the US and Iran are worrying.

The Iranian government does open mouth before engaging brain, but how much of a threat are they really? Isreal has Nukes and doesn't abide by any international treaties, India and Pakistan have Nukes plus a whole host of other countries.

The nuclear genie is out of the bottle and no one can put it back again.

Any country can and will develope nuclear technology if they want to or feel the need to. All the UN can do is delay the inevitable.

The US can't afford another war, especially against a country that wasn't crippled by 12 years of sanctions and if they try then there goes the Mid East Oil. The straights of Hormuz are too easy to blockade. The US cannot use Nukes as a first strike weapon regardless of how some may think. The consequences would be too catastrophic.

The way out of this must be through diplomacy.

And with that I guess I'll just sit back and get roasted.

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Israel doesn't

by Dr Dij In reply to Who knows.

say it wants to wipe another people off the face of the earth however.

In a tight-knit theocratic dictatorship like Iran's, some crazy (such as Tehran's mayor) may become powerful enuf to actually use the nukes in offensive move against other peoples.

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Israel doesn't

I mentioned Isreal to make the point that Nukes are already in the middle east. And currently no one says Isreal will wipe anyone off the face of the earth, What happens in 10, 20, 50 years is another matter.

Whose to say Pakistan won't become a radical country in the future.

Look at the Big picture. at best you can delay events You cannot stop them.

The US has a very simplistic view of the world, As long as they make countries "free" and "democratic" whatever that really means they think everyone will play nice and be friends.

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It is almost one now...

by onbliss In reply to Isreal

Pakistan is almost a radical country, right now.

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Actually we can stop

by Dr Dij In reply to Isreal

some countries from getting nukes.

With that defeatist logic, why stop with letting countries get nukes? Maybe any group that wants them should have them? Why make them go to the bother of having to smuggle the plutonium and uranium themselves? Why make them have to spend alot of money enriching the stuff? Why make them have to find expensive precision parts from all over?

If it's inevitable, lets just get rid of all the controls? Hand them out like candy?

You sound like the kind of person who leaves their house and car unlocked. After all, if they 'really wanted to' they could break in no matter what you do, right?

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Don't Think so

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Actually we can stop

You seem to confuse realism with defeatism, I am just being practical. The correct forum to control nuclear developement is the IAEA and the UN.

The rest of your post doesn't warrant a reply.

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But, the very creation of Israel...

by onbliss In reply to Israel doesn't

...was problematic.

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I've heard it called "selling wolf tickets"

by OnTheRopes In reply to Israel doesn't

It apparently takes quite some time to make a nuke. Having one nuke, and using it, is kind of like shooting a single shot shotgun into a crowd of heavily armed and ready sharpshooters. You?re going to have a hard time reloading.

You?d have to be insane or have a death wish.

On the other hand, having a loaded shotgun in the ready position does have a tendency to make people leave you alone and pay attention to what you have to say. Maybe we should just listen for a change.

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No, one can actually be quite sane to act as Iran is doing.

by deepsand In reply to I've heard it called "sel ...

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